Final Watch (Marvel Universe, Continuity Negotiable, OC for OC or Cannon)

Started by BlackStone, October 04, 2019, 07:56:19 PM

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Final Watch is a story set in New Orleans.  My character is one of a group of characters I created back with the first Marvel Superheroes Role Playing game, basically a X-Men like group based in Atlanta that I called the Free Corps.  My character, Will Stuart, used to be the leader of the group and a mutant that could transform himself in to meteorite crystal and had superior super strength near equal to the heavy weights of the marvel universe and could fly.  During a mission, Will had to push himself beyond his own body's endurance to recover and he burned out his powers, and nothing done has been able to revive them.

This caused a crisis of self for Will as he went from an active leader and hero to a civilian with nothing to contribute.  As he was dealing with this crisis, his sister whose powers were only useful against other mutants or enhanced beings, was raped by a gang.  This was a shatterpoint for Will, and he "borrowed" a prototype law enforcement powered armor that his friend and weapon designer had built.  He used this armor to track down the gang and take them down.  He almost killed them, but he managed to hold himself back. 

After this, Will decided he needed to leave Atlanta an get away from his old life.  This was met with mixed results with some of his team, two of his female members that were basically using him for sex not wanting him to go, while his weapon designed friend, Gene, understood.  He gave Will the powered armor and told him that he trusted Will to put it to good use, and to stay in touch.  Will then decorated the armor and called himself Strike Eagle.  He now operates out of New Orleans as a vigilante, doing his best to stop the gang, the drug cartels, and the mob from ruining the city.

Below are a few ways I can go with this story.  Mind you these are not the only suggestions and if someone has another idea to pitch, I am all ears

1) Your character is the new Captain of the NOPD's Special Operations Unit, a unit designed to take on the criminal threats that conventional law enforcement cannot handle.  The story will be about our characters relationship and how it evolves as a new threat makes itself known in the City, and every hero, and the Special Operations Unit, are among the first targets it means to eliminate. 

Those of you familiar with Batman Year One, (or the first 75% of Batman Begins) will understand the type of tension and drama I am looking for between Strike Eagle and the NOPD.  Our characters would start off as antagonists and move slowly towards mutual respect, and then onto something more.  Also a bit of a Clark Kent/Superman angle as I also would like your character to establish a relationship with Strike Eagle's civilian identity.

2) YC can be one of the female members of the Free Corps.  Perhaps they had a previous relationship in the past and she is tired of waiting for Will to come to his senses, and has come to tell him off for good, or to try to fight to get back into his life and with him.  During the process they both get caught up in the events happening in the city, and are not only hunted by the NOPD, but the big bad as well.

3) OC or established Marvel villain, one who could be the anti or part time hero, much like Diamond Back or Black Cat (not requirement, merely used as examples).  Same as above save Strike Eagle is trying to thwart yours, or perhaps they have had this Batman/Catwoman type of dynamic going, then move onto the main plot of the game where they two join sides against the big bad.

4) Same as #2 above save with an established Marvel hero who is on their own investigation into things happening in New Orleans.  Our two characters partner up with one another and pool resources.  We can discuss more the plot hooks if this is the options to choose as I do not want to give too much of the plot away.

My on and offs are in my signature page, as well as links to some of my work here on E.  If any of this interests you, or tickles your own muse, do drop me a PM and let me know.  I can't wait to hear from you.