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Author Topic: Romance galore: Crime, adventure, or epic, sci-fi to fantasy and back to modern  (Read 548 times)

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Offline handsomeswitchTopic starter

Please check My Role Play Preferences if you've got any concerns about controlling your character or anything like that, and for an explanation of what it means to show you quite a bit about the female character in some of these RP ideas. Also, as usual, the page has on/offs, and lots of answers to potential general questions. Thank you.

The Hardest Battle of All

(Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Crime, Thriller, Drama, Action)
BLURB: An assassin falls in love with a graceful healer and finds redemption as they face many battles together before he faces his hardest battle alone.

[/font]THEME SONG:


"That afternoon, when I heard that they caught a 'hot' girl skulking around the outskirts of the camp, and have prepared her for... Drake Shadowbourne to... do the 'honors' of starting the raping session, I... went to the courtyard where they had her held to take a curious look. Even from a distance, I was able to see and sense that she wasn't like any other woman I've ever seen in my life before. She... was half-naked basically, and... tied to a pole, but it wasn't her body that held my gaze; it was that red hair of hers and... the beauty of her face. I was able to tell, even from a distance, that she was magically beautiful. And... I decided right there and then to save her... free her. Before nightfall. It had to be before nightfall." Ryan narrates, pausing every now and then to recollect different details or find the best words to describe something.
"It wasn't easy but... I managed to dupe the drinks of the nearby guards before the evening. And I stole the cleanest-looking shirt and pants that I could find among the belongings of one of the female rogues in the gang. And just as daylight was fading, I sneaked back to the courtyard. When I was a few steps away from her, I... pulled the shirt off my shoulder and held it with both hands to... you know, cover her body and... maybe reassure her. However... just as I was about to wrap the shirt around her somehow, she looked at me." Ryan pauses for quite a while and looks at the red-haired woman laying unconscious on the bed near him.

"At that moment, I could only see one of her hazel eyes, looking at me through her red bangs. And just one of her eyes was enough... It's hard... it's really hard to describe the storm of emotions of that moment. It was like, she pierced my soul with her eye, but not like a dagger pierces flesh, you know? It was more like... rays of light piercing through thick darkness, forcing their way through mountains of black, black crust. I felt a strange... goodness, like... a healing water or something washing over my heart and soul, even if just for a moment. At the same time... it was the first moment I saw her up close, and made eye contact with her. So... however beautiful I thought she was when I looked at her earlier from a distance... it was nothing compared to the beauty that graced my eyes when I saw her face to face for the first time. I... fell in love with her right there and then. And I was ready to die for her with a smile on my face."

Ryan pauses again for a moment, then looks at the old man sitting on a chair nearby and says, "I already knew that I was taking a huge risk, trying to free a captive in the middle of a camp full of some of the best assassins in the kingdom. So when I realized at that moment that I wasn't just gonna free her but... I was also gonna leave with her, it suddenly hit me that the words 'huge risk'... couldn't even come close to describing the dangers I'd be exposing the both of us to. I was probably better off just freeing her and helping her escape. They wouldn't have taken it so seriously, then..."

A look of regret overcomes Ryan's face for a moment before he continues, "But I was in love. In one moment, my whole world... maybe even my very soul... changed. And deep down in my heart, I knew that it would never work out, that... she would never be truly safe... if I wasn't ready to die for her in a heartbeat. So... in a way, the kind of love that overcame me that evening... was the exact kind of love that was needed to protect her... but..."

Ryan turns to look his unconscious beloved, then lowers his head in regret as he adds, "It wasn't enough."

"Don't despair, yet, child. You still did well, protecting her, so far," says the old man. "What about... your habit, though? How did you manage after leaving the organization and being cut off from your supply?"

"I... when I realized that I was leaving with her, I... stole quite a bit of the product from the camp storage. I... had to kill one of the guards in the process. Of course... this, too, didn't help much in... convincing the organization to leave us alone. And... when I ran out of that supply, I... killed one of my ex-peers for what he had. Then... she helped purify me and eased my pain through the torturous cleansing process... Do you think..." Ryan stops mid-sentence, looks at his beloved, and gulps as his eyes water a bit.

"Do you think that I was a curse... brought upon her, Master Alchemist?" Ryan asks, his voice breaking a bit.

"No, child, I think you did your best to save her, then protect her, with the resources you had," says the old man with a reassuring, albeit a little dispassionate, calmness. "And what about... your bigger challenges? An assassin, or... at least an ex-assassin and a religious healer, together... you know? Did she help you with that, too? The reformation."

Ryan drifts downward with his gaze for a moment, contemplating, then huffs through his nose with a bitter smile and says, "No, Master Alchemist, I don't think anyone can help you fight the demons within you... not even an angel like her."

Then, Ryan raises his head to look at the old man and says with a tone of desperate urgency, "Please save her, Master Alchemist! I'll bring you anything... I'll do [anything] for her."

"Only the First can save us, child. I can only provide the means of her recovery, but it's up to Him to make the means work, or not. And He has wisdom in all things, even if we can't see or understand said wisdom. I would suggest praying but... I understand that's not something you do," explains the old man with the same grounded calmness.

"Ask the First to take me instead. I'm a wretched soul anyway," Ryan pleads with tears in his eyes, probably crying for the first time in his life.

"That's not how it works, child," offers the old man with the same dispassionate calmness.

Ryan furrows his brow with an expression of frustrated misery as he stands up, bringing his leather sleeve up to wipe his tears as he leaves, intent on exacting revenge upon Shadowbourne, and everyone with him, for what they have done to the only entity in existence he's ever truly loved, the one girl who has taken all the love he never gave to anyone else.

The Unmade Man, the Belle, and the Edge of Life

(Genre: Romance, Modern Mafia, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Action)

BLURB: A mysterious, strong man frequents a Mafia bar until he spots a beautiful woman and the Mafia spots him.
THEME SONG (with reservations on some of the lyrics and strong language):


Ryan Ford is a strange man. He is tall, with well-defined muscles and a trimmed beard; some would say, he is remarkably handsome, but that depends on the beholder. And while the above features would certainly make Ryan stand out in almost any crowd, he is also remarkably invisible, for the most part. He dresses well enough most of the time but also wears earth colors, and outfits that blend in with any crowd. And while he doesn't exactly keep his head down, he is almost never caught looking at anyone, and rarely, if ever, seen without a newspaper, a book, or an e-reader keeping him busy...and uninterested in the world.

If he catches anyone's attention, he is almost guaranteed to be viewed as extremely mysterious, and not necessarily in an attractive or interesting way, again, depending on the beholder. And whether it's because of the look in his eyes or his height, maybe due to both and more, Ryan is not a man that others can approach easily, and certainly not a man that hustlers can spontaneously push around or that thugs can readily threaten; in fact, for some people, he was downright intimidating. And for the sharp observer, the scars on the back of his hands, and his slightly calloused palms, indicated that this man is not your average 21st-century city slicker, and is certainly not someone to start a fight with.

Then again, it is almost impossible to start a fight with Ryan; he just doesn't look at you at all, unless he has business with you, with emphasis on business. And his motionless reading sessions can make him look like the chair he is sitting on, an ice-cold statue or a man with a strange ability to not move an inch of his body other than his slightly heaving chest and his arm and fingers, pressing a button or turning a page every now and then...for hours sometimes.

However, Ryan definitely doesn't stay under the radar once he starts to frequent a bar that's well-known in the area to be associated with the local mafia, and never order anything other than espresso. Of course, venue associations with the mafia is never official information, but all the locals know this bar very well, so anyone who notices Ryan will be certain that he is not a local. Consequently, the fact that he's now visiting the bar every day to do nothing but read and drink espresso is not going to be met with silence for too long.

Moreover, Ryan finally breaks his ice-cold demeanor, once, while ordering his usual nth espresso at the counter. He does a double take at a strikingly beautiful woman who is also ordering a drink, and he keeps eye contact with his deadpan facial expression for a socially unacceptable time before he finally, almost reluctantly, nods at the woman respectfully and in a strangely non-modern way, as if, in a different era, he would be taking his hat off for her. However, sure enough, he does take his espresso and silently returns to his table to do little more than read, and glance at the woman, just glance, and only occasionally. At least he does something different today, right?

SARA & The Last Surviving Man in Genesis

(Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller, Drama, Action, Romance)
BLURB: After the collapse of human civilization, a deep-space human ship arrives to colonize a viable galaxy, but not without severe difficulties that leave only one surviving man and a female AI to fight for the survival of the human race.


Once humanity has advanced to the point where cybernetic implants could control an individual's nervous system to highly effective levels, and where cybernetic implants could also be of the least glamorous versions of Armageddon started. It wasn't awe-inspiring; it didn't swallow islands or cities; it just brought humanity to its knees, slowly, systematically, and without end! It was boring really. Plenty of humans survived, that is, but humanity didn't. Years before the collapse of civilization, an international, corporate team launched a secret project code-named Genesis. There was only one official objective for the project: The survival of human civilization, not just the race, in the only viable galaxy ever found: Genesis. The project would lead to a mission of deep-space travel and colonization, so some of the best scientists, soldiers, doctors, engineers, strategists, and jacks-of-all-trades that humanity had to offer were recruited for the mission; they were all put in cryosleep, with their consent. And to provide a backup plan should the official mission fail, the project lead and his direct subordinates developed an AI called the Self-Aware Reboot Application, SARA for short. That AI was injected into a synthetic body that the project lead designed to be a likeness of his late girlfriend, Sara, who died years before the project initiation due to an unknown disease. The AI would lay dormant aboard the Strobus for the majority of the mission, and had only one sub-objective of its own: ensure the survival of the human race...should the official objective fail. SARA was designed to fulfill her sub-objective at any and, if possible and necessary...all costs. However, what no one knows, not even SARA herself, is that SARA carries the third, secret layer upon which to build the survival of the human race, but only if the correct trigger occurs. And the trigger is the most advanced algorithm ever known to mankind.

Modern 'Romeo & Juliet' Soulmates

(Genre: Romance, Epic) Love at first sight between two modern soulmates.
BLURB: Love at first sight is a fairy tale. Also, it happens on a busy work day in a cosmopolitan, modern-day city.


"'I start falling in love with her the very moment my eyes fall on her beautiful face for the first time in my life. And the moment she returns my 'hello', I'm already in love. Our eye contact unwavering; our lines of sight practically glued together. Long moments of blissful silence, as each of us, mostly myself, looks for something, anything, to say. I ask casual, cliché questions, like 'Do you come here often?', and she saves me, sympathizing with my slightly dropped jaw, offering depth. I jump on the chance to converse about something meaningful, and we have our first chuckle together. When I hear her laugh for the first time, warm tingles overtake, not just my chest, but my whole body. I finally can't take it anymore, so I ask her, 'Where have you been all my life?'. And she answers, 'Waiting for you to find me.' I say with a playful smile, 'Will you be my wife?' She smiles back and says, 'Who else would I be?' I pause as my smile fades then say, 'I love you.' She smiles and says, 'I know.' And we kiss. suddenly poetry.' He turns to his son and says, 'That's what short.'"

And their love story...a saga of epic romance. That's the thing about poetry,'s not always happy. And the thing about life never lets up, not even for these two. They are tested, repeatedly, and from the first day. Epic, serious, solemn challenges. Life and death moments. Heroic acts, epic patience and everyday-hero months..years. Cliffhangers. Complete loss of hope, followed by miracles. Hopefully, that gives them the 'epic romance' they were always looking for as soulmates...once we start from that beginning.

She is sophisticated, mature--even at a young age, well-educated, or at least cultured and well read, intelligent, self-confident, patient, fair--as in--just, a reserved or almost secret romantic at heart, not very talkative, but when she talks, people listen, wise--at least a bit, open-minded, intellectual, generous, and while immaculate in her appearance in public, and cares about aesthetics and looks, she cares more about depth, or the deeper meanings and subtleties of life.

Faults or bad traits may include that she doesn't forgive easily, and her self-confidence may stretch into a bit of narcissism sometimes; and while that very self-confidence may not make this obvious, she can also be extra jealous, and wouldn't want her man to even talk to other women about normal things, so she's prone to take it a bit too far with jealousy sometimes, but also without being stubborn or immature about it, because those traits are certainly alien to who she is. And while supportive and compassionate, she can also be demanding, or occasionally, overbearing.

I guess one can say that she is stunningly beautiful, and she knows it. So that knowledge can create unwanted effects on her, because while she exercises her wisdom, intelligence, and properness for the most part, nobody's perfect and all humans can make mistakes or their judgment fails them sometimes. However, the idea is that, while she's not perfect, she's perfect for my character, Ryan, and this shows from the moment they meet and for the rest of their lives together, because he ends up loving...even her faults.

On the other hand, Ryan has well-defined muscles and a trimmed beard or rich stubble; some would say, he is remarkably handsome, but that depends on the beholder. And he doesn't use his looks as an excuse to be conceited; he realizes that looks constitute [less] than half the way to a true lady's heart. He dresses well enough most of the time but also tends to wear earth colors, and outfits that show that he doesn't follow trends or fashion but also stays well away from typical hipster looks.

He's sometimes kind, chivalrous, diplomatic, courteous, passionate, romantic and protective; sometimes calculated and pragmatic–some would even say cold. He's occasionally angry. And it all means that he is adaptable.

When it comes to traits that are always part of him, one can say that he is always intelligent, perhaps with one exception: You, or your character. When he meets her, and depending on the story and context, she may bring out hidden sides of him, like the occasional shyness, or very passionate reactions, to her beauty or her simplest touch, even...the very suspension–albeit temporarily–of his rationality and intelligence, just for her beauty.

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Offline ali556

Hey! Are you looking to Roleplay with any of these? The Romeo and Juliet one caught my eye and I would love to do it with you if you are looking for someone to do it or any of these really with! They are really well written and I love the starts for all of them!

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If you’re still looking I’d love to do the mafia role play with you. It grabbed my attention right from the very beginning.