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April 17, 2021, 02:29:06 am

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Author Topic: [NONCON] [2 Fandoms] Just wanna get fucked up tbh  (Read 509 times)

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Offline creativeTurtleTopic starter

[NONCON] [2 Fandoms] Just wanna get fucked up tbh
« on: September 23, 2019, 06:53:13 pm »
Hello all!  I already know this thread's going to be long no matter how I slice it, but I'll try to organize it into neat categories.

My name is Starr.  I have a lot of kinks, which you can conveniently view HERE~

About Me:

  • I am an experienced and literate roleplayer.  I rp in 3rd person past tense.
  • I create my own characters, and will very rarely create new ones specifically for a roleplay, and if I do, they will not be my main for that rp.
  • Most of my characters are either aliens, furries, or hybrids.
  • I will not dom unless I decide to on my own. But if I approach you and offer, don't be afraid to make requests to guide me.
  • I do not have a post length requirement as I feel like it's too intimidating (it certainly is for me). As long as you give me something to work with, I will be happy.  I try to match my partner's length and detail.
  • I only roleplay in PMs or group chats, not public forums.  I have a Discord, but if you use it to try and solicit nudes or push OOC sex talk, I'll kick you to the curb! ^u^
  • I'm married and not available.  Characters only.
  • I love dark shit! >8D

Rules (for lack of a better word):
  • Do not control my characters without permission (so never). That includes thoughts and bodily reactions such as getting wet or screaming. If you think my character should have a reaction I didn't write, you can ask me about it OOC, but do not take matters into your own hands.
  • Don't ask me to "pick an anime" for my face claim! You get what I drew by my damn self.
  • Please provide a writing sample as I did below so I can get an idea of how compatible we are. I'm sorry, but I require a basic understanding of spelling and grammar.
  • If you read my thread and PM me to roleplay, don't just disregard everything I said and assume you can just suggest an idea that is clearly not my style and get me to rp anyway. I will make it as clear as possible what I like and dislike in this thread, so you have no excuse.
Favorite Kinks:
  • Noncon or dubcon (required unless I state otherwise)
  • Fear
  • Degradation / Humiliation
  • Taunting / Teasing
  • Begging
  • Tentacles
  • Squishing (as in pushing people against things)
  • Torture
  • Punishment / "Earning" basic needs
  • Exhaustion
  • Forced pleasure
  • Consensual (not why I'm here, but I have managed to enjoy consensual smuts as well).
  • Ask about anything except scat and incest. I will not roleplay these unless I have decided our writing styles connect well enough to make those work.
  • Death or Bad Ends (usually - we can talk about it)
  • Baby/Diaper Stuff
  • Bimbofication
  • Godmodding or screwing with my characters' minds without asking
  • Characters (and/or writers) ignoring what I say so it feels like nothing I write affects the story anyway.

Specific Scenarios I've Come Up With:

Tentacle Cave
Themes included: Tentacles, manipulation, capture with no intent to release, mental torment, revenge, secluded prison (the cave), penetration, female MC.
Possible others (if we want): Multiple penetrations, impalement (non-lethal, "all the way through"), gagging, oviposition, yuri, small dom, bigger sub

My character and your character (preferably female and bonus for small, but this isn't a limit) vaguely know each other. MC is a cop and caught YC doing something and took action as her job required. YC is pissed, using the "but we're best friends!" argument to make MC feel guilty. MC reminds YC that they're not BESTIES as YC puts it, and tells YC she was just doing her job. [Note: this is just an idea and I'm open to other revenge plot ideas.]

Unknown to MC, YC has very unsettling powers: YC can connect to anything using their DNA to create a bond that allows them to change anything into writhing, sentient tentacles that connect to her nerves. YC has already turned the inside of a cave (or their house) into their own personal lair, and they have been known to use it to make people disappear. YC invites MC over as an apology for overreacting, and captures MC using the rubbery tentacles. Now that MC is at YC's mercy, YC can take revenge in any way they see fit (I also really want YC to stick a big tentacle down MC's throat and slowly move through her body over days until it comes out the other end, effectively trapping her and turning her whole body into a stimulation station hehehehehe - aka a more "realistic" version of the "all the way through" kink).

Stomach Prison
Themes included: Soft vore, massive stomach, torture, monster predator, life inside stomach.
Possible others (if we want): Parasites, oviposition, mutilation followed by healing, digestion.

Your character is a huge monster of whatever appearance you like. It won't matter soon xP. And MC finds themselves in a bad position: they get swallowed whole by the beast.

Inside, the stomach is HUGE and MC cannot see the limits (if you've seen FMAB, think Gluttony's stomach after certain chars get swallowed pfff).

Also inside are tons of different sentient things and/or life forms. It can be anything we can think of: tentacles, humanoids, parasites, previously eaten creatures, etc. All with one goal: to have MC for whatever purpose we choose. I could see it being for smut or torture, or possibly even both. Maybe the tentacles want sex, but the humanoids want torture, and they kinda share. And maybe there are also parasites that just want a host for themselves or their eggs. No limits! But also no requirements! We do whatever we're both okay with.

Actually, there are two:

1. If my character dies or becomes injured to the point of death, I would most likely like to heal them so we can keep playing with them. If you REALLY like death and digestion, I'm open to it, depending on my mood.

2. If we decide to keep MC as a toy for the rest of their lives, it needs to end on a bitter sweet or positive tone. MC should enjoy it somewhat or have accepted it and learned to like their new life.

Home Invasion w/ Rape and Watersports
Themes included: Rape/noncon, home invasion, watersports, held captive for days, bondage, degradation/humiliation.
Possible others (if we want): Vomit, forcing sub to beg for food, swallowing pee, blackmail to force her to come back to them.

Sometimes I want something really dark and diabolical haha. So this idea is really simple. YC breaks (or sneaks) into MC's house (Alt: They could also know MC or be MC's friend and betray them). YC rapes MC and does whatever else they want to them. I picture YC dragging MC into the bathroom just before YC cums so they can make a mess all over MC without having anything to clean up (cuz of course they don't plan on just leaving). They keep MC tied up in their own bathtub for days (whether or not YC pay's enough attention to MC's health to keep them fed is up to you), and they start to get more sadistic, using their own pee and possibly other things to make MC miserable. The only thing I probably can't handle is scat (if I suggest it, we can try).

I want to balance this out with something lighter in between or after the horrible stuff happens. I have no ideas for that at this time, but I've already made it clear that a bad end combined with a dark story is not something I can do, so we can discuss it together if you want to try this. =3

Themes included: Exhaustion, fear, torture, noncon, punishment, training, withholding food until sub gives in, speech restrictions.
Possible others (if we want): Exhibitionism, pet play, electric torture, making sub act and live like a pet (but still able to speak English because I can't do "only animal sounds ever").

Lately I've been craving rps where my character is physically and/or mentally exhausted and tortured by the dominant until they finally give in out of fear that they'll be tortured again. I also love it when they only have a very narrow space for mercy and is at least scolded or smacked for speaking wrong or doing something without permission. Bonus for the dom taking them for "walks" like a pet kitten x3.

Forced Bestiality
Themes included: Racism/speciesism(?), kidnapping, bestiality, rape, caging, light gore (like blood and bites when lions get aggressive), forcing captive to live with (and as) lions, female MC.
Possible others (if we want): Captor also raping the captive, captive becoming friendly with the lions somehow, impregnation/breeding, mutilation (if lions attack too much).

MC is a human/lion hybrid by choice, and YC despises hybrid humans for whatever reason.  They kidnap MC and force her to live in a cage with actual feral lions, claiming that MC deserves it and that "she's with her real kind now," etc.  YC goes the extra mile and even makes MC eat raw meat like the lions and lets them rape her.

Hunted At Night
Themes included: Monster, light gore (like blood and stuff from being attacked), sadism.
Possible others (if we want): Smut (yes I don't require smut in my torture rps, but it is always welcome), vore, impregnation, cultist shit.

I had a pretty awesome dream that basically consisted of a creepy, terrifying, sadistic, deadly creature (could be werewolf-ish or whatever you want tbh).  It had big claws, could walk on its hind legs, and actually seemed to enjoy dragging out the death of its prey.  It could go on for hours.  The creature's biggest weakness is that it cannot go into the light.  I dunno if light hurts them or if they just can't exist in it, but it can only hurt you if you are in darkness (similar to the antagonist from Lights Out).  And I wanna put MC at the creature's mercy (you would play the creature of course). x3

Tentacle Monster Oviposition
Themes included: Monster, tentacles, rape, macro(?), oviposition, breeding, switching characters after awhile.
Possible others (if we want): Vore, more sex.

This is inspired by an rp I recently did. MC finds themselves out in the ocean or in a large nest or something like that. YC is a huge monster with too many tentacles too count and a need to breed. Despite how much smaller MC is then the monster, they force tentacles into every orifice and fill MC with their eggs before leaving them stranded or trapped with their mate, whose job is to care for the eggs and their new "incubator." So this new character would force MC to go through with this.

Bonus if vore is included, such as the monster eating MC and then deciding to breed them instead, or the second character forcing themselves into MC often to help care for the eggs inside them.

Kidnap and Molest
Themes included: Kidnapping, bondage, molestation, forcing captive to cum against their will, humiliation, unwilling, male MC.
Possible others (if we want): Rape, degradation, revenge, even vore if we want (can always use other means of forcing pleasure out of him ;3).

This one's pretty basic. I often have fantasies about someone (usually female, but anyone's fine) somehow capturing MC, and instead of outright raping him, they just molest him and force him to cum despite his protests. There's tons of other things to force onto him, but that's the basic main idea.

Revenge Torture
Themes included: Kidnapping, bondage, torture, revenge, begging.
Possible others (if we want): Smut, mutilation (especially eye stuff), exhaustion, humiliation, degradation.

Another basic one, but one I love. YC feels like they've been wronged by MC in the past (whether or not it's true is up to us), so they capture them and hold them in a secluded place where they torture them as a means of getting revenge.

Fandom-Specific Requests:

Terezi Dom (Homestuck x OC)
Themes included: Police jargon / play as a kink, fandom (Terezi from Homestuck), noncon (or dubcon), kidnapping, humiliation, teasing, BDSM, female MC.
Possible others (if we want): Tentabulge, sub coming back willingly after (if dubcon), dom keeping them longer than initially intended, whips, degradation, video taping, sex toys.

Basically just Terezi from Homestuck dominating my Julie with plenty of cop jargon and degradation going on haha. I've always wanted to do that since I headcanon that Terezi likes that stuff in the bedroom, and Julie canonically loves it to death. I'll also accept Judy Hopps if you'd rather play her. xP

Various My Hero Academia Requests
(I'm caught up to ch. 238 of the manga)

I have a few vague cravings for the MHA universe lately, and one of them is even SFW! Also, noncon isn't required for most of these; I love the characters' interactions enough to not even need my usual kinks. I'll just leave you my ships and we can discuss if you like~

  • Erasermight
  • Erasermic
  • Mic and Bakugo (mentorship, NOT romantic)
  • Open to trying Allerasermic if two other peeps wanna do a group thing.
  • Bakugo/Uraraka? Haven't tried it yet, but curious about it.
  • Shigaraki/Aizawa (hate pairing - noncon/torture)
I have a rule for this universe, which also corresponds with one of the site rules: We can do smut with students ONLY if the characters are 16 or older.

Also, I main Mic, and have very little experience playing anyone else. So I guess you could say that's my strongest point in this universe atm.

Roleplay Sample: Finally, Julie stirred, immediately letting out a long, hoarse groan. All her nerves still burned. Her muscles burned. But she could move well enough, at least to move her arm up to her head and hold it up. Her eyes were heavy and her vision was blurred at first. She took a few moments to adjust. For once, she was thankful to wake up to darkness, save for the campfire. Daylight would have likely amplified her headache. "Ugghh... w... what...?" she murmured, barely conscious yet.[/list]
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