Infidelity and Inappropriate Relationships

Started by abbychase, September 22, 2019, 09:33:59 PM

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This is almost more of a brainstorming post than an actual request. What I'm really looking for is someone with a similar idea, or an interest in developing a plot. My interests are broad, so feel free to bring your favorite pairing.

What, then, do I want?

I want an RP about two people who decidedly, definitively, should NOT be together. At least one of them knows this, likely both, and there would be hell to pay if they were caught. Who the pair is, that's where you come in.

Maybe it's a coming-of-age story with a hormonal, aggressive teenager and his "we can't do this!" mother.
Perhaps the dutiful secretary (or nanny) finally deciding to act on long-suppressed feelings, and besides, she doesn't deserve him.
Students are also prone to falling for their teachers, daughter's-best-friends for strong father figures, or hell, daughters themselves.

I want risk. I want angst. I want consequences.

Hit me up if you're interested!
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I read about your inappropriate relationship post. I'd love to do a father/daughter game with you.



my thoughts on this plot

Mom ( me )- son ( u )

Background to the plot : u r my 16 yr old son charged with a normal behavior but drawn to older women which no one knows and neither do u express that on fear how it might be received. u r slowly drawn to me ( your mom ) , u notice things about my figure that makes u more n more the shape of my ass they move when i walk, when i sit...

u try to control your attraction towards me know what would happen and also u have no idea if i would reciprocate your interest.

u start to slowly flirt with me ...indirectly as in ....with compliments, comparing me to other women....trying to test my reaction.

how does it sound ?