A new Idea needing some fleshing out. Relatively misogynistic sorry

Started by Prefect Mos, February 21, 2009, 08:43:49 PM

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Prefect Mos

The Bimbofication

She was always a little stuck up, But oddly not by choice her friends were always of the ultra Christian variety.. just how it happened . She always felt like she was being prudish and uptight about things.  She never felt like she was being herself.. holding her true feelings in for so long just didn't feel right.  She looked at other girls with envy.. girls that her friends always looked down on .. sluty ones.. dumb ones.. deep down she wanted to be a bimbo. Then it happened ... one of her friends dads came on to her.. and she didn't stop it.. helped hide the affair, and loved it.. soon though they were caught.. all her friends rejected her. A few YEARS of trying to get them back failed... but soon she knows that it's a lost lost cause. She always read filth in private.. and is well versed .. but almost not at all experinced in sexuality.. and goes looking for the perfect dom to turn her into the bimbo that she craves to be.


PMd you with ideas for details.