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Started by Tmii3, August 31, 2019, 09:03:56 PM

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Hello there everyone, and how are you doing today? I'm back again with a brand new plot to go over with you guys. I hope you enjoy reading these, now let's get into me and my expectations.

So, What am I Like?

I'm a pretty outgoing guy, I love chatting with new people online though I often get busy. My job often requires me to wake up at strange hours so I'm more than likely on at any time of the day. I'm pretty open to just about anything, so any suggestions or really anything you need to talk about.

What am I looking for in a partner?

Well I'm looking for someone who's open and honest. I'm not demanding daily posts or anything, but please be literate. I tend to write a lot usually around the 3-10 paragraph range, and while you don't have write that much every time, I appreciate longer posts, and partners who can provide that. I also tend to explore darker themes and topics, be that slavery or crimes or really anything of that nature. I always love talking in PIC and would love a partner who did as well. I don't really mind who or what you play. Though my favorite pairings are MxF, MxM, and MxFuta. Now let's get into the juicy bits.


This is my favorite genre to write in, and you'll see me asking for this the most. I have a pretty new universe that I've been working on too make sure it was up too snuff. Finally, I think it's ready to be shown off.

The year is 2065 and humanity has gone through several changes that have effected everything we know. First, the second Cold War started, and got very very hot in the 2030s. This lead to World War 3. The Country's in this war ended up destroying themselves in the process, both economically and militarily. After the war ended large corporations, who benefited from the profits of the war industry, came together to gather more power for themselves in the London Treaties. This lead to Corporations becoming almost shadow countries to themselves without the oversight of countries to stop them.

Second was the global warming crisis of 2042. Years of ignoring the scientists for profits finally came to a head in January 2042. Hurricanes, and storms that seemed impossible hit the East coast of the United States, destroying much for the infrastructure. This wasn't all though. Sea levels rose 3 feet in a year. The damage that this year alone, caused humanity to achieve some of its greatest feats ever. Terraforming, biological wonders.. It all lead to a new future for humanity. A decade later the Moon and Mars were colonized in new dome cities. Old Earth Cities were rebuilt into floating metropolitan areas. Humanity itself changed as well.

The war and the global warming crisis lead to many new technological enhancements. Augmentations both physical and mental became incredibly common in the world. Robot companions, artificial realities. It was a new world, and unfortunately for the remaining, weakened world governments couldn't respond to this new world. Soon they were all but fazed out. Propaganda had blamed them for the global crisis that nearly ended the entire human race. Corporations were the saviors of humanity, the people who funded much of the race saving sciences that people know of. Though, they didn't know of the corruption that this decision would bring.

Gangs and corporate corporation across all three colonized planets. Drugs and find run rampant, corporation employ mercenaries as their personal armies. Life in the cities is fast, and often short. People never expected this to happen. This is where I would want our characters to come in. Two people just trying to survive in this crazy life. Our backgrounds could be whatever we think off. Whether that be from a corporate background, working as an agent for one. Or being slowly gangbanger trying to move up in the world. This is purgatory to create.

And that's about it guys! I hope you all enjoyed reading that I'm so excited to jump into this. I'm willing to listen to any of your ideas! I was considering adding different fantasy races to this world. Smut will of course be involved but story will be first. Anyways. I hope you all enjoyed and I hope to hear from you all soon!


A little update to this old post as i have a couple new ideas for this. It isn't fully thought out but I wanted to hear out some thoughts and ideas about it.


Hmm well I had an idea for 3 kingdoms at war. The Northern Kingdom of Boethia is a rapidly expanding empire lead by a war mongering King. Kimg Markus Trevailous the third. They are very much against the use of magic, and is trying to purge all magic users from their kingdom. They are advanced militarily and their culture worships them. They are rebuilding now waiting to attack another kingdom.

The Kingdom of Cheisa is the smallest but richest Kingdom of the three. They have very rich mines and a port out to the Sea. They are seen as the cultural capital of the world and are very accepting of mages. In fact The College of Mages is located their and many mages run their to learn and train their magic. Their King Alexander Dario knows that Boethia will likely try to invade after his diplomats were killed. Now he's scrambling to rebuild his land army but his Navy is powerful.

The third kingdom is located high in the mountains. The kingdom of Aaraab is the oldest kingdom steeped in religion and prophecy. Not much is known about them besides their believes. They believe that their shall be a great war in the coming days and dragons will favor them and lead to victory. Their king Richard Chang is seem as a devout man to their religion, and the man to lead them to victory, but others know he is a whore monger and drunk. Their is rumors about attempts on his life but they are just rumors.

So I was thinking that we could play out the war as high ranking members of one of the kingdoms. Trying to sway the war in their favor. Their is magic and dragons in this world and many different cultures and religions that I'll get into more as we discuss. I hope you like the idea so far.

For my character for this roleplay, I was thinking of playing a rich merchant who is thrown into the middle of the war after his home is destroyed. He doesn't have many combat, or really many life skills, since he was spoiled for most of his life. I'm also thinking that he is a mage, and maybe that is one of the reasons that his home is destroyed. That leaves him alone in the world without really anywhere to go. Maybe he runs into a roaming bandit gang that captures him, and tries to sell him for a ransom, and your character is sent to save him? Or maybe our characters just run into each other out on the road. I would love to hear from you guys, and you guys. I'm very open to ideas, and changes here.


Heya !

I must have missed your previous post, as I'm a huge fan of Cyberpunk RPG as well.

I'd be interested in playing a smutty game, if you are up to. Please feel free to PM me to discuss details :)




Really looking for a gang based roleplay with this. Either working our way to the top, or working to take down a gang controlled city.


Cyberpunk is always a fun world to play in - sign me up :)



Dusting this one off! Looking to play a corpo agent in this one

The Seeker

I'm new and don't mind joining you for an RP. I'm a male and typically only play male characters. I'm pretty flexible, just wanna jump into some roleplaying.