Another US Politics Fantasy (More like an evil boss role)

Started by JuliaInNJ2007, February 20, 2009, 02:50:23 PM

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Hi there. Here's something I cooked up.

You're about 30 years old. And, after a highly succesful undergrad and grad school career, you've just been named to work as an advisor at The White House for the new Republican president. It's what you've always dreamed of. Some (actually a lot) might say you're arrogant. But you've never cared. And you'll do anything to get your way.

I'm a year or two younger than you. We went to both the same undergrad and grad school. And we've never gotten along. I was always an academic rival of yours and someone who dared to challenge you. I, too, work in politics, as an aide to a Democrat Senator whom the White House would like to bury.

I have to work closely with the administration in negotiations. And now that you have your position, and power, I know that you have it in for me.

And I'll leave it at that. :)

This doesn't require and knowledge of US politics. It's all about a power relationship.