A Dance With Rogues and Other Adventures (GM for one M or F player) *CLOSED*

Started by Beareth, August 16, 2019, 11:21:08 AM

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Greetings and salutations, Elliquiy! It’s likely that none of you know me, as I am making a return to both this forum and play-by-post roleplaying in general after a very long absence (and even back then I was mostly a lurker) but nonetheless, here I am! It’s nice to meet you.

If are interested in playing a sandbox-based, story-heavy game with me, and you don’t mind perhaps using some kind of RPG system, then read on!

About Me:

I have been roleplaying online, offline, via tabletop, and via forums for more than a decade now. It’s been a long journey - from my early, cringy, edgelord phase to my hyperliterate, hyper-needy no-life phase, to my current (hopefully) wiser, more balanced state.

Though I got my start as a young lad with freeform RPs, I have since developed a taste for more system-based roleplaying, as I enjoy both the structure that well-defined mechanics can bring to a roleplaying experience. That said I may well dip my toes into freeform RP every now and again if the muse takes me.

I’m primarily a GM, though I’m open to playing under other GMs or having a more equal relationship with a partner if that is what they prefer. I happily play characters of either and any gender in both mundane and adult situations, and don’t much care what gender my players/partners play either. As far as adult content goes, As for limits and interests, I am pretty broad and you can see that on my On’s and Offs, though generally I would say that I would fit neatly into the NC or “Non-Con” category here on this site, but “Extreme” might be a step too far. I like long term, slow burn stories with an even split of sex vs story, though I don’t really mind if one of them starts to edge out the other as long as it feels natural to the concept we are going for.

I’m pretty active, usually averaging at LEAST one full post per day, I’m always open to OOC chats with my partners, and I tend to fall on the advanced/heavy/literate side of things, as you can probably tell by how verbose I have been so far. My shortest posts are probably three or four paragraphs each consisting of 3+ sentences, while my longest have been 10+ paragraphs. I don’t necessarily expect my partners to write as much as I do, especially since I am usually the GM, but of course the more detail you give me, the better - I love detailed descriptions and I always want to hear about your character’s inner thoughts and feelings!

Systems that I like to play/run:

(feel free to pitch ideas for any of these at me!)
Dungeon World and other PbtA games
Stars Without Number
Scarlet Heroes
Other Dust
Star Wars D6
Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Labyrinth Lord
Cyberpunk 2020

My GM Style:
I love a sandbox, specifically a single-player, character-driven sandbox where the player, being the main protagonist, is free to take the story in whatever direction they wish, and sink or swim by their own means. While I am normally loathe to kill a player character against the wishes of their player, I don’t shy away from harsh consequences for failure and poor decision making - losing a fight against those orcs probably won’t result in your death, but it might lead to you becoming their pleasure slave if you don’t think your way out quick.

Most of my ideas are more like settings that I intend to drop your character into - a city, world, or universe that I will simulate for you to enjoy yourself in. There will be stories and missions and plot hooks that I will offer you, but none of them are mandatory and I love being surprised by my player’s choices more than anything else. Just about any character type can thrive in my campaigns, though I tend to favour grittier, lower-powered protagonists at least to start. At most, you might play a badass swordsman who can out-duel almost anyone, but your skill with a sword won’t solve every problem - where’s the fun in an adventure without struggle, after all?

Stories I’d like to Explore With You:

A Dance With Rogues (Dark Fantasy Sandbox)

Visual Inspiration

World Impressions: Swords and axes clashing on the battlefield, strange and dangerous arcane spellcasters, a pantheon of capricious and mysterious gods, orcs and dragons and other monsters waiting just outside the bounds of civilization, royals and nobles ruling over the unwashed masses, betrayal and intrigue between noble houses, rogues and adventurers doing whatever they can to make their coin.

Smut Impressions: Hedonistic cults to lusty gods, carnal magic that can twist both mind and body, bathhouses that cater to all the needs of the body, the boundless lust of a tribe of orcs, the ethereal, inhuman beauty of the elves, oiled gladiators performing lewd or bloody acts as the crowd demands, unscrupulous criminal guilds who deal in flesh in lieu of gold, demons that feed on the lusts of mortals.

Anyone who has played the (in)famous Neverwinter Nights module of the same name should already know what I am going for with this concept. If not, then here’s the cliffnotes:

In a world set halfway between the styles of “Dungeons and Dragons” and “A Song of Ice and Fire”, your character’s life has been turned upside down and you are forced to make your way on your own in a dark fantasy city. It’s a dangerous world full of violent criminals, corrupt nobility, shady guildsman, and merciless lawmakers, and you will have to be quick, clever, and lucky to avoid becoming a victim.

In keeping with D&D style tropes, your character can be anything from a gutter rat thief, to a naive wizard’s apprentice, a disgraced noble swordsman, the servant of a sinister goddess... The world is your oyster, and I will be your referee as you make your way through it - as a sandbox you can naturally take things in whatever direction you want, and thus a strong character goal or at least a clear set of beliefs is a must, though everything is variable and can change depending on where the story takes us.

In keeping with the sandbox-ey nature of this idea, this story could end up being as smutty, as hack-and-slash-ey, or as story-heavy as we like, depending on your character and the types of choices they make. There will be elements of sex, violence, and interpersonal conflict no matter what kind of character you play, but it is up to you what parts of the world you choose to engage with. My only real goal with this idea would be to simulate a living, breathing, city full of adventure and intrigue - so if exploring such a place appeals to you, then I think we could have a lot of fun together!

Stars Without Number (Sci-Fi Sandbox)

Visual Inspiration

World Impressions: Whirring cyberlimbs, flashing laser pistols, monstrous aliens, creepy psychics, glittering planet-wide cities, chaotic hover-car traffic between corporate arcology pyramids, the hum of starship engines and the deep thrum of plasma cannons firing in the vacuum.

Smut Impressions: Exotic body-sculpted escorts, aliens with (literally) inhuman proportions, virtual reality pleasure paradises, interstellar sex traffickers kidnapping likely victims from primitive worlds, genetic and cybernetic enhancements to one’s sexual features, decadent corporate getaways that cater to every carnal whim, pleasure androids more real than the real thing.

Similar to the above idea but with Sci-Fi styling rather than dark fantasy - your character is a freelancer in a vast galaxy full of mystery, peril, and credits to be made. You might be the rakish captain of a small freighter, earning your bread via trading and smuggling, or perhaps a keen-eyed bounty hunter hungry for fame and fortune, or maybe you could be a rogue psychic hungry for power over your fellow man. As above, the world is your oyster and I want to facilitate and simulate the life of adventure that you would want in a vast sci-fi frontier.

More plots are likely to come as the muse takes me! If you are interested in any of my ideas, have any of your own that you’d like to pitch me, or just want to talk shop about GMing, roleplaying, or whatever, feel free to PM me! Likewise if you have any questions or if I’ve made some obvious mistakes with this interest check, don’t hesitate to tell me. Thanks for reading!