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Started by MikeS69, July 23, 2019, 08:48:15 PM

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What If?

     Those two words became the basis for a 100 year project in the United States of America. It soon expanded and the tiny idea blossomed into a broad tree with may branches. One of which was caused Project Deep Sleep or P.D.S. and truth be told this branch had often been 'pruned' and was so thin and underfunded it was a miracle that it had lasted as long as it had, however in 2023 thanks to the a major breakthrough in 'Chemical Cryogenic Nanite Tech' paired with 'Neurological immersion' a team had been able to put in a form of stasis a primate, (yeah a chimp), for 365 days and bring said primate out of deep sleep with only minor side effects.

      In 2025 human it was determined 'safe' and human trials took place. In 2026 the project was shut down when the 'humans' were brought out of their sleep and though physically not harmed, mentally their minds were left frozen and unresponsive. The branch was pruned from the tree, or that is the powers that be THOUGHT it had been pruned, in truth that branch had simply been cut and set to grow in different soil.

      2047 unknown to 99.999% of the population of Earth nine facilities were completed each one to hold ONE subject. These facilities were miles under ground, mile beneath the sea and one deep inside the moon. All nine were powered by an energy source that had been found in 1947. In the years that this energy source had been found it along with other 'items' had been reverse engineered but it was in 2030 that the messages and the real reason the 'visitors' has come to Earth had been revealed.

      A cataclysmic event would take place on this world and their was nothing that those who lived on the world could do, almost nothing that is. The 'aliens' tested the humans who failed at first but with time growing short more and more minds were changed and more tests were passed and the secret of 'Cold Sleep' revealed.

      With that secret and technology beyond the understanding of the humans who were being guided everything would still not be enough IF the power source that had been brought was not in tact and unlocked. That power source was to be placed on the satelite that orbited the planet , (the moon), with the control unit and the guide. The guide being a A.I' that had also been part of the probe sent in 1947 and recovered in the USA. The AI had been grown and educated on the planet it was to attempt to 'save' and given control to terminate the preservation if it felt the planet was unsuitable and for many years it considered termination but as the species grew soon it became apparent to the A.I. they should be allowed a 'second chance' and thus in the last years it worked with those it had come to trust and assisted in the completion of all nine facilities.

      The A.I. also was tasked with the 'selection' nine subjects out of the billions that lived on the planet and the moon 9 were selected. One would think that of these nine subjects one at least would not accept what was being told them BUT the A.I. knew that these nine were 'special'. Not only did each of the nine have mental capabilities far beyond normal, but all were at the height of physical perfection. However the last aspect and the one that would make the 'deep sleep' most critical was their blood. it was known as Golden Blood or RH-null and all 9 had it.

      As time grew short four males and four females were placed into 'deep sleep' each was then moved to the center of their secure facility and that facility sealed. The last subject made it to the moon with the A.I. as well as all that was left of the project, as he was being prepared for his own deep sleep the station went on high alert. The A.I. urged the human it had chosen to hopefully rebuild the planet once it was ready but as 'Jake Reynolds' took in the sight of the huge comet pulling tons of meteoric debree in it's wake take out Mars and head to pass near Earth he just stared in shock. "That.. that is what you think this Planet can survive?" he said to the A.I. sphere that was seated next to him in the deep sleep capsule. 'No it will not , but You will' the A.I. responded. Jake than felt the gel and the sleep took him. He did not see the capsule seal inserted and dropped it traveled swiftly to the center of the moon and as it dropped level upon level upon level sealed over it till the moon protected it.

     The A.I. continued to receive updates from the many satelites and knew that only three of the eight facilities had survived the impact from the comet passing close to Earth. Diverting the flow of energy it was able to even at this distance reinforce the field protecting the humans inside the capsules and it marveled the change the planet would undergo. Oceans deep within the mantle were released and two of the three remained facilities were no longer under water but above and the one that had been above was now below, all still were secure and now.. it waited.

     100 years, 500 years.. 1,000 years.. 10,000 years ... life returned to the planet stabilizing an environment devoid of humanoids. The A.I. sensed activation and felt it was time... It knew all three facilities on the planet still had power but it could not access them. It would need the controller to wake and do this manually it also wondered if four humans were enough to restart a species?


    Okay I know the above seems more like a book.. but if so consider it part of the first chapter and I am seeking someone to write the rest with me as well as even more chapters. If interested please send me a PM and we can go from their.

Thanks for reading this far