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Author Topic: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Incest and More!! (F for M/F/GM)(NSFW)  (Read 572 times)

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Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Incest and More!! (F for M/F/GM)(NSFW)
« on: July 23, 2019, 04:18:30 pm »
   Okay Wow! I am overwhelmed with the number of messages I got about this thread. If you're just getting here, know that I'm not currently looking to start a story. You're welcome to message me anyway if you think you've got an idea that would resonate with the both of us, just know that I'm likely to turn you down based solely on the number of hours in a day.

Welcome to my seeking thread.

Current Stories!
Secretary Needs w/ Darkcide
Voice of Her People: A Tale of Ten Thousand Stars w/ Chronoclasm
Grasp Hold the Stars w/ Capone As well as the Grasp Hold the Stars Setting Thread by Capone

    Let me start by thanking Scarletta for the beautifully designed seeking thread that I copied/stole. I'll be updating this thread with every new idea, and editing out any that I lose interest in. Whatever brought you here, thanks for stopping in. Please don't reply to this thread, if any of my ideas interest you, then reach out via PM and we can discuss them. Like most of the wonderful seeking threads on E, I really enjoy long stories with developing plots and characters. But I also enjoy smut. There are quite a few stories that I have plot bunnies for that I don't believe are sustainable roleplays, but would be fun for short term stories. I'll be marking each story with my expectation about its length. Keep in mind that what I've labeled them as is simply an expectation, not a requirement, or even a preference. If the story drags on, or gets boring because its only driving plot point was the sexual encounter it all lead up to, then I'll ask that we stop writing it. I ask that if you are writing with me and you feel that a story we are writing is dragging on, that you do the same. In some cases we can discuss where it went wrong and try to get it back on track. In other cases, we'll close it up, and that is perfectly fine. Roleplays, especially erotic ones, draw to a close at times. So all of that is to say that I like both long roleplays, as well as shorter ones. Keep in mind, that doesn't change my preference on quality.

What about quality?
   I'm glad you asked. I expect my partners to be gramatically capable. I'm not going to go into detail about requirements on age, how long you've been writing, or how much you've written. But I expect my partners to be capable writers that can produce a solid 2+ paragraphs even in short hand moments such as erotica, although I do have quite a bit of leeway during conversation, since its tedious to fill some conversation with details about the already described surroundings. This means, outside of conversation, detailing things that aren't actions, if thats not something you're use to doing. Or you're not sure what I mean when I say “detailing things that aren't your characters actions.” Then sadly we may not mesh well. Now the term paragraph is a lofty thing. When you google it, its defined as “a distinct section of a piece of writing, usually dealing with a single theme and indicated by a new line, indentation, or numbering.” My high school English classes 6 years ago taught that a paragraph is “3-5 sentences long.” Neither of those definitions really matter, because I'm not grading your post, I'm just writing opposite it. If you write 5 sentences that do a wonderful job describing what your character is doing, thinking, seeing, feeling, or experiencing, then we're gonna get along great. If you accomplish that same goal, but you do it 9 paragraphs and 2000 words, we'll still get along great. Keep in mind that if you do 2000+ word posts, it will take me longer to reply as I am going to attempt to put in an equal level of effort resulting in a hopefully equal level of quality. The point here is that length is not everything. Size DOES matter; but there are so many other factors that matter more.

What do I write?   
    Well I write female characters and futa characters. I can write male characters and have many times in the past, but its not really what I'm trying to write here. I discussed the quality and length in the spots above, as well as my interest in both long term and short term stories. I prefer third person almost exclusively as it develops the skill I use in my day to day life. I can do first person, but it'd have to be a pretty persuasive person or plot.

   Long-term vs Short Term stories: When writing a long term story, expect a lot of pre-intro discussion. I really want to get an idea of what your expectations of the story are, and ensure that you understand what my expectations and hopes for the story are. To do that, I'll probably ask many questions about your preference one way or another about varying plot points or character details. This can be questions about how our characters should first meet, what personality our characters will have, or even concepts within the world that don't directly relate to our characters. I find that ensuring both people are on the same page with these things ensures that we both know what we're signing up for.

   For long-term stories the plot should never be driven by smut plot points, those are the easiest distinction between the two lengths of stories. The plot should be something like, “Zoey had never seen the Firefell 3.7 starship, but now that she was on it, she had one goal, to become its captain.” Obviously the plot explanation would be a lot longer than this, but the point is that the character's goals aren't oriented off of one another, or based on interacting with each other in anyway.

   Short-term Stories are almost always going to be plot points driven by smut. Those are really my distinctions between short-term and long-term. For example, short-term of a similar plot would be read, “Zoey's whole life changed when she walked onto the Firefell 3.7's dock, that was when she first laid eyes on the ship's captain.” Now either of these opening lines could be altered into short and long term stories. In fact nearly every short term story could easily be altered into a long term one. But in order to do that, you have to add a degree of character development and/or new character goals that you can accompany one another on. You could have both of the above lines in the same story, claim that the only reason Zoey wanted to pilot the ship was because of the hot captain, and then roleplay infinitely on their adventures through space. But if you don't plot out a destination, a goal, or a conflict. Then the plot is going to dry up and get dull after the first couple sex scenes.

So Del, what does all of that mean to me, your potential writing partner?
   It means that you should know what you wanna write when you PM me. If you wanna focus on a pairing, like “Starship CaptainxStarship Engineer”, then understand at its base level that it will be a short term roleplay. If you want it to last a while you have to add depth. For example: “A starship captain and engineer work together against overwhelming to protect their homecoming planet against the force of alien attackers.”

   As I discussed above I play mostly female women, all slim to curvy body types. I usually prefer small or medium breasts, meaing A to C cups, but that's not a big deal for me. I just don't like saggy breasts, which is the price you pay for big ones. I enjoy roleplaying across from attractive characters, I'm playing out fantasies after all. Understand that attractive is a relative term. I don't mean that every male I write alongside should be built like a greek god, although I'm not against that. It just means to avoid particularly overweight characters, characters with grotesque or abnormal features. If that's your kink, I'm sorry to say, it's not mine.

Fandom Plots:
   I may describe a few fandom plots below, but understand that I'm not expecting any one to be amazingly versed in the canon world. In fact I use the environments more as an inspiration than a setting. Some ideas I really like from stories, I bring on here to write. I won't play any original canon characters, and I don't enjoy writing stories that have those characters present.

Where will I write?
      Here, on E. Through PM, or through Forum, but it shouldn't leave the site.

   You'll notice a trend in all of my games. I love teasing. I love edging. In fact I've come to realize that its the content that I prefer over all other smut. Teasing, edging, and distracted sexual interaction. This means when the smut starts rolling, don't stop what your character is doing to engage. Keep trying to engage in whatever activity they were doing, have your character struggle at times to stay engaged, but don't just turn around and move to sex instead. You'll notice most of my smut plot points have those details within them. The majority of them share distracted teasing and taunting.

   Now for a moment I have to pause and explain my biggest complaint with smut writing. When it gets into sexual content, stop rushing. Sttop making every sexual encounter follow the same plot: Get Handsy. Get Fucked. Cum. Let the encounter end at the handjob stage sometimes. Or the blowjob stage (a lot of the times). Let a quickie be a thing. I don't know why it is so rare to find someone who shares those interests, but it really is. When I wanna write smut I always end up writing with someone who rushes to penetration and then writes penetration back and forth with me until I write, “I'm gonna cum” somewhere in my paragraph. At which point they write, “me too.” Then we detail how we orgasm, and then we cuddle. I know it can be hard to read your partner's intent or expectation, or to know if its appropriate to end the sex scene at a unique point. But I'm begging you, if you're writing with me, go out on a limb. End it early sometimes. Most importantly though , stop rushing to penetrative sex.  Okay rant over.  Its the biggest problem I've had with smutty roleplays. Pacing.

   So below I will list the plots I've got brimming from my cauldron of a mind. Beside them I've noted what I believe their length will be, but if you see a short term plot that you want to develop into a long term one then send me a PM with what goal/conflict/interest you'd like to add to extend the story.

Gamer Girl
(Heavily smut filled.)
The Inspiration(NSFW)

   I saw this image and the teasing side of me couldn't help but be filled with plot points and fun potential one liners. My hope for this story would be to play a female in a gamer couple that is a bit of a nymphomaniac, but to the degree that I always prefer nymphomania, which is an obsession with playing with, handing, and getting off men; less so about the orgasmic release, or sex itself. Its a mental thing for me. So my intent is to detail what kind of game you'd like our imaginary couple to be into, so we can better describe what their focusing on (or not focusing on), and then to roleplay day to day life for a little bit with them. Have moments where the male is playing games and she crawls under the desk to get him off. Have moments where she is playing a game and he walks over and begins flaunting his dick playfully in front of her face. Basically a montage of fun, playful moments resulting in handjobs, blowjobs, and sometimes sex. The goal of this story is to keep the characters at a point where they are distractedly engaged. Multi-tasking, never focusing completely on the sex, or the gameplay.

GM led Sci-fi or Fantasy
So I absolutely adore CoC and TiTs by Fenoxo. If you don't know what they are you should check them out and then come back. Just look up Fenoxo, Corruption of Champions, or Trials in Tainted Space.  Now both of those games focus on transformation and furry content. Which is content I'm comfortable with, but not the part of the content that I enjoy. My characters always move towards the goal in a flirtatious femme fatale manner. They engage with tease, and get off plenty of guys and girls, although vaginal sex is a step further than she normally takes it with the average guy. If there is a particular character shes been with a couple times and developed an interest in, then vaginal sex becomes a norm with them specifically. My only problem with CoC and TiTS is that I'm out of content. I've done everything I'm interested in doing. That's where E comes in. It doesn't need to be in those worlds, or have any of those characters or species, but I would love to have a GM and me sit down and type up a fun character, her goal, and the world shes in. And then have that GM (you) guide me through that world. This can be done through strict rules such as D&D 5e, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, or Vampire the Masquerade. All of which I'm already familiar with. If you prefer a different ruleset you may have to teach or describe the relevant pieces to me. Or we can do this completely free form. Where I'd forfeit all control to the GM to do as they wish. If they move the story in a direction that I don't enjoy, I would PM that its not something I'm interested in and we can correct the story's course. Short Summary: Guide my character through a smut filled world while she moves towards a goal and attempts to defend herself, or sex her way out of every situation. CoC and TiTs mimic.

Secretary Needs
This one is brief as its smut pairing driven but, A secretary finally crosses the line she has wanted to cross for a while and jerks off her boss, who has always teased and flirted with her. Now she is constantly servicing him.

This is really to satisfy my love for cock worship. So a lot of non vaginal sex. A focus on foreplay, handjobs, teasing, and blowjobs. Particularly in public, in secret, under a table, subtly touching him at unnecessary times. The reason I mention it is because usually the boss in these roleplays throws the secretary over a table the next time they're behind closed doors and fucks her mercilessly. I don't really want that every time. I want environments filled with tease and edging in every roleplay, this story is just specifically to satisfy that need.
We would work out what kind of business the boss works, so that its easier to work towards new tension filled situations that make sense. Then we would of course start at the beginning. Play through the hiring and the flirting and crossing the line.
Incest Stories
Its never been a huge turn on for me, but the tense and somewhat awkward situations that it always creates, I do really enjoy. I put the note that it could be a step sibling/step parent relationship instead of true incest, because the incest part isn't what does it for me anyway. I just enjoy the plot that comes out of those tenuous relationships. The only problem I have with incest stories is that I hate pretty much every virgin plot point, so if that's your interest, skip over me. I'm not saying either party needs to be a slut. But taking someones virginity is not a fun time. Not even taking a man's virginity is very satisfying. Just weird.

C. My favorite version of this and the reason I really want to try it is for a FatherxDaughter/Step-Daughter roleplay. The daughter is in her second or third year of college and has developed into a hard punk stage of her life. The father is divorced and on the dating scene, although not exceptionally successful. The daughter is constantly going out to concerts, out with friends, and hardly ever comes home. This situation gets under daddy's skin, but he doesn't get aggressive about it, it actually turns him on a little. To see her constantly dressed so sexy, coming home kind of drunk, sometimes with a guy. She eventually notices this odd interest of his and starts to abuse it, teasing him intentionally. Wearing even less clothing, acting drunker than she is, just “tease-y” things. Until eventually she takes it a step too far. The tease goes from a tease into assisted masturbation. Then eventually a handjob, and then a blowjob. Just the evolving roleplay that normally comes about as they become more comfortable with sexually interacting with one another.  Its important that we play out all the steps as this is such a smut driven roleplay. So I wouldn't want to jump straight from teasing to full blown sex in one night. Its all about dragging it out.

B. Then there's MotherxSon/Step-Son. Both are sexually active and are actively avoiding feelings that they're having for one another while the son stays at home to go to college. This one leans much more the innocent route than the FatherxDaughter one. The mother (my character) teases the son constantly by wearing little clothing, flirting with and complimenting him, even going as far as gentle caresses. All with the hope that she'll get a reaction out of him. Ultimately she just loves to watch him squirm. Eventually though he takes it further than just teasing. Interested in more than watching her dance, or moving around the house barely clothed. He starts to spy on her at night. Steal panties, (if you're into that, not really my thing, but it fits the narrative if you wanna include it), and eventually gets into bed with her. She notices many of these things but shrugs them off, enjoying the attention. Until he starts to caress and cuddle her at night, this cause her to take her daytime shenanigans a step further.

C. SisterxBrother/Step-brother, This relationship isnt nearly as flushed out of a concept as the two above. Let me know though if you're interested in this paring and what you have in mind plot wise. I think it could be fun, but I haven't worked out any specifics. Keep in mind that I hate the virginity plot point. So no need to PM if that's what you're interested in.

My Hero Academia Inspired
Not exactly My Hero. We wouldn't be playing within that school or involving any of those characters. You could of course reference them, but they wouldn't be included. I just like the way that quirks operate within that story. One particular oddity/strength that is developed beyond its base description. Sadly though I haven't thought of any fun plot points to play with those quirks within. The plot of the show is pretty much rival schools, followed by mastermind criminals. I know this whole post is suppose to be me coming up with, and then laying out my ideas, but I don't really have one. I would just love to roleplay a school environment while  developing unique powers. If you can think of a way to make this interesting, hit me up in PMs.

I stole this from another request thread and I can't find it to give them credit. But lastly and as an after thought, it would be interesting to play something in this vein “Alice in Wonderland Theme- Perhaps a much crazier world than she remembered as a child, the ideas are limitless.”

If anything that I've described here strikes your fancy then shoot me a PM so that we can discuss the details. Thanks for reading through them!
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