Seeking M for my F: Bayou Girl

Started by Ezuriel the Moth, July 19, 2019, 04:21:56 PM

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Ezuriel the Moth

Name: Esther Toussaint

Age: 19

Gender: female

Sexuality: heterosexual

Race: human, Cajun-american

Height: 5’6”

Eyes: dark, deep green.

Hair: messy blonde

Body: slender but curvy

Clothing: sewed by hand dresses and highwater overalls

Powers/Talents/Profession: Alligator skinwalker, can change into an alligator at will.

Personality: to be discovered through roleplay.


You were lost after a failed hunt in the Bayou. The gator got away, with your partner shooting a hole in the boat. And now you were stuck. Far from the boat and alone. Or so you thought. You could see a building in the distance, through a boggy section of live oaks. You headed for it.


The sound of a shotgun cocking emitted from behind you. You whirled around to face a diminutive woman with blonde hair and olive freckled skin. She was holding a sawed-off shotgun to your chest.

"Pa, we got another'n!" she called. Then she lowered her voice. "Whatchyou called, city boy?"

"Esther, we told you not tuh go owff like'at.

“Esther, what the hell’d we tell you about runnin’ owff like’at?” a male voice from the direction of the building rang out among the sunset’s symphony of frogs and cicadas.

“Shut the hell up, Clem! I can HANDLE MYSELF!” The woman, apparently Esther, shouted back. “You, city boy, you listn’ta me, we’re gonna walk that way,” She pointed towards the building, “real nice and careful. You should know, they’s ‘gators out here. Don’t wanna get bit and don’t wanna get shot, right? Now, move, go on.” She walked around you and poked the shotgun into your back.
Ta! Come visit again! OR I'LL PLUCK OUT YER EYES!!

~{They/them pronouns}~