"In her dreams, she sees the sun." F for M - Alien/Predator/AVP themed.

Started by MoonRaven, July 16, 2019, 07:33:55 AM

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Hello everyone, I am F looking for someone to play the M role in this scenario. I don’t mind if you are dom/sub or switch or if you are non-dom/sub entirely. The RP can be adjusted to accommodate any of these elements – we can talk about the scenario and adjust it to our liking before we start playing. I love talking through scenarios with people.

Fair warning: the scenario will involve characters who are not entirely human/hybrids with another species. So if you averse to that then this won’t appeal to you.

I’ll give you the intro first and then explain more about my rather complex F character.


The twin suns that blazed over the desolate moon designated ‘Bevin II’ were radiant in their deep orange intensity and terrible in their harsh, scorching breath. The sky was a lurid mustard colour during the ten hour day, and became a purple midnight haze during the fourteen hour night. For all of Bevin II’s rock-strewn, primitive appearance…no-one could deny that it held a strange beauty. Scientists and corporate researchers assigned to work at Weyland-Yutani Research Facility 11 would often glance upwards at the setting suns in silent reverie…wishing they could spare a moment away from their work to just sit and enjoy the otherworldly palette of the sky. Such was the allure of Bevin II.

#309 was born on Bevin II and yet she had never seen the famed beauty of the sky. In fact she had no concept of what ‘sky’ was; all she knew was the cold white tiles that made up the roof of her cell. She had never set foot outside. She had never felt anything other than sterile tiles beneath her feet. For 19 years she had known only the clinical confines of a small room – bordered on three sides by one-way viewing glass, with the fourth wall being made of clear, highly reinforced plexiglass.

They watched her every move. The ‘people’. She had no idea what the word ‘people’ actually meant – only that it did not apply to her. She was referred to as ‘monster’, ‘freak’ and ‘experiment’. She did not know what those words means either…but the way the ‘people’ spat them as their noses wrinkled in disgust told her that they were bad words. #309 also knew that she wasn’t one of the ‘people’ because none of them had the same long, black, slender tail that she did…nor the sharp claws or the elongated teeth.

The ‘people’ wore white clothing with an interesting logo over the right breast pocket. They almost always remained on the other side of the glass – observing her, scratching a long stick like thing across sheaves of thin, white material which left a trail of intricate swirls in its wake. Sometimes – clad in masks which at once infuriated her and unnerved her – they would come into her cell and, with the use of an electric rod, they would restrain her. They would make a maddening cacophony of chunnering sounds as they spoke to each other, their confusing rapid speech impossible for her to comprehend. They would poke and prod and hurt her before tossing her back into her cell – sometimes unable to move, sometimes temporarily blind. She never knew what all the ‘experiments’ were for.

Sometimes when they came for her she would try to be docile, walking to meet them and trying not to snarl or snap her silvery teeth at them. She hoped that they would not hurt her so much if she cooperated. #309 was always wrong. They hurt her just the same whatever she did. Sometimes there would be the wonderful thing called ‘anaesthetic’ which dulled the sharp pain…but mostly there was nothing. Just her thrashing, lithe body and the mind-numbing agony of the countless experiments they performed on her. And so she abandoned her attempts at cooperation and instead she met the ‘people’ as they entered her cell with tail-whipping, hissing fury.

She was responsible for four deaths. ‘Death’ was a concept that she understood well as she had smelled it in the air several times when the pain was so great that she felt her own body beginning to falter and fail. She felt no remorse for killing some of the ‘people’; her only regret was that the satisfying shrieking noise they made as she tore into their chests hadn’t lasted longer. #309 felt her sanity slipping…felt a monstrous instinct to kill swelling inside her…felt alone and trapped in a world that she did not understand. A world that consisted only of pain.

Until two weeks ago. A powerful solar flare from one of Bevin II’s twin suns has knocked out most of the power at Research Facility 11 and it had been three hours with no resumption of power. All available hands had been scrambled to prevent the artificial atmosphere unit from failing and, noting the chaos ensuing from beyond the screen of her plexiglass window, #309 seized her opportunity to escape. She touched the far wall and cringed back, expecting a sharp jolt of electricity to sear through her…when nothing happened she jumped effortlessly to the wall and deftly pulled herself up and into a ventilation shaft. The shaft was usually kept electrified and was closed over by two layers of metal bars…but today there was no electricity, and #309 sheared through the metal as though it was paper.

She followed the air duct blindly, hoping that it would lead her away from her hated cell and towards the outside. Towards freedom. When the vent ended, she silently dropped down on to the floor beneath – landing on all fours and flicking her eyes around the area to survey for threats. Panic rose inside her. This area looked nothing like an ‘exit’. Whipping her head back and forth as her tail twitched and writhed in nervous dread, she uttered a high hiss of fear when her gaze landed upon…

…more cells. Some were smaller than hers, others much larger. Her near-perfect night vision told her that they were all empty…but her sensitive nose told her to double check that fact. #309 feared that one of the ‘people’ had noticed her escape and was lying in wait for her, equipped with the electrical rod...

Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a great desire not to be ambushed, #309 followed her nose until she saw movement down in the last cell in the row. She snarled quietly and readied her tail to strike as she crept closer still – not stopping until she had the creature inside the cell firmly in her sight. It was male and completely oblivious to her presence. She also noted that the same reinforced plexiglass lay between her and the mystery being.

Lowering her tail from strike pose and using a nearby ledge to pull herself up from all fours and onto her legs, a position that she found incredibly uncomfortable, #309 stepped forwards into the flickering red emergency lighting and locked eyes with the cell’s inhabitant.

Neither of them knew that this meeting would change their lives forever, and the path to their freedom had been laid before them.


ABOUT: #309 is a female human/xenomorph hybrid. She is definitely not ‘cutesy’. She was the first success in 309 experiments and has no actual name. I’m perfectly open to the idea of your character naming her, as long as its not a totally ridiculous name! A very serious point about her is that she is completely non-verbal. She physically lacks the vocal cords necessary for human speech and so hisses and snarls rather than talks.

Appearance wise, when she straightens up she is about 5ft 10” (minus the tail, which is typically long and spindly). She has a mixture of very pale and mottled blackish-grey skin tone (think vitiligo with an extra-terrestrial twist). Her lips are a dark charcoal colour and both the pupil and iris of her eyes are jet black. #309 has prominent bone structure, silvery teeth with elongated canines. Her arms become more like those of a xenomorph the lower you get, with her hands having six fingers and being long-taloned claws. Same story with her legs. She has the long, barbed tail with spinal ridges that extend all the way up her back. She looks like she means business.

Whilst she is suspicious, aggressive and half-mad due to incarceration – once a friendship/partnership has been fostered with her #309 would be loyal beyond measure. She is – whilst not intelligent in the mainstream way – a very clever huntress with an adventurous personality.

It’s up to you whether you are human or whether – in-keeping with the Research Facility vibe – you fancy playing a human/Predator (Yautja) hybrid. Obviously, for the latter, it’d be obvious why you were in the cell (because you’re a fellow experiment). If you were human you’d need to think up a decent reason why you were in the cell in the first place. Your character – of course – is fully yours to design.

If any of this massively long post sounds in any way appealing please PM me. Thanks!
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