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September 27, 2021, 09:22:32 pm

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Author Topic: (M/NB x Any) Star Wars OC seeking Any, Especially Darth Maul (Exotic)  (Read 371 times)

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Hey, like it says in the title I'm looking to participate is some Star Wars rps. I'm looking for mostly smutty rp, but am not opposed to story around that. The time that the rp would take place in would be early to late empire, around 14bby onward.

The character I will be playing is named Macabre (you can see him in my icon). He's a force sensitive Nightbrother, the same species and planet of origin as Darth Maul. He's small (5' 3"), pink, and covered in the traditional tattoos. His force powers are more reminiscent of a Nightsister, focusing on rituals and metaphysic. He's nonbinary, but doesn't realize it because he comes from such a binary culture. He's very quiet, preferring action over words to convey his thoughts. He fights with a spear and wears a black poncho. He enjoys fighting a little too much especially since he prefers to loose. He also has a soft side that he is learning to be more in touch with. He's an ex-bounty hunter who was raised by a rouge Nightsister, who didn't treat him very well. Because of this he still has a fear of women, so people looking to play female presenting characters would need to do more work to get him out of his shell. After spending some time on his own, and with a found family of a crew he gained the confidence to get out from under his guardian's control. During this incident, the crew happened to run into Darth Maul, endearing themselves to him by helping him. Maul took a special interest in Macabre as he is the only child of Dathomir he's encountered since its destruction. Macabre decides to leave his bounty hunting life behind and Maul seduces him into becoming his apprentice.

The overall ideas between all the rps is that new to sex and freedom, and encouraged by Maul, Macabre is exploring his sexuality. I'd also like to include a concept I've been calling sex surrogacy. The concept is that since Maul no longer has sexual equipment he gets off by using the force to experience sex through other peoples perspectives. He is specifically using Macabre for this because, one he's willing which makes it easier, he's force sensitive and they have a force bond which makes it stronger, and his body is similar to what Maul's was like before being cut in half. This doesn't have to be a major part of the rp, but it is something I will be thinking about in the background as it is part of Macabre's motivation for seeking out sex.


What you can play:
Canon Star Wars characters that exist in the timeline/are present in that time through shenanigans
Star Wars OCs
Creatures/Races that could conceivably exist in the Star Wars universe (which tbh is basically anything)
Darth Maul

Some Plot Bunnies:
Macabre x Doctor who has had a crush on him for awhile
Macabre x Group of non-Dathomirian Zabraks
Macabre x something that will lay eggs in him
Macabre put on display at a brothel
Macabre x Darth Maul x Obi-Wan (alternate twin suns)
Macabre x Luke Skywalker (post alternate twin suns)

Sexual Details about Macabre:
I have been headcanoning as both barbed and knotted. Macabre's is smaller than average just like the rest of him.
I also have a headcanon relating to vestigial heat Zabraks experience. The concept is that upon being knotted Zabraks go into a heat that causes confusion and extreme pleasure. They also produce pheromones that can trigger different effects in different species, but in general causes a rut that results in possessiveness, extreme stamina, and a desire to produce offspring. This heat is relatively well documented in cis female Zabraks, but rare and desirable in cis male Zabraks. Macabre experiences this heat. However it doesn't need to factor into our roleplay if you aren't into it because it only triggers on being knotted or something similar.
Macabre is a huge sub and bottom, preferring to be told what to do or manhandled into position. He is particularly interested in trying new things and easy to convince.

So you want to play Darth Maul:
If you are interested in playing Maul I'd like you to at least consider something long term. Ideally you would enjoy instructing Macabre to perform sex acts, and watching them be performed either in person or over their force bond. As well as performing sex acts on Macabre with toys or through other means. I'm also specifically interested in exploring the concept of sex surrogacy that I described earlier. It's important to me that Maul has learned to live with the loss of his lower half and found alternatives rather than hand waving it by replicating typical sex through magic or technology. I have been headcanoning Maul as a powerbottom or switch, so he mostly has Macabre bottom. I see Macabre as a calming and centering force for Maul, but also someone he increasingly becomes possessive of as Maul sees him as one of his last connections to Dathomir and his heritage. Maul sees a lot of himself in Macabre, and as such is fascinated at where they differ. I'd be open to both exploring how their relationship will evolve and/or playing out all the sex scenes we can think of. Obviously this would be the character you are playing so I don't want to give you too many guidelines, if you want to switch any of this up I open to the idea.

Thanks for reading Macabre hopes to hear from you soon!