Roleplay with me??

Started by jenna69, February 17, 2009, 04:22:54 PM

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Hey guys....
Jenna69 here i am a cam model for a site known as snip some of you may or may not know of the site.... It's a very cool site... I have no rules i can do WHAT I WANT.. and you horney boys can sit there and watch me in my free chat until u think it may be worth your while to take me private... R U up for the challenge?? Me tease you lots... and than me please u lots...

OK OK im carrying on....

anyhow.... i like to do roleplay... from doctor, to teacher, boss in office, or just random strangers meeting in a parking lot and than fucking... i also enjoy bdsm and consider myself to be quite the dom... but am a switch!

come check me out guys!

Or just email me at snip

Please do not give out any personal or contact information in the public areas.


Hello, Jenna and welcome to E.  Before you get started on all this fun stuff, why don't you take some time and post an introduction questionnaire into the Intro boards that way we can get to know you a little bit better and in doing so it'll give you a great start towards the approval process here on Elliquiy. 

You can take a look at this thread to find what it is we want from your introduction post:

Good luck!

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