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May 06, 2021, 08:03:27 pm

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Author Topic: Craving some Omegaverse roleplay! MxM only <3 <3 <3  (Read 379 times)

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Craving some Omegaverse roleplay! MxM only <3 <3 <3
« on: June 29, 2019, 07:55:58 pm »
Hello everyone and thanks for taking a look at my ad :)

So, to tell you a little bit about myself, I am a 30-something-year-old female who has bee roleplaying since I was the age of 14.  I absolutely LOVE anything Supernatural as that is my primary go-to roleplay and more than likely the genre that I would like to find my current cravings.  I only play MxM pairings, absolutely love the drama, conflict, and intensity that can come with those pairings and currently I am looking for anything Omegaverse related.  Crime, gangs, Supernatural gangs, forbidden romances, and the Circus are my most loved type of stories to play.  As of right now, I really want to find someone that is interested in playing an Omegaverse themed roleplay surrounding Supernaturals (Shifters in specific), and I'm looking to play the Omega in this storyline.  I'd really love to find someone that would like to play my boy's Alpha and potential soulmate aka forbidden lover, with all of the Omegaverse themes set in the roleplay such as Heats/Ruts, Knotting, and the general mating process that goes along with this.  Keep in mind our boys would be played as human males and NOT mating as animals.  While I generally like to discuss and brainstorm further storylines with potential people, below are some of the ideas that I'd love to play out:

Criminal and Police Officer (I would play the police officer.) - This idea surrounds around my boy going undercover to try and take down a well-known mafia that keeps escaping the clutches of the police department.  Instead of working to get information and to bring down this particularly difficult to track crime family, he finds himself drawn to one of the son's within the mafia.  What was supposed to be a simple undercover job turns into a complicated situation where my boy gets in way over his head, falling for said criminal as they hide a very heated, passionate love affair behind the backs of everyone.  Where this story could go is completely up to us but I'd love all the drama, adventure, fun storyline and all of the heated smut to go along with it. 

Stripper x Criminal - No specific idea for this one other than I would be playing the stripper and someone else would be playing either a criminal that keeps on coming back, a police officer that gets attached or some other person there to stir up all of the drama.  This can always be more of an Anita Blake sort of storyline as well, with Omegaverse elements.

Criminal x Criminal - Criminals that work heists together, escape the police together, steal cars together, sleep together, and all of the above.  I'm looking for something of a Grand Theft Auto situation here where we could play a whole slew of fun things, while our boys belong in some gang together and can't seem to keep their hands off of one another.  Best friends, even rivals from different gangs, I'm really game for this one to go anywhere as a Crime based roleplay.  Even a forbidden romance that includes two rivals from two different gangs that become soulmated to one another, and then have to figure a way out of that mess. 

Werewolf x Human  - I'd love to play the human in this scenario that a Werewolf either gets attached to or wants nothing to do with.  I'm honestly game for hearing anything that people want to throw at me here and I'm open to hearing any and all ideas that revolve around this particular pairing.

Right now, this is really all that I have as far as general ideas.  I prefer to brainstorm with potential partners to really get into the nitty-gritty of a story so that we can work out a pretty great and decent plot together.  I'm open for hearing about any other ideas surrounding a Supernatural Omegaverse! 

What I'm looking for in a partner:  Please be 23+ in order to play out any adult related themes :)  I write anywhere from 300+ in my posts and would like to find a fellow writer or writers that are willing to put in this much effort as well.  Proper grammar is always a plus and I'd love to find someone that is relatively a quick poster that doesn't take more than two weeks per post.  I want to create a universe with all of the emotion, drama, and depth together with some other writers and I'm looking for those that want to write a beautiful story together. 
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