NonCon Hentai RPG Concept (F looking for Any)

Started by Kittmolly, June 26, 2019, 10:15:55 PM

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-I'm Molly. I'm a 29 year old lady living on the East Coast of the U.S., thus my time zone is (UTC-5:00)
-I prefer to play on a private discord server. I will set it up and everything ^^
-PM me if interested rather than posting here.
-If you're interested, include some ideas and things to discuss in your PM! I'm far more likely to respond if you do.
-Don't be afraid to ask for clarification on anything!
-I like to brainstorm a lot, about the world, character relationships, and to do some degree of plotting out scenes before we write them out.
-I like using drawn art for face claims for female characters. Face claims for male characters aren't always necessary, but are fun if you find a good one.
-I like to write multiple characters at the same time, and would like it if you are willing to do the same. Group dynamics make scenes a lot more fun.

After years of trial and error, I have finally arrived at a game style that ticks all of my boxes and I believe will hold my interest.

The way I like to play is very specific, and I am very particular about it. If what I'm about to describe does not sound like it is for you, then... Well... I'm probably not the partner you're looking for.

So, here's the set up. I play a group of heroines as they are attempting to carry out a TBD mission. You play the enemies they encounter on their mission. The girls fight with swords and lasers and fireballs, while the enemies fight back with dicks and vibrators and butt plugs. The point is not for the enemies to defeat the girls in combat and then fuck them, but rather to fuck them until they are defeated. And everybody treats this as normal, as if they live inside a hentai rpg and just intrinsically understand the rules.

[The Gameplay]

The thing that I enjoy writing the most is the struggle that goes on in a non-con encounter, where the girl is trying to resist the entity trying to dominate them. Think of the fight as the foreplay; In the same way you would try to fondle a girl's tit in a normal sexual encounter, your character would do that in the fight scene. The difference, of course, is that in the fight scene the woman is trying to cut them in half with a sword while they do it. But as your character lands 'attacks,' gets her more excited, and forces her to cum, she gets weaker until eventually she submits.
So, to make it a little more interesting and add some stakes to it, to determine when my characters will submit, this is the rule I propose: Each time I, Molly, cum while writing for the story, the girl I am currently writing at that time will submit, eliminating her from active play. My goal is to get all five of my girls through to the end of the mission without any of them submitting. Your goal is to prevent that by getting me excited enough that I can't stop myself from masturbating while writing my responses. ^^ Yes, I did find a way to gamify my orgasms. Does this count as a game system? lol


-In terms of story, I'm pretty flexible. Fantasy-type worlds tend to be my favorites, but it could go in a scifi direction or something too. Open to suggestions. I don't expect terribly much plot in this game, as I'm a lot more interested in writing the smut.
-Back when I was in school my English teachers used to say about writing an essay, "Tell 'em what you're gonna tell 'em, tell 'em, and tell 'em what you told 'em." Rephrased for the context of dominating a woman, "Tell her what you're going to do to her, do it to her, and tell her what you did to her." I enjoy it more when my character gets to dread and feel anxiety about what's going to happen to her if she fails.
-Maybe show like, a little bit of jurisprudence about when you get your character's dick out? Is it so much to ask that you might grab a girl's hair, bend her over your knee, and spank/finger her a little bit first? Am I too demanding? Is this why no one loves me?
-I am open to a variety of types of dom characters. MDoms, FemDoms, Hentai Monsters (Tentacles/Oozes/Dire-Insect Based Monsters), so on. Not a big fan of goblins/small humanoids, or Orcs/ugly monstrous humanoids, though.
-Are you familiar with the "women_livestock" tag on some hentai image boards? The ones where there's a group of magical girls with their arms and legs gripped by tentacles with huge monstrous cocks buried inside them, a hopeless, defeated look in her empty eyes as she drips with cum? This is the sort of fate I'd like for defeated heroines, at least until they are possibly rescued. But they probably won't all be rescued ~.^
-Please allow me to determine when my characters are successfully restrained or hit with attacks and such, and in return I will extend you the same courtesy. Nothing makes me lose interest faster than when my partners writes that my character has been completely restrained with nothing she can do about it in the first post.