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Author Topic: That Which Ziether Can No Longer Contain (RP Ideas, usually M for F)  (Read 1105 times)

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Offline ZietherTopic starter

Ziether’s Plot Ideas:

Might I please ask your indulgence while we continue to make improvements around here. This thread is under construction, and as such a few things may end up moving around or disappearing entirely. More plots will be forthcoming. For some of my general preferences and a few more minor plot ideas, feel free to check out my Ons & Offs page.

If you have any questions for me or wish to discuss any aspect of my writing or the plot(s) presented below, I welcome Personal Messages.

About Me:

It’s Gonna Be Me
  • Availability and Post Rate:I’m a busy person who juggles a variety of responsibilities, and as such my posting rate waxes and wanes with my overall obligation load. I promise one post every two weeks as a general bottom line, but if I drop down to that rate, there’s some serious crazy going on in my world. The likelihood is that I will respond in about 48-72 hours, sometimes sooner, but I’d rather give myself a little wiggle room than disappoint anyone.
  • Posting Medium: I have a heavy preference for writing directly on Elliquiy’s forum threads. While I have no delusions of grandeur about my writing, I do like to be able to share what I’m working on with those who are interested and likewise share praise for my partners. I will consider writing in Personal Messages provided sufficient communication on the subject with a prospective partner. I have no interest in writing over email or instant messenger services. I like the security of operating within the purview of site moderation staff, though I have no serious thought that their presence will ever be necessary. It’s just reassuring.
  • Plot. Almost without exception my stories primarily focus on the interactions of individuals and how that affects them and others. While I enjoy writing a good intimate scene, I don’t want to be doing so for its own sake. I don’t want my stories to turn into a revolving door of sex scenes. I find fading to black to be a tool. It shouldn't be used constantly, but its use should not indicate that no scenes will be written out.
  • Drama/tension/awkwardness. I hate when characters have everything go smoothly. I want to screw with them so badly. While that puppeteering may take the form of thrusting characters into vulnerable places where they end up intimate with one another when they know they should resist, it may also be that something doesn’t go well. A relationship goes nuclear. A bad sexual experience sends a character off in another direction. The characters get into tight places that cause growth. I want it so much.
  • Quality over quantity. While I can and often will write posts of several lengthy paragraphs, I am perfectly content and eager to write less voluminous posts if I can get good engagement in them. I’m unlikely to want to go particularly staccato with my posts, but two moderate paragraphs could be completely feasible.

What I'm Looking for in a Partner/Story

I Want it That Way
  • A commitment to the general conventions of English spelling and grammar. Mistakes will be made, but reading a post where it’s clear that it was written and posted without being read for coherency and readability quickly kills my desire to respond to even the most engaging story.
  • Willingness to communicate about the story outside the story itself. I don’t need to be your bosom buddy on Discord or anything, but a two-way line of communication about the story and changes to availability is a must. A simple PM usually suffices, but if more is warranted, I am usually open to considering it.
  • Third person perspective. This is non-negotiable. While it can be fun to read a narrative from the first-person perspective sometimes, I find it jarring with multiple characters having such treatment. While you might see me write solo pieces in first person, any interactive RP will be done in third person.
  • Past tense perspective. I’m a tabletop RPG guy, so I totally understand the immersion and immediacy of present tense narrative, but I’m not sitting at a table with my writing partners playing a live session of a game. It will be read at another time. I want to read a story, and for that I need the past tense.
  • Description. I don’t need absolutely every detail of the setting and the characters spelled out for me, but at the same time I want to be wooed by the words. I want my senses engaged, and that is so much more than touch and sight.

TAKEN!!!  The Flesh is Weak:
(MxF or possibly MxM, Human Bondage through Extreme, depending)

Plot Proposal
Killian Hart was the last person anyone would associate with sin and vice. While he'd never been an altar boy or made any attempts to join the clergy, he had been an avid student of theology and apologetics, and his youth in the Roman Catholic Church had instilled a deep sense of purpose in his life. He was upfront about his devotion to God and his faith, and while he hadn't refused the opportunities to pursue love in his life, he had always remained incredibly conservative in his dealings. A kiss to a cheek was the furthest he dared stray, lest the devil's whispers drag him down into the pits of lust. Beyond the confines of the Sacraments, no alcohol passed his lips. Carefully he guarded his heart from the seductions of the Evil One.

Above all things Killian wanted to be a good man, and an example of what the Church taught him a man should be. Little thought was given to haste in finding a wife. Life came first. University came first, but graduate school and the long grind up the business ladder came after until he found himself in his early thirties living in a modest two-bedroom home that no longer had a mortgage, but echoed even the smallest sounds in the solitude it provided. Still, though, he wasn't ready. He needed that one last promotion. A vice presidency within the company would give him the freedom to provide for a family, no matter how many children God chose to provide. The Church taught that God's purpose in creating sexual intercourse was to allow man to be fruitful and multiply. Whatever he chose to present a family with was his measure for that particular unit. In modern America it could be hard for many families to support even one or two children. Five or seven seemed out of the question.

And so Killian poured himself into his career, aching for the day when his yearnings could be fulfilled and his home could echo with the sounds of family.

And that is where the story begins.

As laser-focused as Killian is on his goals, he has become blinded to some of the temptations that could damn his eternal soul. Temptations that are all too easy to succumb to in a moment of weakness, and while the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.

The story tells the tale of Killian's fall from grace at the sweet whispers of an accomplished tempter or temptress, drawing him into one sin after another, running the gamut of the Deadly Sins and spiraling deeper and deeper into depravity. Constant forays to the confessional only serve to showcase to Killian exactly how far he is falling, but no matter how much he seeks the advice of the Church, there is nothing that can save him from himself.

RETIRED A Simple Interview:
(MxF, possibly MxFuta, NC, Extreme, breath play, possible character death)

Character History
Ehrenon is the black sheep of his family, child of a middle-class elven community in [Neighboring/Distant Nation]. He has not set foot in his parents' home since he came of age, having been driven away by the whisperings of his immortal patron.

On the day of his coming of age, a cloud burst into existence above the ceremony, blotting out the sun, and Vainglory, the white raven who would come to be his companion, descended from the center of the cloud to alight on Ehrenon's head. The portent was undeniable. Ehrenon was cursed by some fell force. The elders assembled immediately and voted overwhelmingly to banish the youngster from the community for the greater good.

The bird followed Ehrenon as he traveled, seeking someplace new to call home. Through his communion with Vainglory, Ehrenon learned more and more of the secrets of witchcraft, picking up some minor spells here and there, until the day he discovered the truth of his hair. He was on his inexorable journey westward when a wolf jumped out from behind a tree, snarling at the young elf. In panic, Ehrenon whipped about and his hair shot out to wrap up the confused canine, pinning it to the ground and squeezing the very life from it. As the creature's eyes rolled back in their sockets, Vainglory crowed loudly, and a feeling of rightness fell over Ehrenon, his patron graced him with a gentle breeze, coaxing the youngster to accept his fate and embrace his power to kill and cause pain.

Ehrenon's powers grew swiftly as he journeyed, eventually passing into [Current Nation]. His first contact with the people of [Current Nation] was tumultuous. He was crossing the border near a fort in the middle of the night, and was set upon by a squad of Army Scouts. Blasting one in the face with a spray of dark energy, and another with a tangle of his hair, he was still easily subdued by the remainder of the squadron. Having caused no permanent injuries, he was taken before the commander of the fort in chains. The commander was taken with the intelligence and capability of the youngster, and took him under his personal protection, teaching him the ways of the people of [Current Nation], and eventually adopting the young man into his household after learning of Ehrenon's ordeal with his own people.

Ehrenon continued to serve the fort commander as a canny advisor, seeing intuitively the best ways to divide up shift work, resolve disputes, and many other services. He was presented to [Army High Commander] when he was turing the duty stations in the area, and he found the young elf to be a worthwhile asset to the army. Worthwhile enough to take for himself. And thus was Ehrenon ripped away from another home. The emotional pain was great, but in the ensuing days, storm clouds would make themselves present, framing the sun, and never disturbing the light. I was an omen that this was his patron's will.

Joining the retinue of the High Commander of the armed forces was quite a change. Ehrenon's freedoms were curtailed greatly, but he learned to thrive under these conditions, continuing to advise officers when they needed it most, making hard decisions without concern for anything other than efficiency. He learned to use the lives of others to accomplish great things, concocting battle plans that would demoralize the enemy, despite the enemy taking fewer losses.

His services eventually earned him a commission as a Lieutenant in the army, a temporary position at the discretion of the High Commander, serving as an attache for the official. Often sent on sensitive assignments, Ehrenon spends most of his time handling intelligence matters and seeking out traitors.

Character Description/Personality
Description:Ehrenon is a pale young elf, with bright eyes of a golden hue, and long, straight white hair, usually hanging down past the shoulders. Hs hair is by far the most striking aspect of his physical presence. With long fingers, and manicured mails, Ehrenon is somewhat of a narcissist. He does not naturally charm others, but he values his appearance greatly, often spending multiple hours in a day brushing and braiding his long hair.

Ehrenon's choice of fashion is often long black tunics or robes, depending on the circumstances. Black is almost omnipresent, setting a stark contrast to his pale skin and hair. On occasion he is known to wear colored clothing, but he puts up a vocal protest at being made to do so. His patrons often require him to do so for various events, and Ehrenon chafes for the day when he can decide for himself the dress code for his dinners.

Ehrenon's white raven, Vainglory, is a preening male raven in his prime, a symbol of everything Ehrenon wants to be. He rides on his master's shoulder at most times, except when having the creature present would be inappropriate. Vainglory enjoys a great deal of freedom, often flying high overhead to scout about or to listen in on conversations that an elf would not be allowed to hear. He gossips insufferably about all manner of things when he returns, often rewarded with choice morsels.

Ehrenon is an ambitious elf. In [Current Nation], he is a minority, but his intellect and abilities, both those apparent and those hidden, provide him with the capability to move up in society. Ehrenon wants power more than anything, and getting involved in national politics in one way or another is a step up from the politics of a single house.
Ehrenon appreciates any semi-sanctioned opportunity to use his abilities. He enjoys causing pain greatly, but is usually prevented from doing so by law or societal convention. Being hired to cause pain is a boon. Ehrenon has to live the life of a lowly advisor to a great noble, and chafes at having to serve thus. His favorite outlet is to let his hair loose and torture or kill something with it.
Desire to Prove Himself
Ehrenon was torn away from the young elf, Lianee, who he believed to be the love of his life when he was cast out by his people. He wants to prove himself a worthy power in the world so that he might return to his home and reclaim his lost love. No other will do, and he compares all females to the perfection of Lianee. He often destroys beautiful things because of his broken feeling of loss at being without her.

Plot Proposal
Life in the city is a constant hustle and bustle, with each individual striving to make his or her own way by whatever means are available to them. Most end up working menial jobs to feed and house themselves. Some manage to amass enough wealth to live off the labors of others. Those most canny find a way to ingratiate themselves into the political machine, relying on connections with others in their own echelon to sustain them in perpetuity, enjoying the rewards of the taxation of the masses.

The political class is inherently corrupt, as desperate people with few truly useful skills vie for a limited number of available positions, backstabbing one another and gathering whatever tiny measures of influence they can to move ever upwards towards the top. Ehrenon has been tasked with the mission of investigating the belief that Your Character is maliciously seeking to unseat a major noble and place another in his position. While this is not an uncommon practice, the royal family does frown upon the tumultuous nature of such goings-on, and seeks to quash it with discretion.

Ehrenon’s job is to encounter the supposed traitor, follow her to keep track of her activities, and, if warranted, to interview her with whatever resources he has at his disposal, in his case black magics and the powers granted him by his dark master. Ehrenon is not above using force, torture, and sexual assault to gain an advantage over a victim, and his xenophobia leaves him predisposed to murderous results if the victim happens to be a beautiful human female. The warlock’s duty is to the crown, and as long as he protects their interests, he is authorized to do whatever he needs to.

What I’m Looking For
I’m looking for a female character who is involved in the intrigue machine of the local nation within the setting to be determined by myself and my eventual partner. The character need not be a human, but if she is human, my preference is that the story’s conclusion include her death. Again, I don’t need the character to be human here. Any viable high fantasy race will work. I am looking for a fiery, capable woman who will challenge Ehrenon’s intellect and possibly his stamina. Yes, the intention is for him to “win”, but that can take many forms, and I’d love to discuss your thoughts on what those could be. A sufficiently convincing woman, for example, might even be permitted to carry out her mission because Ehrenon thinks it worthwhile.

Most of all, talk to me. If you have thoughts on this, send me a PM. I’m in no rush to get this started, necessarily. I’d rather take extra time and make it the best it can be.

Writing Sample
Oh, how I love cellars. Thick walls of stone and earth protect the outside world from the sounds contained within… Ehrenon mused, hands reaching up to untie the thong holding his hair up in its prominent ponytail, allowing the tresses to fall freely down over his shoulders to caress his chest. The strands did just that, waving about as if possessing a will of their own.

"Oh, yes...they do," the young elf hissed softly, answering the unasked question. "My hair is special. It does what I want it to do. It loves to wrap itself around a pretty little throat, to squeeze the life from stupid little things of beauty." His hair stood up off his shoulders, twining into intricate braids as it grew impossibly quickly, reaching toward the restrained form of the exquisite courtesan.

"You can answer my questions, or I can make you wish that you had," Ehrenon said, putting every ounce of available personality into his words. Admittedly that wasn't his strong suit. Choking the life out of resisting victims was his strong suit. The threat of the latter tended to produce answers in short order, however.

The young woman's head shook silently, a look a defiance beaming from her features like a beacon to Ehrenon's sadistic nature. "Okay, have it your way," he intoned, allowing the braids to wind themselves about the girl's throat and chest.

”Unngh!” the court prostitute's breath was violently ejected as first the lower, then the upper strands of hair compressed her respiratory system violently, denying her air, slowly turning her face purple with the strain of the lack of oxygen. Her arms attempted to flail, but were restrained by the bindings holding them to the arms of the chair. A half-minute later, the hair loosened its hold, but did not withdraw. The sucking intake of breath was deafening in the enclosed confines of the dark cellar.

"Shall we try this again?" the lithe elf whispered encouragingly. "This doesn't HAVE to hurt. You could just tell me who the Marshal was meeting with during your, shall we say, companionship?"

"You'll never get that information out of me!" the young woman spat in defiance.

"Oh, but thank you for that piece of information, my sweet. You just confirmed to me that the Marshal WAS meeting someone. That is all I really needed to know. Others will be able to ferret out the details. We have logs, you know. Lists of who was where at what times, who MIGHT be involved with which plots. It's all just a matter of process of elimination, my dear," Ehrenon breathed, his hair tightening up just a bit as his face broke out into a grin of ultimate pleasure.

The strands resumed their pressure, cutting off the girl's protests once more, leaving visible marks of their constriction on her perfect unmarred skin. Her hands slapped the arms of the chair violently, driven mad by the lack of breath until Ehrenon loosened his grip once more.

"I'll tell you..." she gasped, dragging precious air back into her lungs, sending it to nourish her every fiber.

"But that would be no fun," the elf grinned cruelly, returning to his crushing squeeze. "Doing the investigation will be so much better practice for my operatives, and I will very much enjoy watching you plead until it amuses me no longer."

Ehrenon continued his pleasure for several more minutes, each time taking the unfortunate creature closer and closer to the release of her soul before bringing her back.

"You may be exquisite, but you are still nothing but a wilted flower compared to the females of my homeland," he said, finally, allowing a full minute of breath. "I tire of this tedium. Greet your deities warmly."

With that, he squeezed as hard as ever for a full minute before constricting even harder, crushing her windpipe, snapping her spine, and crushing her ribs beneath the desires of his soul.

The sickening crack of bone filled the space. Ehrenon's hair unwound itself from the corpse before wiping itself on a towel. The elf calmly re-tied his hair, turned, and walked up the stairs and out into Janth's night.

Ideas Without Full Detail

  • Kink World: In a fantasy world, there are deities associated with all manner of things. Some are more powerful and more widely worshipped, while others serve niche communities. In this world, sexuality is very important, and while there is a high deity of sexual expression, they have countless minor divine beings beneath them in the hierarchy, each holding a unique domain of an individual facet of kink or fetish. All such deities have their own shrines and temples where a curious individual might witness the display of that god’s domain, a practitioner might go for advice from a priest(ess), or a devoted faithful might practice their kink for others. Young people are encouraged to take a year off from their studies and business lives upon attaining adulthood (somewhere in the Elliquiy-appropriate 16+ range) to explore the temples and find what initially appeals to them, with the full knowledge that such tastes might shift over time. I’d love to write a story set in this sort of world.
  • Threes: (This is stolen without any shame from a socializing post by Undeniable Sin) His family was one of pride, steeped in tradition. The wedding of souls for eternity, this was where the most customs lay within his family. One did not simply choose a bride willy nilly. No. The family chose three women. Who better to choose than those who knew you, some would even say, better than you know yourself.
    Three women would walk the aisle, at three different times, but only one would be chosen. The son would meet each of the three, spend time with them. Then they'd be dressed identically and he would choose based on who his soul led him to. Because, in the end. The soul knows its mate.
  • The Messaging Thing: So, recently I’ve been reading along with a story written by two of the members of E’s Staff, and I fell in love with the structure of the opening of the story. The entire first few pages were composed of text messages between two people in different locations. I would enjoy having a similar structure, with text/picture/instant/voice messages in a modern setting, or physical letters sent by courier or post in a historical or fantasy setting. I’m not exactly picky on which sort of setting, because I love them all, but I want to explore a thread where not everything the writers post is direct interaction of characters.
  • Cruel Fate: My character (Traditional female or fantasy world-style feminine body with male genitalia) is the only scion of a minor lordling who insists on her marriage to the son of another noble for his own financial gain. Unfortunately, my character is not willing to be united with a man, as she is not attracted to such.  She doesn't want to marry him, so she runs off to join a religious order which requires an oath of celibacy. Her father is furious, but is ultimately a pious man, and respects the will of the gods, allowing her to serve her deity with honor. The commitment to the religious order is for life, though, so instead of being able to merely escape the marriage she didn't find acceptable, she has had to swear off sexual contact. She has a chaste romance with a female angel of her deity (Your character), but knows it can never go further. The two cannot do anything so much as kiss or lose the blessings of their deity and their positions. I see this as having a tragic ending or a bittersweet transition from the mortal world into the afterlife where they are freed from their vows.

Established IP Cravings

In addition to the more fleshed-out story concepts above, I would love to discuss plot ideas that allow me to explore some of my favorite intellectual properties, though I will confess to being averse to writing canon characters myself. Writing opposite them might work, but I generally prefer for canon characters to be secondary or shared characters that simply matter to the plot without having content directly from their perspectives.

  • Magic: the Gathering: I especially crave a story set on Ravnica, with a particular focus on any of the red-aligned guilds except the Izzet, though I might even be convinced into Izzet. With some extra research I might be willing to look at a story set on Innistrad or Theros, though.
  • Terre d'Ange: I love the world of Jacqueline Carey's alternate mythological history Kushiel's saga. The decadence, the fantasy, and the freedom all appeal. I may be a bit rusty on the canon, but I'd adore an excuse to polish it.
  • Firefly/Serenity-verse: I adore the gritty, grimy exploration of the black, especially when shades-of-gray decisions are rampant. I’d like a less-rapey plot, but feel free to bounce ideas off me.
  • Golarion/Pathfinder: Cheliax? Sure. Taldor? Okay. Numeria? Now you’re talking! Even other locations are great. I just want a chance to explore a sword and sorcery world with plenty of lore and opportunities for both humor and danger.
  • Fallout: Grim, yet full of chances for absurdity and exploration.
  • Shannara: I don’t know enough of the canon to work on this quickly, but I’d love to delve into the post-apocalyptic fantasy.
  • Halo: I’m not interested in playing a full-Mjolnir Spartan here, but something human within the setting would be great. ONI or ODST characters, or outright human smuggler/mercenaries appeal to me. The spectre of the Covenant around every corner is beautiful.
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Re: That Which Ziether Can No Longer Contain (RP Ideas, usually M for F)
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Re: That Which Ziether Can No Longer Contain (RP Ideas, usually M for F)
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Re: That Which Ziether Can No Longer Contain (RP Ideas, usually M for F)
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I would love to do a Magic: The Gathering RP with you set in the world of Ravnica.