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April 14, 2021, 11:25:01 am

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Author Topic: Cas's Search Thread  (Read 472 times)

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Offline CascaronesTopic starter

Cas's Search Thread
« on: June 23, 2019, 05:34:38 pm »
Interest Check!

Hey guys! I’m new to Elliquiy and looking for some fun rps! This is also my first search thread so I’m very sorry if it’s rough around the edges. I’ll continue to update it and make it better.

Naturally, I’d like these roleplays to have more story than smut, but what happens happens. I can definitely post once a week, but frequent posting throughout a week are a rarity with my schedule. Multiple posts a day will not be happening, I’m so sorry.

All of my roleplays have a preferred pairing, but if you can think of something else then feel free to tell me! Roleplays are mutual story-telling, both of us have to work together to make something fun.

I can play canon realms and worlds, but do not play canon characters. It makes me uneasy, so I play original characters only.

My O/Os are constantly being updated, as some things I haven’t tried and would like to. Please don’t hesitate to message me with any questions!

Below are a list of ideas I’d like to work on more.

Again, if you have any questions feel free to message me. I respond as fast as I can!

> Cousins Make the Best of Friends

Preferred: M/F - I play F.

Themes: Loving, soft, friendship, romance

Born only a few months apart, these cousins have been together since their mothers decided they needed playmates. Practically inseparable, once they could walk they’d go on adventures together, learning to talk, they had their own languages, going to school, despite the separate classes, they’d always be together at recess. Any moment they could spend together they did, but going to college was different. Despite their closeness, they had different career fields, and while their support for each other didn’t waver, it certainly made the separation a little harder and their semesters a little bit lonelier. Both agreed to take summer semester off to hang out and catch up after getting their basc degrees.

The personalities of the cousins we can work on together as they have no set personalities.

> You Get the Worst Boss Award

Preferred: M/M - I play subordinate

Themes: Demons, dub-con, business , possible dom/sub

Hell, Tartarus, Kur, whatever you call it nowadays, used to be a place of torture and violence, where punishments were rampant and commonplace. The ages of crossroads and dark waters as bad omens have perished to the modern era. No more horns and guttural growls, no more violence on the mortal planes, instead, suits and ties. Whoever decided that punishment should be a capitalist establishment is both hated for such a terrible idea, and praised because it is, in fact, a terrible idea. You have your lesser demons, mid-demons, and the ones who could, essentially, rule the underworld if they so choose it, and if the higher demons are feeling cruel enough, they’ll take a lesser demon under their wing, to teach them how to properly be a good demon, of course.

We can work together to make a proper plot, and we don’t need to use any canon demons if we don’t want to. This was just a fun little idea I thought of a while back.

> No Touching the Worker

No preference on gender - I play dom

Themes: Dom/Sub, edging, watching

Sometimes when the stress hits too high, or the frustration makes it hard to think, you find outlets. While some prefer art, or music, or dancing, others prefer sex. Hiring it is easier than looking for it. On the flip side, when you work servicing others for a living, you get the ones that just want to get on top and finish the did, you get the ones that want you to do nothing but praise them, or the ones that want you to step on them. This, time it’s one that seems pleased with just watching you, telling you what to do, and then they’re done, paying his bill and leaving without a wrinkle in their clothes.

We can work out if they’ve been seeing each other for a while, or is it just the first few appointments, do they fall in love or do they prefer this relationship? I’d love to work on this more!