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Looking for roleplay partners!

Started by RoseT7408, June 21, 2019, 12:53:36 PM

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Hi everyone! This is Rose. I've hit a sort of creative block, so I've not been able to come up with a good plot to roleplay recently.....
So! I'm looking for a partner, no gender preferences, but they should have a plot they want to roleplay! It can be any genre, my only request is that I'd like a roleplay that contains romance. It can have any other elements, I'll try to do it well for you, but I would like to do a roleplay that includes romance between our characters!
Oh, and I would prefer to use Discord or Kik for the actual roleplay, so that I can get notifications when you update without having to refresh the app or page, like I need to do on Elliquiy.
If anyone needs a partner, however long-term or short-term, I'm here~ Personal message me or reply to this if you're interested!
Thanks for reading, guys! Hope you have fun here on Elliquiy~


Hi Rose, I am keen for romance except I am only on this forum.  Let me know if you are still interested.