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April 17, 2021, 12:54:16 am

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Author Topic: Various Plots for Anyone [1x1]  (Read 472 times)

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Offline woodspurgeTopic starter

Various Plots for Anyone [1x1]
« on: June 20, 2019, 01:26:40 am »

Some quick points:

- older characters are cool
- queer characters are neat
- I prefer discord and/or gdocs :3

Some plots:

1) Year 2119: Following climate change, famine, and disease, the twilight of humanity
approaches... but it's not so bad. Although the ocean has risen and the temperature
continues to rise, the population has significantly dwindled, and nature has reclaimed
much of what was lost. No longer fighting over limited resources, people work together to
help each other out and live out their days at a leisurely pace. A peddler brings goods
from far away to a small seaside village; they decide to stay awhile.

2) A bank robbery goes south, snaring thirteen people in a hostage situation. Character
A has a panic attack and Character B manages to talk them down. After being trapped
for several hours, they manage to escape due to the clever thinking of one or both.
They've bonded through crisis, but the following court case reveals Character B to be
suspiciously connected to the heist.

3) A college student deals prescription painkillers to pay tuition, but one night the
professor the student has a crush on comes to buy. They initially help each other out,
the professor giving the student perfect scores for his class while the student gives the
professor a discount on the drugs. But of course addiction, desperation, and life issues
put a strain on their relationship.

4) Approximately six years ago, a spot appeared on the horizon. The object was initially
thought to be a “hole” or disc because of the lack of reflected light, but a journey around
the perimeter confirmed the anomaly to be a sphere roughly a kilometer circumference.
Despite absorbing any objects and/or radiation that come into contact with it, unlike a
black hole, the sphere bears an insignificant gravitational field (scientists can only discern
it bears any weight at all because it remains anchored to Earth’s rotation).

Since the appearance of the “Event Horizon,” locally nicknamed “Spot,” humans around
the world have suffered one of three afflictions:

- “Jumpers” seemingly zip between locations at a limited range.
- “Skippers” travel from minutes to hours back and forth on their own timeline.
- “Benders” manipulate spacetime entirely, though limitedly, shaping reality to their will.

The powers are described as “afflictions” because each affected person is imbued with
the innate knowledge of the day they cease to exist in precisely two years. During these
this time, they suffer bouts of deja vu, temporal confusion, and night terrors before one
day they simply cease to exist. With the powers in combination with mental instability and
little left to lose, the afflicted become highly dangerous or tools for government exploit.
Conflict has erupted both against the Event Horizon and between nations seeking to
control it.