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August 12, 2022, 07:31:30 am

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Author Topic: The huntress seduced... (F for F)  (Read 631 times)

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The huntress seduced... (F for F)
« on: June 15, 2019, 11:39:33 am »
Angelica was a huntress. Not that she had any choice in the matter. Her parents were fanatical hunters and had wanted her to follow in their footsteps. Every monster had to be killed, no matter the cost. They ended up killed by the FBI SWAT. They had it coming though. What were they thinking, throwing incendiary grenades into a crowded nightclub to kill the vampires there? Especially since they killed everyone but the vampires... But as she was yanked out of school by her parents as soon as she was old enough no one would come check (and she really liked her studies...), and being on several government watchlists, she didn't really have many career options aside from working a Mc job. Living in the cheapest one bedroom apartment possible, feeding on instant ramen, she had joined a small, underfunded hunters team. Unlike the nutjobs she had as parents, they really cared abut protecting the people and were very careful to avoid any collateral damage. It had gotten them many close calls. She had the worst of it. Supposedly she was blessed at birth by an angel, and gifted with great reflexes and agility, so she was the point woman of her team. The point man (or woman) of any armed group take the most risks, so it logically followed she was injured the most often. She should have been dead long ago, but someone watched over her, since every time she was severely injured, her team found her surrounded by dead bodies, her wounds cleaned and bandaged. One night, she managed to catch a glimpse of her savior, before she passed out. A beautiful young lady using an incredibly sharp sword, moving at incredible speed. She didn't remember much, though, as she had lost a lot of blood.

One day, Angelica was assigned a mission: Young girls her age were targeted by a vampire, none of them seriously hurt, but all of them having no memories of their encounters, the bite mark on their neck the only trace of what happened. She was supposed to bait that vampire, and deal with said vampire. During her investigation, she found a woman who looked very much like what she remembered of her savior in one of the cafés where the girls were last seen before waking up confused at their places. She decided to go talk to her... And quickly noticed that said woman was a vampire, probably older than she looked, and the vampire seemed just as surprised to see her recognize her as Angelica was to find out her savior was a vampire... She had found her target, most likely, but didn't really want to hunt her down. Her savior just talked, Angelica had caught her eye because she seemed like she carried with her a lot of pain but was determined too power through, something the vampire admired... Angelica didn't know why, but she could just talk with the vampire, who seemed very understanding... She hadn't noticed the vampire drugging her drink, or using Eriksonian hypnosis on her, but she felt a lot better having just told her life story to someone who could understand her... She was willing to give up her life to stay with the vampire, serve her forever, forget her life in service of her vampire mistress, but the vampire had other plans... Angelica quickly fell asleep, aided by a little hypnosis, and when she was woken up by one of the café's waiters, she was still confused... And she found a letter for her inside her pocket. About how rare it was to see people who really cared about the safety of their fellows. About how Angelica could have chosen a less hazardous career, and about how the vampire could help her lighten her burden so long as she doesn't forget her convictions. And thus she contacted the vampire again. She really quickly started to love being fed on, and all the kinky things she was put through, and sleeping in her Mistress' house in a nice and being fed decent (which to her felt heavenly) food (being well fed apparently made her blood taste better, or so her Mistress claimed, but her Mistress was just very caring...)... She kept that a secret from her team though. She didn't think they would understand.

So yeah, I wanted a kind of romance that started with some understanding, only reason I mentioned Angelica being drugged was that she likely wouldn't spill her life story to a vampire without some persuasion being applied. Other than that start, I'm in the mood for a fully consensual fully sweet but very kinky relationship.