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June 29, 2022, 01:57:38 am

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Author Topic: Denial (f looking for M)  (Read 667 times)

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Denial (f looking for M)
« on: June 14, 2019, 04:44:39 pm »
Though my usual preference is a good balance between erotic content and story in a rpg, with my preferred rate is around the 60-40% in benefit of the latter, and perhaps even more so inclined toward character development, drama, and the likes, this particular request will be far more focused on smut instead.

That is not to say there won't be story or conflict, but rather than the balance will be heavier on the erotic content and exploration of a few particular kinks.

What I am looking for is for my female character to be involved in a relationship -I need romance to be involved, but I'm ok with a stern Dom- in which she is constantly sexually denied.
This might include orgasm and pleasure denial, chastity devises, being forced to remain a virgin while having to pleasure the male counterpart with every other available orifice (masturbation, anal and oral, leaving her technically a virgin). I'd like for this denial to be either permanent or semi-permanent, allowed to experience true gratification only in a handful of special occasions... or never at all!

I'm also interested in her having to hold a fleshlight between her thighs and feel her Dom fucking it instead of her, experiencing the motion and rocking but not the actual penetration.

Just which of these elements are included and which more are added is up to discussion. I'd also be interested in her experiencing either ruined orgasm when she is finally allowed to cum, or rather be forced to have multiple ones until she can't take it any longer as punishment if the scene is right.

This could be a story focused around a D/s relationship where every aspect of this woman's life is controlled by her master, who could be sweeter and gentler or more on the dark and cruel spectrum, or it could be something else altogether. I'd love to hear ideas about this scenario. IF this is a darker kind of story where she's someone captive, I'd like for some time to have elapsed since she was captured. I'm leaning more toward a consensual or dub-con kind of story. Could be convinced to try non-con for the right partner, though.

For this story I'd be willing to be laxer about some of my offs if my potential partner is interested on it, but it's in NO WAY a requirement. As I fancy the idea of this woman's life being focused almost entirely on denial or delay of what she needs/wants, this might also include having to keep herself from relieving herself on certain moments, for instance. Being forced or denied her need to pee, that is.
I'd also like to discuss other kinds of denials or delayed gratification of other elements in the story, so I'm open to hearing more ideas.

Please do pm me if anyone is interested, do not post in this thread!