(EX) A very dark idea here, girls >.>

Started by Lithos, February 16, 2009, 08:59:30 AM

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Lately I have found that writing dark / heavy content can be quite much fun. This is one of the ideas that have been brewing in my mind and that I think would be quite interesting to write about. Before writing about it though, I am more interested in getting input and ideas about it. So if you read this and the setting interests you, please PM me and talk about it a bit. If it seems that there is interest towards it, I might want to write this with somebody. I still need to flesh it out some more and I am slow in getting to know people well enough to write with so if you are interested, it would be nice if you could handle the story not starting overnight.

Target audience:

Submissive females with masochistic tendencies when it comes to stories I would think x.x

Game formats that I accept:

IM / IRC (If you can make play time with someone at GMT+2 region)
PM / Whatever

Post length:

Quality always above quantity in forum / pm format, two paragraphs is nice. And more when there is a lot of description needed. Unless we have very interactive PM game, absolutely no one liners unless it is really special case.

The idea: (or experiment of whether something non cliche could come of this no doubt overused setup):

(EX) Trophy

Large, strong and brutal empire of humans is spreading to newfound continent covered with great forests, clean lakes and a lot of precious minerals waiting below crust of the earth. Natives of this continent fight back with blood thirst and zeal though. They are strong, fierce and well armed. Slowly but surely, the Empire has been able to make progress.

Now, twenty years after the first expeditionary landing, the empire controls three coastal provinces, borders of which are at constant war still. Rogal Tharn was the warlord originally assigned for leading the assault of the empire on the new continent at astonishingly young age of 20. His campaign has been successful, and after the first Imperial city was built to the area, he was promoted to be the lord and governor of this new world. Now, at age of 40 he is governing large and prosperous city and province, providing the empire with rare and exotic goods.

In past years, expanding the Imperial influence has proven to be very difficult though. At first, both sides used scare tactics, arranging tortured and mutilated bodies of the enemy for opposing armies to see. Now days enemy has been able to predict the attacks and movements of Imperial forces better and better.

It appears that the enemy scouts and interrogators have finally learned the imperial language, and are able to decipher messages and ask questions. So far, his army has always kept no prisoners policy due to ill fate of many of their own prisoners and fighting spirit of the enemy that borders to zealous. Now, according to his orders, his troops have finally managed to capture one scout in condition where his healers were still able to revive her.

With this prisoner, Rogal decides to start a project that will provide both usefulness and pleasure. He decides to mold her to obedient, loyal and depraved slave who can not only provide him and his court with entertainment, but also give them any info that they need about her society and language so that the empire can put information gathering and weaknesses of the enemy to better use. He wants a personal trophy to reward him from long years he has spent fighting the enemy.

More about this idea:

Ton of possibilities here, I like the situation and the exotics of non human race. What I have visualized here so far is something akin to fierce and bloody dark elves of warhammer fantasy, There is example below but the race can be adjusted if need be.

Content wise, about anything will be possible here, things like different forms of public / non public humiliation, very rough sex, violence and outright torture are all possible. Content specifically is something where I want possible partners input, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to PM me and talk about possibilities. If there is something really interesting, chances are that I want to write it.. I have recently found that writing content like this can be fun and thus am very interested in experimenting what ever people have in mind.

What I am looking for here are interesting content and scene ideas. They do not even need to be particularly extreme. Most situations specially at start will definitely be NC though, and the world I have in mind is very dark. If I get this world fleshed out more, I will be interested in playing different / lighter games in it as well... this is part of the idea of a bit darker fantasy world that has been in my mind for quite a while.

With best regards:

- Lithos
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The picture reminds me a little of a half-orc/half-elf. Very pretty in an extremely brutal way.

Next time I see you on IRC, feel free to poke me. I'm overloaded on games until the summer, but I don't mind kicking around ideas. I like worldcrafting, and so if you want some help with that, I'm all about it. :)