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April 17, 2021, 12:42:11 am

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Author Topic: Looking for F/F Partners, multiple RP ideas included *UPDATED*  (Read 847 times)

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Offline tririlkeTopic starter

Updating this post to get rid of old story ideas that have been taken and post some new ones!

I'm looking for writing partners interested in F/F scenarios. I have a few ideas that I’ll outline here, none of which are totally fleshed out. My hope is that if any of them are interesting to you we can discuss them and figure them out more together – both in terms of plot and who our characters are. Also if you’re interested in potentially roleplaying together, but none of these ideas grab you feel free to message me anyway and tell me your ideas.

Also, while I’m looking for F/F RPs, I’m not particularly concerned with what you, the writer, identify as – as long as you can write your character well I’m more than happy to write with you. Communication is also important. I assume we all have lives outside of E, so if you can't post for a bit that's not a problem, just let me know! Something that's important to me in terms of maintaining interest in a roleplay is my partner's writing ability. I always double check my posts for punctuation and spelling errors, odd tense changes, those kinds of things, and I'd hope my partner would do the same. Occasional mistakes are fine, of course, but if there are multiple spelling and grammar issues in each post I'll lose interest and probably call things off pretty quickly. If you send me a message expressing interest in writing together I'll check out some of your post history to see how you write, and I expect you'll do the same for me.

Obviously we'll chat a bit before we start writing and we'll discuss how often we might post. I prefer at least once a week, but I definitely understand if things come up that prevent that. I'd also rather you take your time to write a good, detailed post than try to get out something quick just to be done writing. Again, communication is ideal here - just give me a head's up if you're not feeling well or if you're busy at work/school and will be scarce for a month or two. I promise I'll never get mad about something like that!

All that said, here are the ideas I have currently:

Soap Opera/Actress Role Play "Children of Hubris"

From the moment Children of Hubris debuted on Soapnet, it was destined to blow up in one way or another. Like many shows in the genre the plot stretches the logical extremes of drama - characters die frequently in increasingly bizarre ways only to return next week in a dramatic twist. At the heart of the show is an ongoing love triangle between a classic male lead and two women vying for his attention.

Our characters will be the actresses playing the female leads.

One will be a complete diva - an absolute monster to work with, arrogant as can be, believes all of the crew members are interns meant to bring her coffee, etc. She also thinks Soap acting is beneath her. The diva's character on Children of Hubris is the quintessential nice girl, the one everyone roots for to get the happy ending.

The other is as kind and considerate as can be. She is grateful for the acting opportunity she's been given and has gone out of her way to learn the name of every crew member - including the interns. The character she plays on Children of Hubris is the villain, the woman who constantly sabotages the happiness of the nice girl.

While the world is addicted to hate-watching the ridiculous world of Children of Hubris people inevitably become interested in the behind-the-scenes relationships. They wonder if the leading man is secretly dating one of his female costars. Of course, in reality, the Diva and the Saint are engaged in a secret relationship. How that relationship comes to exist is something we'll write together.

I initially got this idea while stuck watching the soap opera network at a client’s house on a very boring day, and I think it could be fun. We can focus both on the behind-the-scenes drama between the two actresses as well as the actual over-the-top script of the show. I intend for it to be somewhat humorous, considering the kind of ridiculous writing soap operas tend to have. My intention was for the character I play to be the Diva actress, but I’m definitely open to switching that up if you’d prefer that role!

Dystopia Role Play “Insomnia”


Life exists underground in the year 2800. As the outside climate on planet Earth became increasingly harsh humans began to dig their cities deeper into the earth until the only livable parts of the world were the subterranean cities. These sprawling caverns are powered by massive, glowing nuclear reactors.

Over the centuries of clean energy and lack of human interference the atmosphere has calmed and humans have slowly begun to return to the surface of the planet, but as with most things, the wealthiest people are the first to experience it. The wealthy soon discover the earth’s surface is far preferable to the dim life underground and before long most resources are allocated to the surface to begin rebuilding civilization there. The people still living underground are offered no way out, but are expected to continue working to supply the “surface dwellers” with ample power and food.

In the world of Insomnia there are a lot of possible roles and stories to explore. Our characters could both live underground or on the surface. Maybe one has recently moved to the surface and left her lover behind. If this concept interests you please let me know, we can discuss specifics and flesh out the world together.

Winter Survival Role Play “Holocene”

Holocene takes place in a northern city decimated by a massive winter storm (think The Day After Tomorrow). A sudden and severe shift in climate left much of humanity dead, frozen in place, and the rest scrambling south to find new homes in livable areas. Unfortunately even with the reduced population overcrowding becomes a massive problem in the southern hemisphere’s cities. Groups of specially trained scientists are put together to travel north and determine whether any of the abandoned world is still livable.

Our characters will be two female scientists in the same team heading north – whether they’re already friends, romantically involved, or even bitter enemies is yet to be determined. Their group will start out fairly large, probably around 12-15 people caravanning together toward a single destination, but the harsh climate will prove difficult and characters will die along the way or be separated.
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Re: Looking for F/F Partners, multiple RP ideas included *UPDATED*
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