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August 18, 2022, 07:59:07 pm

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Author Topic: [M] Seeking [F] of all Shapes, Colors, and Ages  (Read 669 times)

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[M] Seeking [F] of all Shapes, Colors, and Ages
« on: June 10, 2019, 08:54:11 pm »
Recently started role playing again which I am pumped about.  Writing for fun is definitely one of my favorite hobbies.  I will say that normally I go for about a 50/50 balance when it comes to mixing story and smut.  An interesting plot and character development can make the sex scenes very juicy...though admittedly I am in more of a lewd mood right now and itching for some kinky scenes. 

I prefer to have at least 3-5 paragraphs per post, so if you can easily maintain something around that range then fantastic!  I can certainly do longer but it might slow down my posting schedule since I don't typically have a lot of free time.  Quality is always better than quantity, but if I'm only getting a couple of lines from my partner then my muse will run dry.  Also I don't expect anyone to be perfect when it comes to grammar or spelling, I know I'm certainly not, so just try  your best.

If there is anything in this request thread that you like then let me know.  Feel free to ask me any questions or toss your own ideas at me.  If you think you have a story or pairing that I might like based on my cravings then please share.  I'm always willing to brainstorm.  So please send me a PM so we can discuss the details.

Note: A lot of this post is saying a lot of what I'm looking for in a female character and what I like.  Don't hesitate to tell me what you preferences are toward a male character if we start discussing a potential role play.  Feel free to let me know if you have preferred body types, physical features, ages, characteristics, and whatever else.

Character Cravings

Contrasting Characters - Kind of the whole reason I made this thread.  I love women of all different shapes, colors and ages and would love to see a variety.  I will explain a bit more below.  I like character's that clash a little bit due to how different they air, some unlikely romance stories or taboo hook-ups. It can be fun writing our a strange/unique/awkward pairing.

Shapes - In my experience most female characters in role play kind of have that perfect hourglass figure, which of course is sexy and appealing for a reason...gotta love them.  However the other body types and shapes need some love and appreciation too.  I'm not trying to make a statement here, I'm just saying that I would love to explore and have fun with woman off all kinds of shapes in my stories.  They can be petite and flat chested, or maybe voluptuous and thick. I don't mind realism and flaws are always appreciated.  I have been kind of craving a plus-size/chubby female character recently. 

Some size difference in general is always fun as well with small/short females and much larger men (I've been known to play large monster and beast men as well).  I haven't tried a role play with a smaller male and larger female, but I'm not opposed to it.  I'm not looking for extremes though, so no anorexic or morbidly obese characters.

Ages - I do like some age play and age gaps, but also just having some characters around the same age can be fun given the situation.  Usually I tend to play the older male character to a younger female which is always pretty hot to me, but would love to switch it up.  If anyone is interested in discussing a pairing where the woman is older then please let me know.  There is of course a limit to age ranges - I'm not look for children characters, not only is it against the site rules but the idea alone creeps me out.  I'm also not interested in a sexual story that involves a woman that looks like she could be my grandmother.  I'm fine with fantasy and supernatural creatures that might age differently as well.

Colors - This honestly doesn't hit my as hard as the others, but still worth mentioning.  I really do love characters with light and fair skin tones, they are beautiful, but if you are willing to maybe play other races and darker skin tones then I that would also be into it.  I'm kind of in the mood for some interracial (and not the normal cliche of black male with white woman).  Fantasy races and species can get tied in here too with their exotic skin tones.  I'm also a sucker for hair colors that stick out.  I even welcome anthro characters with fur or scales if the pairing is enticing enough.

Personalities - Characters that might get along perfectly in some scenarios but completely clash and butt heads in another.  Nothing quite like a feisty woman and a stubborn man getting all heated with each other one moment...and then the next they are ripping clothing off.  This kind of also pertains to things like dom and sub relationships.  I tend to lead toward playing characters that are dominant.  I also like elements of being a "Master" or a "Daddy Dom", however I also appreciate woman that know what they want and aren't afraid to take the lead to get it.

Also something that isn't much of a craving so I'm not going to bother highlighting it, but...I would be interested in trying to involve watersports as a fetish in a story.  It is not something I have really gotten to write much since it is one of those things not a lot of people care for.  However, if you are one of those rare people that are interested in exploring some urine play then let me know.  It's one of those fantasies I find interesting enough to peak my curiosity as a writer that enjoys the smuttier side of things.

Role Play Ideas

Business meets Play (Older Male x Younger Female)


The idea here is that MC is a man that is basically all business.  He is a professional and will do any job, no questions asked, as long as the price is right.  A very skilled hired gun that gets the job done with no nonsense which is appreciated by his employers.  MC gets hired by a guy with influence, could be a mafia boss or anyone with a lot of money and a lot of enemies.  This job involves protection duty, which is something he has done plenty of times before.  However this time he is not the body guard for the big boss himself, instead MC is assigned to protect his employer's daughter.

YC is, of course, the daughter and MC has become her personal driver, escort, and body guard to make sure she is safe at all times.  She is all fun and play, a bit spoiled and bratty with no need to work since her father has wealth and influence.  She parties whenever she can, gets drunk and/or high when she feels like it, and fucks whenever she is horny.  The type of girl that always gets what she wants and so when she decides she wants MC she is determined to break his professionalism.


So the story can involve quite a bit of action with car chases, shootouts and fights as MC tries to protect the daughter from anyone that might be trying to cause her harm.  These could be rival gangs if her father is mafia or something like that, or it could be people trying to kidnap her for blackmailing and ransom purposes.  I also can see instances where YC would start shit on purpose with some drunks, thugs or drug dealers just so she can have the pleasure of seeing MC 'fight for her'.

The main idea behind all of this is the clashing personalities, plus I imagine him being older and mature while she is young and still quite childish due to her bratty tendencies.  This could lead to some sub/dom elements which him disciplining her, but that's what she wants.  She craves his attention and will do anything to get it, even if it means acting like a brat.  The kind of girl that says "make me" when he tells her to shut up or to do something.  Technically she is 'in charge' of where she wants to go and what she wants to do as the bosses daughter, but he has the authority over her when it comes to her safety.

I'm looking for someone to play her as pretty straight forward and daring.  She is constantly doing things to tease him and get him to break.  She flaunts herself in front of him, wearing skimpy and revealing clothing.  Short shorts, skirts, halter tops, whatever shows skin or maybe wearing something skin tight.  Constantly going without panties or a bra.  Having 'wardrobe malfunctions' in front of him to give him a sneak peak.  Could be she also likes to send him suggestive photos with flirty text.  My character is a professional, but not even he can resist her methods...each time he reaches the breaking point things would get pretty rough pretty fast.  His favorite thing to do would be just to shut her up anyway he could - choking her, gagging her, shoving his cock down her throat, or fucking her so hard she can't think straight.

I would love to include a lot of risky scenes in public where they might get caught in the act.  Flashing him in public, or masturbating in the back of the car as he drives her so naturally he needs a place to pull over...or some rubbing and grinding if she drags him to a party scene or something.  Perhaps she notices the erection straining in his pants even though he continues to deny her so she decides to reach out and take matters into her own hands...or mouth.  I also like the idea where she seduces other men in front of him to make him jealous.

In the end she is YC and how it plays out can all depend, but I think I pretty much summarized the type of theme I am going for.  We can always discuss the details and tweak/change things as necessary.

Some Older Female/Younger Male Plot Seeds
Honestly I don't have any fully fleshed out ideas for a pairing with a younger man and an older woman, but it is something I'm craving since I haven't gotten to write such a scenario in a while.  So below are just some random thoughts from my mind.  If any of them sound appealing let me know and I would love to brainstorm.

The College Experience
An older woman returns to school to get her degree after years.  Why she never got it before can be discussed, but it could be because of having kids and getting married.  She could still be married but wanted to complete her education and get the job she always wanted, or divorced and making a new life for herself.  The idea here is that a young male at the college takes an interest in her and gives her the full college experience of partying, getting drunk and high, and banging without worry of consequence.  I'm more than willing to add other elements to spice it up and make things interesting (supernatural, anthro, etc)

Creating a Leader
She is the wife of gang leader/mafia boss.  Her husband is as neglectful as he is abusive and constantly cheats on her with younger women.  That's when she turns to her step son/son whom also despises his father.  A taboo romance blossoms between them as she coaxes out the side of him that can rival the gang leader/mafia boss.  He is going to be the man of the house now and she is his woman...and he will rise up to claim it all, first they just need to plot to get rid of his father and make it look like an accident.

Pure Instinct
YC would be a female scientist working for an organization that was experimenting with the creation of super soldiers.  It took her years of study and work to get to this point.  The volunteers were all young men and all of them pretty much went mad with power, becoming more feral.  My character would be the first 'successful' one, but YC is the only one that can 'tame' and calm him. The stronger your bond and connection with him the more you can help him control his instincts.  It is necessary to maintain the relationship because he is the best weapon and best chance your organization has now.  What kind of super soldier he is can be discussed (can include powers or even turn him into an anthro).  We can also decide what the threat or enemy might be for this experimentation - could be apocalyptic, alien invasion, or just fighting a war.

You Only Live Once
A simple idea where a housewife is tired of her the vanilla life she lives and tired of feeling neglected by her husband.  She has been escaping to the internet to try and crave her kinky side.  That's when she starts talking to a young man that lives close by that is interested in trying various fetishes with her.  When they meet if could be he knows her somehow or they could just be strangers.  Can also be risks of her husband finding out, or others.  The kinkier the better.  Could even lead to her leaving the husband and getting her own place where she lives off the money she got from the maybe she starts putting out adult material online to bring in some money with the help of her younger lover.

The Sidekick
Instead of a plot where a male is the heavy hitting hero with a female supporting him, it's kind of swapped.  Could be she is more like Iron Man with tons of bad ass gear,, or having actual powers....or maybe she isn't a 'superhero' but a hero because she is the best mech/fighter pilot around.   Basically she is a mighty hero that has been fighting the good fight for years, so much so that her younger days are gone and she never really got to settle down.  There wasn't really time for a personal life.  The only person in her life consistently was the young man with a gifted brain.  He helped her with equipment and gadgets and was also always there to patch her up.  That one human connection...and she wants to feel it.

More Coming Soon
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