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Author Topic: Major LoK cravings + A strange Trigun AU[Updated 6/16]  (Read 1223 times)

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Major LoK cravings + A strange Trigun AU[Updated 6/16]
« on: June 01, 2019, 06:36:16 PM »
Lieutenant (Luu Hai) - Legend of Korra
-All plots are 1x1 unless discussed otherwise-
Open to non-fandom/other fandom RPs. Keep in mind Luu is not a romantic person and shipping is not easy. Most plots with Luu are non-romantic. It's about the story and giving a forgotten character more story.

Looking for: Amon, Kuvira, Ghazan, Baatar Jr, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, Hong Li

Personalty Profile
Name: Luu Hai
Gender: Male [Male pronouns]
Age: ~40
Birthday: June 12
Race: Human
Height/Weight: 6'1"/185LBS
Face Claim: Lieutenant [Ledgend of Korra]

Personally: A stoic, workaholic that is as suborn as he is intelligent. Loyal to a fault, Luu will never fail his higher up. Though it takes a lot to earn that respect from him, once it's earned it will never falter. He is a hard worker as well. Always striving to do better then expected and become stronger in order to serve his masters better. Nothing can break his dedication or distract the strong willed man. Because of it he is anti-social and sees no use for romance. It's only a distraction from work.
Mannerisms: The few people that have earned his respect, he will always stand at attention when addressing them, as well as use 'mam' or 'sir'. His outlet from stress, or really his outlet for anything, is to create blueprints. It doesn't matter what they are, from weapons or even something as simple as a uniform, anything creative keeps him sane. Working out is part of his job though it is an outlet as well. He enjoys making sure he keeps himself in shape. Everything is kept high organized. His workstation never has a thing out of place. To others it might seem more like organized chaos when he's working on something. He never allows others to see his work unfinished, unless ordered by his masters. He finds it unprofessional. The quickest way to get him riled up is to mess with his work station.
Scars: Most of his body is covered in small scars from years of hard training and fighting. Each one in worn as proof of his survival.
Abilities: Master strategist and technician. Able to hold his own against nearly anyone he comes in contact with, should the need arise.

As a young man raised in the Earth Kingdom, born shortly after the end of The Great War, Luu Hai joined the army to serve his country. Discipline became second nature as if he was born to serve. Never had the man been more happy and yet it was taken from him too quickly. After a few years he was dishonorably discharged for suspected involvement in the plot to kidnap the newest avatar. No evidence was ever found but he was related to one of the perpetrators and therefore no credit was given. For his loyalty he was rewarded with betrayal. It started his path to detest benders. Leaving the perfect time for Amon to give the man another reason to live. Thirteen years is a long time to dedicate to someone...

~LoK Plots~

Plot 1: LieuMon - Possible romance
How did the two of them meet?
For all that Luu dedicated himself to Amon, there had to be a reason for sharing the desire for equality. They had secrets from everyone, and apparently each other. Luu was the only one to question the words said to him and followed Amon to discover his lies. It cut so deeply only for his loyalty to be tossed aside. Their relationship was much different then the other Equalists.
Sub plot: Years later, Amon returns. Can Luu ever forgive him? Of did Amon come back to take Lieutenant by force?
Plot 2: Captured - Lin Beifong
Luu would never go down easily, though his injuries were sever and took some time to recover in prison. With Amon gone Luu was forced to take the brunt of the blame for the Equalist movement. Lin has been tasked with getting the information out of him. Sometimes he physically resists, other times he stayed silent. It's no easy task to get the former Lieutenant to talk but if anyone can do it, Lin can.
Sub plot: Tenzin - Tenzin, being the son of the former Avatar, would find reason to confront the Lieutenant and question him himself.

Plot 3: Family Ties - Ghazan
Two men looking so similar must be related. Ghazan, the lava bender, attempted to kidnap the young avatar. His younger brother/son was also blamed for having ties despite not possessing any bending abilities. It caused a great rift in their family and started Luu on the path to wanting to rid the world of benders. Both having failed in their attempts to create their perfect worlds they have a chance to see each other again after nearly two decades. Can they make amends?

Plot 4: Another Mistake - Kuvira
Kuvira would have reason to free the Lieutenant and use his power for her own. Possibly making him a Lieutenant once again in her own army. A new cause and a new leader to dedicate himself to though he has his reservations. At least Kuvira is open about her intentions. Luu hopes for a new reason in life.
Sub plot: Hong Li - Possible romance - Hong Li, following Kuvira himself, gets sent to be trained by Lieutenant.
Sub plot: Baatar Jr - After Kuvira's defeat, Lieutenant is once again returned to prison this time in Zaofu. Baatar Jr. visiting the Lieutenant to talk to him. Betrayal being their common bond. Perhaps the Lieutenant found a friend at last. Or will he be bitter over Baatar Jr. getting off so easily?

~Trigun Plot~
Looking for: Vash & Knives
-I can attempt a canon muse if you wish to double-

A summery of my plot putting Lieutenant into the world of Gunsmoke. It's a rough draft, needs work.

Lieutenant In The Eye
A distant city, named Republic City by it’s citizens, the people didn’t worship the Plant that had made the city possible. They worked along side her. As much as she had given to them, they gave back. Flowers adorn around the Plant. She was the center of the town so she could hear and see everything. As close an a utopia as humanly possible. Humans and Plant working together.
In this city they were able to learn from the Plant. The energy given by the Plant was called ‘chi’, believed to flow through everyone. Something the citizens enjoyed greatly and used the belief in their everyday life. Seen as a blessing of sorts for many years. It was rare someone would pass by the town, and even rare they would leave. So their utopia was kept a secret from most of Gunsmoke. Most of Gunsmoke was unknown to them as well.
Of course nothing good last forever. Mutations from the Plant’s radiation can not be prevented or predicted. Children began to be born with the ability to control, or 'block’, the 'chi’ energy. Some used it for personal gain, others learned to simply live with it, and some used it for the good of others. But it was the ones that exploited it that started the decline of this so called utopia.
Equalist they called themselves. Preaching about the gap in power of rich and poor. How their world was only a part of something bigger. And how they could rise in power with the help of their beloved Plant. To prove all of this their leader claimed to posses a new power thanks to the 'chi’ and could teach it. Energy bending. The power to prevent others from using the 'chi’, control them. The Equalist claimed this would make everyone equal. To the people they were tyrants. Just a gang causing fights on the streets, collecting 'protection money’ in order to be a part of this new world they were creating. Those that didn’t want part of it were quickly forced to. The town fell into turmoil in under a year.
This much noise and power didn’t go unnoticed. The once silent, off the map town was soon a center of attention. Men calling themselves priests, men of God, came asking questions. They said they could save the people of the town from the evil that has come upon them. It didn’t take much convincing to agree with the kind priests. They wanted their homes and lives back. The Equalist were sold out, taken away by force and told they would be given a better life under God. But they also took children that had the same abilities, under the guise of protecting the town and children.
Only it was all a lie. The Eye of Michael was no place of God. The children forced there varied in age from just barely three to teenagers. Forced to fight, to struggle to live, kill or be killed, their lives quickly became a living nightmare in this hell. A few stood out as the weaker began to die. Some to madness, others starvation, and others stepped on so the strongest would survive. One was a cut above the rest. A kid only known as Lieutenant, the Equalist second in command. Their leader was never found and Lieutenant kept it that way. He had many secrets the Eye wanted to find out about.
Under the close watch and training of his Master, Lieutenant grew up in the Eye. Though he was always stoic he became harden from his years in this living hell. The Plants were everything. He worked his way up the latter to become the Eye’s Plant Technician. Serving the Plants, perfecting his abilities, becoming a perfect soldier.

Lieutenant serves the Eye Of Michele, and Knives.
Vash, learning more about Knives plans, want to stop him. Only Vash's ideals will not allow him to put human lives in danger. Someone is caught in the crossfire. Not only does he have to deal with Gung-ho-Guns trying to kill him, the mad man Legato and Nicholas's lack of morality, someone else needs his his help. A servant of The Plants, a man unwilling to yield to peace and has accepted his fate once Knives wins, the Lieutenant doesn't trust Vash. Can Vash help someone who doesn't want it? Or is Knives hold too strong?
Luu is the only known person with such ability to the extent he has, thanks to The Eye's training. Hes formed a bond with many Plants on his travels and holds them in high regard. He puts their lives above his own, and other humans. Human lives mean little to him and will take a life if they stand in his way. 

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Re: Major LoK cravings + A strange Trigun AU[Updated 6/16]
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2019, 02:59:01 AM »
Since it's been a few months, going to give this another shot if anyone would enjoy Legend of Korra that isn't something done to death.