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Earth Exodus to Alpha Centauri

Started by Frelance, May 28, 2019, 06:40:41 AM

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Hello and thanks for taking a look at my thread. I am back on a science fiction kick and going back to a science and futurism channel I am using one of there videos for a plot template. The video will be linked below but the basic idea I am looking to explore is what it would be like to be some of the first humans to leave the Sol system and travel to Alpha Centauri where they would be working to construct a new home for the human race. I am open to suggestions for pairings and at which point to jump into the journey.

So if anything here interests you please feel free to send me a message.

The Story so far.
Stellar anomaly spotted on route to Sol system but will not arrive for a few hundred years. Earth bands together to build a stellalaser while the vanguard fleet of colony ships are built.

Evacuation of the earth starts with a few colony ships being sent to Alpha Centauri. They are crewed by engineers, miners and other specialists. Multiple smaller probes are built and loaded onto the vanguard. These probes carry lenses to create other stellalaser to be deployed around Proxima Centauri.

The vanguard ships are pushed up to a significant percentage of light speed on their way out of the sol system. The first colony site is set for Proxima B, which orbits the outer star in the Centauri system. The tidally locked planet has no atmosphere and is randomly blasted with X-ray bursts from the sun strong enough to sterilize any fledgling colony on the surface.

The vanguard ships are positioned in orbit on the dark side of the planet to use its mass to shield the first human settlers from the deadly and unpredictable X-ray bursts. While arguments about what kind of habitats should be built to house the early settlers are being had between the ships the miners and engineers get to work on the first colony needed to house the miners.

It is little more than a collection of small habitats that were brought from earth. The colony would be built with a mix of habitation units constructed in orbit and lowered into the selected lava tube to facilitate the beginning of the mining operations. The rest of the colony is made using a mix of orbital materials and those mined from within the lava tube. The settlement was quickly expanded, filling in the space excavated. One of the first industrial machines to be built once the colony was established was a mass-driver used to send materials to orbit.

With every new ship, the inhabitants are assigned to work in the mining colony or up in orbit constructing the first orbital habitats. Soon fifty or more Oneil cylinders are orbiting the sun housing the men and women of the first two waves of ships. The work is neverending as the pressure to continue the construction only grows as everyone knows that life support and living space will be strained until enough habitats are built. After the first decade, the construction shifts from orbit where and a few more waves of ships there are ten million Terran's now live around Proxima Centauri and the second colony is being built on the dark side of the planet.

A crater is domed over, and a colony is step up first with vertical farms in the center of the dome which orbital mirrors that are coated only to reflect useful frequencies of light down to the dome. Which slowly fills up even as a new wave of ships arrived. This is only the start, with firm productive colonies on the edge of the Alpha Centauri system humanity would soon spread throughout the system to keep creating a new home for humanity.
Evolution is an arms race


Evolution is an arms race