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Author Topic: Body Switch [action, magic, futa]  (Read 997 times)

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Body Switch [action, magic, futa]
« on: February 15, 2009, 05:21:24 AM »
A dangerous and powerful Necromancer, Nagamos, has had his vast web of illegal activities sent into chaos by the intervention of lawbringers. While his extortion and smuggling operations have been shot down, Nagamos has escaped, and will likely seek sanctuary from allies and help with re-establishing his operations.

A well respected Mercenary has been hired to track him down and kill him. Named Lily, she is an efficient killer, but has a rare and admirable reputation, never taking on any contracts she deems bad. The many kills she has cashed in on have been scum of all sorts, and never has a single innocent life been taken. She is feared by her enemies for her iconic ability to kill with but a touch.

While she carries a set of swords, a long and short one, she prefers to fight with fists, feet and dazzling acrobatics. Able to temporarily sharpen her senses to the point where even arrows and slugs can be dodged, she can easily dispatch an entire group of body guards before they can even get their weapons out.

But what strikes fear into her targets is her Kill Touch. By focusing the chaotic surges of energy in the human body to her index and middle finger, she can create a blinding, crackling pinhead of power. Those that have seen it say it is like a dagger of lightning, easily obliterating stone, metal, flesh and bone.

Finally catching up to Nagamos, a teen boy is caught in the conflict. Nagamos jumps on her hesitation to harm him in the battle, and steals both of their souls. Strangely, the boy disrupts the spell, catastrophically. Nagamos escapes, but he is weakened. The souls of Lily and this stranger have entered the wrong bodies.

Now, the efficient martial artist is inhabited by a timid and innocent youth. Lily's soul has found itself in the boys body, and discovers he is quite a powerful Mage, even if he did not realize it. But most strange of all is the side effect of this soul swap. Their genitals have switched. The Mercenary woman now sports a penis, while the Mage teen has a vagina.

While the two of them are together, they can sense the weakened Nagamos, and so must stay together in order to find him and fix his soul swap. They must try and adjust to their new bodies and the multitude of skills, the boy fumbling to get a hold of the high flying martial arts and the Kill Touch, while Lily explores the depths of this boys magic.

Will involve traveling from town to town in pursuit of the weakened Nagamos. I would like to play as the Mercenary :) there will be a lot of combat, and NPC's will be controlled by both players.