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August 11, 2022, 10:24:02 am

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Author Topic: 2 Challenging, Extreme Female Roles (Space Opera & Apocalypse maybe more)  (Read 630 times)

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I love talented female characters.  Talented doesnt always mean 'physically well endowed' though often that helps.  Something about them just makes me root for them.  They are tough.  They dig in.  And no matter what happens to them you respect then and when the ashes have fallen you see a female role with strength and grace and with a lot more range than most male actors because a woman can be more vulnerable at times.  It is in this twilight that Final Girls and Lt. Ripley step into the spotlight where they deserve to be.

Space Opera
The Slave Princess of Orkus
Sensational Sexual Science Fiction Saga

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is about a princess of a graceful beautiful oceanic world.  Imagine if elves and Vulcans had babies, this would be that race.  Their solar system shares another intelligently inhabited world of radioactive wilderness and industrial waste where their population has been rendered into various ork/goblin/ogre like beings.  All of them male and birthed from cloning vats because they are so damaged genetically as a race, they have no females anymore.  What if by use of some artifact weopon or treason, the King of Orkus conqured the more peaceful Druidia and took from them their princess.

Now this is where things get a bit fun.  So she is captured and forcably married and mated to this evil, powerful bloated king, and over the next few days they do everything they can to break her.  She resists, though.  Not always directly after the first few times, but when she can, she escapes. 

She was part of the Druidia malitia.  So shes trained and savy.  She learned war dances cerimonally because weopons are not allowed on Druidia, but after the first attack or two, it becomes instinctive.  She uses a gravity mace matched to her.  It is like a slender, bendable rod weighing nothing to her but hits like a 50 lb maul.  Shes the only woman and human so its impossible, but she mowes down a few dozen before she figures out she has to change her plan.

She comes to a Mexican standoff with a small group of goblins, the lower ranking of Orkus and offers terms.  She actually as to offer tittles, then her own nudity, then sexual favors not as bad as those demanded by the Orkus king.  Eventually they agree to help her.  So she and them have to hide out while they smuggler her out.  Though loyal to her... and in such a situation with the only woman around, why not.  They are discovered, though, because she kind of tagged and dragged back to the king.

The society is based on strength.  So she challenges the king, now with more confidence and since he married her so publicly some claim to the throne.  Battle comences and of course she wins.  She frees the goblins who helped her, now her concubines and advisory council.  She comes back to put Druidia in line, feeling abandoned by her father into her situaion.  She now personally rules both planets.

There is a lot to unpack here.  First she is kind of haughty, thinks herself above the Orkus, which every Druidian would feel.  Then shes so cruely treated and has to surrender or lose all of Druidia to some weopon of planetary destruction.  Shes humilated and sexually tormented in front of cameras so all citizens of both planets can witness what was happening.  Then she has a chance and gets away.  Imagine the action of her bowling them like pins.  Then having to negotiate and settle into a kind of live in mass sexual situation she herself agreed to.  Then the percieved betrayal, the finding out the truth.  The political manuvering to challenge an alien thrown and then following through with such an awesome melee battle against the brute who had sexually tortured her body not but a week or so ago.  Now imagine the range and the passion and just how much ass kicking one could get from this kind of role.  Yes, some cruel abuse would be endured at a few scenes, but ultimately Id like to see her in charge and more powerful than anyone around her by then.

Now I do want something extreme.  We can just march around your O&O and do whatever is the most jaw dropping on your list.  All of this will make her eventual vengence all the more sweet.

Last Girl on Earth
Grindhouse-Style Raunchy MadMax Action Thriller

In this story we will have to have at least some watersports played out in the story.  If this is too disgusting, its kind of a necessary element.  I wouldnt read past there.  Now if you are still with me, get ready for a bumpy ride.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story is about a terrible apocalypse which falls America.  Radiation, retroviruses, etc. has rendered the world a wasteland of mutants and zombie-like beings.  What is worst is that women were much more susceptable to the point that so few women exist they might as well have golden skin.  They cannot be out there free, they would be grabbed by someone.  Lets say less then a tenth of the remnent left are women.

Your girl is cruely used by a motorcycle gang.  It is such a wasteland that there is little water to drink.  This is where she is expected to do watersports to 'recycle' the ganger's water and other things for the gangs entertainment.  The gang is about to be attacked by cancer zombies like the ones in 'I Am Legend'.

This is where my character comes in.  Hes like Punisher.  Hes awesome and well equiped.  Having lost his wife and son to these cancer zombies hes out to kill all of them.  Hes able to only just save her, escape and leave a blossom of fire to kill any of them chasing after them.  He nurses her to help and when she wakes up she expresses her thanks to him in the ways shes accustomed.

Here is where things get interesting.  The before was just to show your girl and the world she arises from.  He is damaged, though.  He is like MadMax.
 Having PTSD and survivors remorse.  He wants to throw himself into as much combat as possible until he is killed taking out scores of the buggers.

This is where things get interesting.  I need someone who will reach out to him.  Who comforts him with her body and needs him to protect her and get her to the Colonies.  It will be difficult, because of his condition she might have to kind of fight with him about it... probably so scared to be alone in a world like this one.  Eventually I want him to give up living for ghosts and accept a new chapter in her life.  Along the way they are waylaid and she might be kidnapped a time or two.  (I did mention the golden skin thing.)  Id like it if along the way they become buddies.  He had agreed to get he there but maybe by then something else happens.  The Colony is over run by a warlord.  Maybe she gets pregnant along the way and he finds the positive test.  We can weave whatever we want for the most rewarding and intersting story.

Being that this is a Grindhouse, that means there will be over the top violence and sex throughtout.  There will be so much exploitation and cheese that it might be embarassing at times.  Thats okay.  We want it to 'pop' with punk rock rebellion and gritty desert almost wild western ruins.

 The fun part will be the journey between the two main characters.  Id like it if she starts as a young victum but becomes so much more with him.
 She helps him express and find himself eventually and kind of takes his shit sometimes when hes PTSDing but knows hes a good guy underneath and has to navigate him like a GPS sometimes.  Id like it if over time he shows her some moves and by the end Id like it if shes kind of tough.  Kind of wanting to earn a place by his side.  She will never be as tough as him, she doesnt have the background, but she could be a 100 times stronger than she was and occationally save his ass, which would be a fun role reversal for him to have to acknowledge.

So what do you think?  Care to play someone with an arch and an interesting yet steamy story?  Ive always thought that plot and sex are like fuel and air, too much of one and who the heck cares, too much of the other and it becomes less interesting.  I like to start in an intense sexual scene, then find a good rhythm from there.  Care to give my story theories a spin the bottle treatment?  Want to see how far you can push your storytelling talents?  Give me a PM and see if we can negotiate something based on these or one of another million ideas I entertain every day.  I look forward to getting to know you and what you like and finding a way to give it to you.

As always... I wish you Peace.
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