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May 11, 2021, 06:33:29 pm

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Author Topic: [MxF] What is better than incest? Romantic incest! [Brother x Sister]  (Read 470 times)

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Offline De LeonTopic starter

I've always been a big fan of 'wholesome' brother/sister stories; wholesome in that it is more romantic and focuses on exploring the taboo nature of the relationship. What are you saying..? That is *un*wholesome? Shoo! No one asked for logic!


I was specifically looking for a younger brother / (slightly) older sister and with the sister being a bit more dominant / taking the lead. However, that is not a requirement, and as such I am perfectly happy to discuss a different power dynamic if that does not appeal to you.

The specific things that I am looking for in this scene:

1. Romance: I am all for it. Especially if it is forbidden or taboo!
2. Long-term: Not much to explain here!

In regards to scenes and / or settings.. Well, there are as many options as you can think of. Adventuring duo set in low / middle / high / dark / post-apoc fantasy? Done. Steampunk? Done. Sci fi? Oh hell yes, sign me the heck up!
While I usually do not care for a slice of life modern setting all that much due to having less creative freedoms, this is a scene that might just work perfectly well with it!

For your reading pleasure, here is a small list of possible plot bunnies (very, ver not original ones! Be warned!), as examples:

1. Games of Thrones-style fantasy intrigue:
You like pushing little children out of the tower windows so they don’t tell anyone about the horrors that they saw? Well, you’ve come to the right place, chief! For just the low price of $10.99 we’ll provide you with a year-long supply of nosey kids with a penchant for climbing-
Kind of borrows from my previous “Noble Houses” idea, so feel free to dig that up in me post history!

2. Sci fi space explorers:
Kind of inspired by Mass Effect: Andromeda, with our characters being on the frontier of exploring new, uncharted worlds, light years away from any other human contact. Spess is awesome, and there are very many ways this can go!

3. Ye olden slice of life modern:
The most basic of all options - inspired by a roleplay I had recently, which unfortunately seems to have disappeared, so here I am again. Something along the lines of moving in with my older sister after a) being kicked out by our parents or b) moving out to attend college. Some fun additions could be that the sister in question got kicked out before for being 1) a ??? 2) a pornstar or 3) an underwear gnome?

In addition, I must point out that I am specifically seeking female (or those who identify as such) partners. Yes, I know, this is just a work of fiction so it should not matter! However, that is just what I am comfortable with.

I don't have a set post length, it is more about what is appropriate at the moment. Depending on the aforementioned moment, I tend to average out a paragraph or two, but rarely go beyond that unless it is a big fat description or an introduction of some sort.

Another thing that I must stress is the fact that I much prefer a prompt posting time - once a day being the minimum barring extenuating circumstances of some sort. Currently, I am free 24/7 minus the weekends, so my posting rate should be up through the roof - unless of course I am distracted with things & stuff or got some of dat writer’s block.

This here is a convenient hyper link to my ons and offs: part one and part two. If you don't see something, feel free to ask.
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