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June 27, 2022, 06:01:50 am

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Author Topic: M seeking any for futa cuckholding/cheating plots  (Read 595 times)

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M seeking any for futa cuckholding/cheating plots
« on: May 16, 2019, 01:13:44 pm »
Hello and welcome. I'm pdragon. Normally I keep a more generalized request thread, but I'm currently in the mood for a few very specific plots, all of which include my partner playing a futanari across from my male or female character, and involving some aspect of cheating/cuckholding. As such I'm only really looking for 1 or 2 games tops, and they might end up more on the short and smutty side (though I'm almost always open to expanding the scope of a game if things go well). Feel free to send me a PM if any of them interest you.

Basic Info
Experience/Writing Style: I've been RPing more or less constantly for over 10 years now. I consider myself to be a proficient writer, though I would say I excel more at concept and ideas than at technique, so a few spelling/grammatical errors may slip through from time to time. Typically I find the 2-5 paragraph range to be the most comfortable for posts, though mostly it depends on what I have to work with.

RP location: I pretty much stick to just forum rping. I tend to be in a lot of games at any given time, so its easier to keep it all contained within the site and in my bookmarks so I can keep them all organized. Rping via pms can sometimes just be too hard to follow and keep straight, and games off site are just a no in general. 

Post Frequency: On a good week I tend to post every 2 or 3 days, though depending on how busy things become IRL I may resort to checking in once a week instead. I try not go a full week without posting something, but sometimes things come up or motivation becomes low, apologies in advance for any inconveniences.

Pictures: I tend to prefer using anime/drawn pictures when rping, or just none at all is fine as well. I don't do real life pictures at all, because I find it weird to use an actual person's face when rping, especially in a more sexual context.

Quick O/O

Ons: Oral of all kinds (including rimming), Anal, group, gang-bang, rough, outdoor, light bondage (no pain emphasis), pet-play, food play (particularly using cum as/on food), cum play, large cocks, unsafe sex, breeding/threat of impregnation, non-con, curvy/well endowed characters, thighs, moderate corruption/degradation.

Offs: heavy bondage, excessively mean doms (unless part of a larger character-arc), orgasm denial, my character being forced to drink their own cum, feet, blood, guro, scat.


Futa Cuck

YC is a young college student (futa) who over the past few months has been dating MC, a sweet, voluptuous woman who just so happens to be YC's very first girlfriend. However, while the two seem to have good chemistry together outside the bedroom, MC is plenty experienced, and YC is actually rather well endowed, the sex turns out to be terrible, with YC too inexperienced and overly sensitive to last long enough to truly satisfy her lover. Other than that their relationship is going great, and MC even assures that it's no big deal and that YC shouldn't worry about it too much. That changes however when YC one day happens upon her girlfriend's online persona. It turns out that despite her appearance, MC is actually a total slut who posts lewd streams and videos of herself online, often involving her having sex with other futas. In the most recent video posted she laments that she tried to give it all up and settle for a normal relationship, unfortunately her lovely girlfriend just can't satisfy her at all, so she has no choice but to do this or it could strain their relationship. Of course she confesses all of this in the midst of being violently ravaged, fucked in ways YC could never hope to. And YC is left with this horrible secret, forced to decide where to confront her girlfriend, or to continue watching as she uploads raunchier and raunchier videos, all while keeping up an innocent face while they're together.

For this game I'm looking for someone to play both the Futa girlfriend, as well as the variety of partners the girlfriend hooks up with during her escapades. The story would flip between scenes of the two girls spending time together, and YC watching MC's site for updates with growing obsession. Perhaps she's happy just to watch from behind a screen, maybe she wants to confront her girlfriend, or try to "win her back" somehow. Perhaps YC gets caught masturbating to the videos, and MC decides to start directly addressing her in future videos, dragging her into the fantasy more directly without actually letting her see or touch in person.


A pair of couples have decided to try out swinging for the first time, exchanging partners and exploring sex with other people. The couples could vary in orientation, but would include at least one futa played by my partner. For example, a futa and her girlfriend exchanging with a m/m couple, a more masculine guy and his effeminate cross dressing boyfriend, or F/M couple or F/F couple, etc. etc. It starts as harmless fun, though could end up becoming more twisted as one partner becomes overly drawn to your futa character, throwing off the dynamic and possibly threatening their relationship as MC discovers just how much they prefer having sex with YC than their own lover, which YC could try to take advantage of to take everything for themselves.

Variation: A couple (MCs) approaches a shared friend or acquaintance (YC) and asks them to help spice up their sex life. Similar to above it starts out mutually, but becomes more unbalanced over time as jealousy starts to worm it's way in.


A newly wed couple moves in with the groom's widowed mother. Unbeknownst to either of them, the mother (YC, futa) lusts after her son's young wife (MC), and takes advantage of every opportunity she can find to take advantage of her. Not wanting to cause problems in the family, MC begrudgingly goes along with all the leering gazes and increasingly blatant groping, intending to just suffer through it, but finds herself torn when YC eventually forces herself upon her, only to find out that she's way better at sex than her husband is. Now feeling truly conflicted, MC tries desperately to resist her own growing lust as their affair spirals further and further out of control.

Variation: Similar situation, but it's a wife and her futa husband (YC) and it's the husband who lusts after her new mother in law (MC, female), determined to seduce them both and create a mother/daughter harem situation for herself.