Shards of Whimsy (MissHysteria's list of Solo-Scenes)

Started by miss Hysteria, February 14, 2009, 04:10:20 PM

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miss Hysteria

The following are some brief introductions to Solo Scenes I would like to play.  Please PM if you’d be interested, I'm a neat freak and would like to keep this thread clean.

Some Notes:
~I have a strong preference for F/F scenes; I'm open to M/F scenes or men playing women, but be prepared to make and argument
~These are outlines for long, in depth scenarios.  If you're looking for a quick-fix, you're looking in the wrong place
~Most of these are written so a D/s structure is possible, but not at all necessary; if you're looking for D/s, be aware that I do not play Dominant characters, though I will Switch with another Switch
~Most can also be expanded to multi-person scenes, if you have a friend who might enjoy something here. 
~As per usual, these are just outlines, easily subject to change 

Uprooted: The life of a teenage girl is turned upside down after a tragic accident kills her father while she is attending a boarding school out of the country.  She returns home to find life nothing like it was when she left.  Her father has remarried, leaving her with a new step-mother and sister whom she has only met once before.  A family drama about Love and loss and finding yourself.  *Could be a 3-person scene

Finishing Fiona: Fiona is generally a good girl; she just has bad friends.  After Fiona and her friends “accidentally” set fire to an abandoned house one evening, her parents make the difficult decision to send her to a special finishing school in the country.  Upon arrival she quickly finds herself in detention with Kirstin, who is even more of a bad seed than Fiona! *Also a potentially expandable cast

Fantasy and Adventure
Fate: Sophia and Sarah were born to be princesses, but it was not to be.  Not a week after their birth, their father’s kingdom was attacked and destroyed.  A group of faithful servants conspired to steal the girls away, to prevent their being killed.  One was captured; the child she bore was taken to the invading Duke who chose, as a favor to his valorously opponent, to take the child into his own court as a servant.  The one that escaped was adopted by a young, barren merchant couple who would soon become quite wealthy.  Years pass.  The Duke’s kingdom has fallen on hard times and, in order to fill his coffers, he agrees to marry his son to the daughter of a wealthy merchant.  Can you see where this is going?  I'll tell you: Adventure, Subterfuge, Romance, Twincest.

Must be Providence: Midnight in colonial Salem; a young woman shows up at the door of a Puritan home asking for sanctuary.  The home belongs to Elizabeth, an unmarried orphan of the community who gives the strange visitor shelter.  The next day she finds that an accused Witch from a nearby town has gone missing the night before her arrest.  Could it be the same woman?  Is she guilty of the crime?

Cracks in the Floorboards: Attorney Jessica Hess has a good life.  A well-paying job, friends, a fiancé; everything she has always wanted.  However, she can’t shake the feeling that something is missing.  Perhaps that’s why she volunteered to take the Renhart case.  Catherine Renhart, a nobody, a drifter, who, for reasons unknown, recently tried to assassinate the Governor.  The woman is obviously insane, everybody knows that; but something in the woman’s eye made Jessica curious.  A high-profile lawyer like Jessica defending an obvious lunatic is unheard of, but she takes the case anyways.  During their interviews, Jessica comes to realize no only is Miss Renhart quite sane, but that there is far more going on than she ever realized…

Faster Than the Speed of Love:  Rachel Lange, Pulitzer prize-winner, best-selling author, hermit, alcoholic.  Rachel became famous for her fantasy-romance series High Noon, the first five books of which enamored the nation.  It has been almost a decade since Rachel’s last book was published, the sixth and final volume of the High Noon remaining disastrously unwritten, and Rachel has been slowly sinking into obscurity—a place she is all too happy to go.  When Miranda, the heroine of High Noon shows up on Rachel’s doorstep, she thinks she must have finally lost her mind. 

Service of a Goddess:  Set in a Classical empire (Greece, Rome, Atlantis?), Service of a Goddess is a tale of initiation and life in the Temple of Iskhera, the Goddess of the Feminine Virtues (Grace, Obedience, Fertility, Beauty, and Wisdom).  Following the lives of two Initiates—an abandoned orphan who has known nothing outside the Temple and the third daughter of a powerful Nobleman, newly dedicated to the Gods—this story hopes to explore the battlefields of Love and Friendship, Faith and Duty, in a coming-of-age setting.

Comedia: Italy in the 1500’s.  The Comedia dell’Arte, masked improv theater, is the dominant form of entertainment in the land.  Women are banned from the stage, yet Violetta dreams of nothing else.  The applause, the fellowship, the fame...  She disguises herself as a man and gets herself attached to a traveling troupe.  Violetta is an instant sensation, sending the troupe's reputation through the roof.  In the midst of this whirlwind of fame and fortunes, the troupe’s apprentice costumer, Celeste, becomes enamored with the strapping , but sensitive, ‘Vincenzo’. 

Elegance and Engagement: Two women from two small towns in Jane Austen-esque England are sent to London to find suitable husbands.  One fateful night, each girl ends up at the same party as the date of one half of a pair of brothers.  Inevitably, the two begin talking and take an instant liking to each other.  Neither expected to meet the other but once it has happened neither can seem to forget it.  Since they are dating brothers, another meeting is almost unavoidable...

Voyage of the Valkyrie: A nautical tale of a crew of (mostly) female pirates.  Originally captured and intended to be sold as slaves, the women revolt and capture the ship for themselves.  A rough idea, possibly better suited for a small/large group, but I thought I’d put it out here.


Must Be Providence

Oh I like this idea a lot  :-)

Let's talk!

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