black and blue theme problem in on and offs

Started by Sara Nilsson, May 14, 2019, 03:09:44 AM

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Sara Nilsson

I like to use the black and blue theme since i use the comp at night so much. But it makes the on and off matrix totally useless as the text is black on black background.

Any way around this easily? For those of us that are pretty dumb.


As a super quick fix, have you tried highlighting the entire page? Should make the text pop up.

I'm going to see what long-term solutions we can come up with, though, in the mean time.


There is a fairly easy work around, assuming that you don't use the on and off matrix all the time. 

The bottom line of the top box on every page has a row of links "Default" "Widescreen" Beige, "Lilac", etc..  Click the most tolerable of those for the time you spend in the on/off matrix and then click on the "black & blue" link in the same line when you're done.


The original poster who made blue and black looks to be back on Elliquiy.

If they don't alter it then send me the CSS file and I'll change it for you.