F4M (GM) - A companion in the millionaire's club (1950's, Long term)

Started by rpgirl85, May 03, 2019, 01:23:27 PM

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She has been married to an upright guy for close to 6 years now. But all this time, they have been broke, and she is tired of all the poverty.

That is when she is presented with an opportunity for a better life. She gotta pack up, leave her marriage behind and become a companion in this private club, whose members are a bunch of old millionaires, their disposition ranging from cranky to eccentric.


So I am thinking this would be set in the 1950's, and am looking for a partner who can play the world around my char and bring this millionaire's club to life.

For the tone, i am thinking it could be a mix of dark and screwball, with people talking like they did in the old movies.

Kinks wise, it can explore stuff like humiliation, degradation, sexism, hints of misogyny, objectification. I have no limits, so sky is the limit.

As far as posting frequency is concerned, I am looking for someone who can post multiple times a day.