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June 27, 2022, 12:39:10 am

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Author Topic: Gwynris Request Thread (Mostly looking for romantic plots)  (Read 717 times)

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Gwynris Request Thread (Mostly looking for romantic plots)
« on: April 26, 2019, 04:56:23 pm »
Guess I'll start by linking my ONs & OFFs thread, just so you can get an idea if we would work well together!

That out of the way, let's get right into it. Following are a couple of ideas or settings I am specifically looking to play in or with... but that doesn't mean I'm exclusively looking for those! If you think you have an idea that would fit well with me, do message me about it! I'm generally open to new ideas... well, that's a bit of an understatement, to be honest. The scenarios here are simply the ones I have in my mind that I want to play close to the way I imagined them. Changes are of course necessary for different writing partners, so if there's something that needs changing, you probably might still want to try messaging me about it!

Setting: Boku No Hero Academia (For anyone who hasn't seen or heard of the anime, it's about an alternate reality where roughly 80% of humanity are born with superpowers named quirks and the profession of "hero" is an established thing, basically a police but with quirks. ... that's basically the entire setting!)
Generally for this, I am okay to play with the canon characters from the source material, buuuuut please have an idea for how you want to make that character your own. Like... your interpretation of it! The only ones I'd flat out say no to are Bakugo, Mineta and Aoyama... just... unfortunately have zero interest to build a relationship with these boys. (Doesn't mean I dislike them as characters, by the way.) Sorry! Specifically cool ones in my opinion are Kyouka and Iida and Kirishima... well, I like those characters a lot at least! Of course I'm okay with original characters, since most likely I'll be using one of those! Actually looking forward to what people come up with as their characters!

Idea 1 - F looking for M or F
For this idea specifically, I'd like to play with a slight bit of a change to the universe. People have come to dislike certain quirks. Not because they are considered evil or something like that, since every quirk can be used by a villain! No, this is more profound... more honest to human nature. It's simply that a certain type of quirk seems invasive. Blood-related quirks. They usually work through ingestion, manipulation or drawing of blood... and blood is a rather intimate thing! No matter how you look at it, people with a quirk like this thrive on injuring others to empower themselves. Over time, the general population started to resent this and hold more and more negative thoughts towards blood-quirks... and over the decades, this led to even heroes advising parents and children to rather hide these quirks. Register themselves as quirkless. Why go through all this trouble, all this discrimination, when you can simply... not use your quirk and live happily ever after?

Our characters are at one of the hero high schools (U.A. most likely just to use the assets, but we can go wild with this if you'd rather come up with a totally different academy!), in the same class, trying to become heroes. They just finished their first year together, spending time either at home or at school in their designated dorms, which are mixed, girls and boys living together... though of course bathrooms and such are divided!
The weird thing? This girl, Mei... she hasn't used her quirk yet. If anything, she's always just mentioned that she feels uncomfortable with that and for the entirety of the first year, that was that. She clearly didn't have much trouble with physical challenges during the year, as she's got quite the athletic build and in terms of combat, has had some sort of martial arts training that is now giving her the upper hand. But, towards the end of the year, she's been slowly losing ground... with people developing their quirks and getting better, without a superpower she's simply... worse. Of course she can still be on the same level right now, but that'll fade soon. She's generally been a nice girl, communicating well with the others, trying to fit in, though she always had a better connection to the boys that constantly kept trying to train their bodies. Looking at it now in retrospect, she doesn't really have a hobby apart from practice even after school!
But, during the holidays, your character (male preferred, but female would still fit) does get a better view of her. Mei didn't go home, she stayed in the dorms. Keeping up with practice. And, more importantly, every day when the sun goes down, she's out in the garden, training... something. The moves look very little like her usual fighting style, but because it's so dark, you can't really make out what she's doing at all.
Maybe you'd already be curious, approach her, ask her what she's doing? If not... one evening you look out the window, seeing two figures approach her. They do not look like students. Or teachers. They look shady.
... you want to be a hero, don't you? What are you waiting for, check the situation out, just in case something is wrong! Mei definitely doesn't look happy to see these people... more like... furious...

So yeah. Mei is obviously my character, I'm keeping the full on backstory and such a bit hidden here, since the first part of the RP could or would definitely be them getting closer together... getting to know each other... your character figuring out her quirk. I mean, it's not really hidden here what it's going to be. She's not quirkless. ;)
If you find the scenario somewhat interesting, I'd of course give you a bit more background as  to who Mei actually is, because... well, they've been in the same class for a year!
I'm mostly looking for a partner that wants to write a long-term romance between the characters. Developing their relationship, if one happens at all, maybe just a simple friendship! Developing their quirks, some more plot, which I have planned, but I am of course eager to see what you might come up with as well! Some personal conflicts are always welcome to resolve. ;P

Idea 2 - M looking for F (or more feminine M)
With this idea I'd stick somewhat closer to the canon universe.

Our characters are both at U.A. either in their first year or the second one is just beginning. They're already acquainted, as they've fought in the previous tournament against each other. (We can discuss who would've won... or heck, start somewhere around that point!) Generally I'd like to assume that they have a friendly rivalry going between each other, but we can talk about that more in depth!
A little bit of detail about my character Akaashi... well, the most obvious thing: he's blind! Well, not really. Actually, that would be a horrific lie, as his quirk is all about vision! But, he wears a blindfold the entire time and even has a cane with him the entire time that doubles as a stick to feel out his environment, like most blind people. Why would he do that?! Well, as you've learned throughout the first parts of the school year, his quirk is aptly called "Demon Eyes". It's a bit theatrical, but whenever he's not wearing his blindfold, it's obvious why someone would come up with that: his eyes are bright purple. Well... what of it, other people have far more demonic features to them! Right, it's not the visuals why it's called the way it is.
Essentially, his quirk gives Akaashi 360° vision. Meaning, while he is looking right at you, he can perceive things behind him, over him, to his sides... no matter where around him. With that comes the tiny bonus that he has pretty good eyesight as well, so... no glasses required, luckily. As if they would help. With the blindfold around his head, Akaashi can't actually see, making him effectively blind... something he needs to do. While his quirk is incredibly useful for the vision in an of itself, it also has a drawback he has inherited from his father, who has a quirk that allows him to communicate telepathically. Akaashi can't use telepathy... absolutely not. But when he looks around, he sees scrawling. Lines of text written all over every surface, except people, around him is covered in red-purple-ish glowing scrawling that he can't focus on, but with just peripheral vision he can make out that these are thoughts. Whether those are his own or not... he doesn't know. But among the more normal thoughts he might have as well, all of his doubts and fears are mixed in... a fact he can't escape as long as he's seeing anywhere. Even closing his eyes has no effect on him seeing around him, just his head being covered helps with that. Now, why would he cover up his advantage? To not go insane, simply put. Akaashi can't deal with the constant influx of doubt, fear... pure madness, for long. For fights he takes off his blindfold, which reveals a scary fighter. He is a year older than his classmates, because he failed the entrance exam the first year around. In the meantime, he trained... practiced his body, his wits, which made him very adept at using the surround-vision his quirk allows him to have. He even got a gun license to use for his hero work, though of course now his hero costume only contains rubber projectiles in the guns... wouldn't want to put holes into the other students!

Alright, this one is a bit open, because I don't actually have a set plot for this, I'd just like to see our characters grow together, go through some trouble! Honestly, I would just steal from the manga/anime and throw the league of villains our way... see how that goes!

Setting: Modern Urban Fantasy World
Humans only really make up 50% of the worlds population... the remaining 50% are split between various "supernatural" creatures, though that term has lost a lot of its meaning now that they are widely known. They revealed themselves after a virus has killed half of humanity roughly a century ago, to which supernatural creatures were luckily immune. Seeing this as their chances to step out of the shadows, they revealed themselves... and caused widespread panic for easily a year or two.
Even though it has been roughly 100 years since they revealed themselves, he world is still struggling to find an equilibrium. The races are not at war, especially not supernaturals in general and humans! Its just hard to create adequate laws that can govern both living in the same country... is it "wrong" that vampires' saliva is pretty addictive? Some of them have abused it to gain human followers and "bloodbags", so to speak.
[Now, whoever wants to say that this settings sounds awfully similar to that of the Rachel Morgan series of books... yes. Yes it does. I love those books so I took the liberty to take that from them. ;P Please don't sue me, I'm just a fan! I don't want to just replay that story though... I'm just taking the setting because... it's just amazing!]

Idea 1 - M werewolf looking for F vampire
We've been friends forever. Nothing could ever separate us! Well... we thought that. Until the age of 10, where my family decided to leave the town we grew up in... but hey! We still had letters and emails! At least we still had contact with each other that way, as our paths finally diverged quite a bit. You were the only one I ever told what had happened. Sure, I had always been a werewolf... and forcefully transforming into my wolf-form every full moon was a pain, but it was nothing compared to the mistake that we had committed together. More accidentally than anything, so of course I'm not mad at you. You're the only one I was never mad at. I always let you bite me, werewolves regenerate significantly faster than humans, in case you had too little blood that day, which was pretty often... a rather unfortunate thing, as no one had told us that vampiric saliva is highly addictive. A wonderful thing that makes creatures come back crawling to their vampire to be bitten once more... giving them blood, and the addicted that wonderful high!
Well, you were gone... and barely teenage me was stuck with a crippling addiction. And you were stuck with less blood than you need. Both situations... not optimal. But, we somehow managed, staying in contact, both with our individual problems.
And now? Now we're in trouble... well. I am. We're both in our mid twenties... you went the righteous path. The one we always dreamed of. Becoming an officer of the law. A cop! Me? Uhm... I'm currently underneath you, my hands on my back as you're holding me down, being hit by the realization that the friend you love... the one you feel you have to protect... and now they just tried to steal some vials of vamp saliva from a dealer. What will you do? Will you help them...?

(Well, I would love if the answer to the last question is "Yes", or this one might be really short. :D)

"Idea" 2 - Looking for any type of pairing, really! As long as it fits my preferences somewhat.
Our characters are roommates in a large apartment, but more importantly, they are colleagues! At the local police department... and to be more specific, in the special department for supernatural crimes.
Honestly don't have more than that... and even this little blurb is debatable... I'd just like to play something in a world like this. Have our characters be different species, maybe two that have a conflict going on between them. Maybe their families actually have a stake in that and we're the black sheep. Maybe someone simply has bad past experiences with the others' species! Maybe one is just a vampire and has some trouble getting a steady supply of blood, so we'll have to find a way!
Maybe we've been friends since our childhood and now JUST moved into our own apartment and started that job after being trained to do it forever! ... too many possibilities... in any case, if you have any interest in this, even without an idea, just message me so we can work something out together! After all, communication is important!
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