Cube plot idea (looking for interest)

Started by Wolfblackthorne, April 24, 2019, 06:48:21 PM

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I was watching Cube zero today and had thought of doing a similar story except turning the cube into a kinky, sexual kind of trap instead of one that kills people. The rest of the premise would be the same. There would be a handful of characters (4-6) that would be trapped inside the cube trying to get out and escape the traps therein.

I was thinking there might be two side characters who would be the low-level cube workers who are watching but they don't have to exist if we don't want them to.

Anyways that's my idea. Hope this garners interest.:) I would be open to this being a one shot. Maybe a group game but I have no experience in those so I am leaning toward one on one.

Feel free to reply in the thread or PM me if interested in discussing details.

here's a trailer to give more  of an idea of what I'm talking about: