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Started by Fierbali111, April 24, 2019, 10:58:43 AM

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Looking more to co write a story instead of playing an rp(we both decide how the characters act and is pre-planned)

(Based on tech and corporatism of the movie Alien and a bit of an idea from the movie event horizon) A family run salvage team on their last leg stumbles across a derelict military research vessel in the hopes of getting a nice reward.

What they find instead is a scene of complete murder, debauchery and devastation.

Retrieving an unconscious lone survivor, the reactor soon blows and leaves only mystery and a few scarce audio logs as to why the crew went insane.

Thinking they're in the clear, things soon begin to get weird on the ship for them as well as they have to rush and find answers, or suffer the same fate.

Pm if interested