Destiny RP - War of Light and Darkness

Started by Ace Flyer, April 23, 2019, 10:14:48 AM

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Ace Flyer


So, I've been on and off in wanting a Destiny RP. But now that I've really been digging back into the game and lore, I finally decided to go ahead and try making a specific interest check for it. So, anyone up for some good ol' space opera fun? :D

Or dark tragic fun, sunce the setting is just as primed for dark and extreme content as it is for light space adventures.

I have a few characters I can play as, my main three from the game and some side people I've somewhat brainstormed while playing:

The Fireteam

  • Felix Drake - Titan: A human male Titan, Felix is the oldest and longest serving Guardian of the Fireteam. Having seen more than his share of loss in defending the Last City, he's more reserved and cautious, and leads with the intent on getting everyone back to the City safely.
  • Khaine Tolsyn - Warlock: An Awoken male Warlock, Khaine serves as the knowledge base for the team on their missions. As of late, however, he's been delving into more forbidden topics and lore about the Darkness--and when the team is apart, his inquiries into the Nine, and using weapons long shunned, have begun attracting attention from dangerous sources.
  • Kira Fox - Hunter - The youngest of the team, having only been revived as a Guardian a few years prior, she still has unbridled hope and optimism about the eternal war they seemed destined to fight.

That's the team! Just quick blurbs, I can flesh any and all of them out for anyone interested in playing a game. But as far as canon characters go, I'd also be more than happy to explore or play the likes of Ikora, or the Drifter, Ana Bray, Hawthorne, Amanda Holliday, Uldren Sov and his sister, and so on. I'm pretty open to whatever kind of game or characters might catch eyes, so, if you're up for a Destiny 2 game just let me know!