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August 16, 2022, 12:15:04 pm

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Author Topic: Star Wars: Rebirth  (Read 629 times)

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Star Wars: Rebirth
« on: April 21, 2019, 12:18:04 pm »
Star Wars: Rebirth

I am looking to do a Star Wars based idea I've had in my head for a long time. This is an idea near and dear to my heart in terms of an idea I want to do. I'm going to explain it but I also have a bit of a writing prompt for it a well.  I only write in google docs right now so please bear that in mind. If you are interested please let me know.

So the idea involves a farther future in the Star Wars Universe. Think like five or six hundred years after the current saga. Perhaps even longer. The Jedi and Sith are still around though and they've had a long cycle of one destroying the other and rising into power. Think of it as this endless cycle of birth/destruction. At least four or five times since the time of the latest cycle.

I am looking to play a Jedi (Though I can be persuaded into a Sith if its a good enough story) a Jedi during a time when the Sith have recently come back from uncharted space to wage war on the Jedi Order and whatever republic is formed now. During a space battle the Jedi and Sith forces get shot down over a planet and crash.

You can probably guess where this starts. The two find themselves on a hostile alien planet where they end up working together and falling for each other. They have sex, get close, and maybe even get dangerously close to feelings of real love.

Either way the two leave the planet shortly after and this is where I kind of want to get into the more grand scale Star Wars Stuff. I would like this story to unfold over the course of their life and eventually lead to the Jedi and Sith Order going away in favor of a unified council. So basically the two of them and their love would fundamentally change the way the Jedi and Sith operate. There would be a rocky road, a road filled with challenge to both sides. It's a story I would love to plot out and plan together.

I have a intro already written out that I am going to include down below.

War Throughout the galaxy! Throughout the centuries the Jedi and the Sith have waged a vendetta against one another! Both have been in positions of power through the galaxies long history and both have been overthrown by the other. The endless war against the light and dark side of the force has caused countless victims.

Will this war ever end?

The Sith have once again risen appearing from uncharted space and striking a series of decisive blows against the Republic and the Jedi. The Sith have managed to capture the outer rim forcing the republic to form an army for the first time in millenniums to combat the threat. The Jedi lead the assault as generals in the army and those that still train at the Jedi Academy in Tython are taught the ways of war.

D’Qar is the latest theater of war the Sith and Jedi find themselves facing off in. It is there at the heart of the world two unlikely forces are about to meet and forge a destiny the galaxy has never known.

This is their story


The massive ship heavy engines flared to life as the ship dropped out of hyperspace. It appeared in the blink of an eye its arrow like bow adorned with canons that flared to life and began to track the loose collection of ships situated by the planets gravity well. The canons let loose a volley of superheated plasma bolts that caught the of the ships by surprise and caused its long stem like midsection to crack and spew fire and flames. The ship imploded in a matter of seconds sending out a rippling blast of energy that caused the other ships shields to flare. Two more ships joined the fray reigning fire on the other ships as both sides launched their fighters.

Within a matter of seconds the peaceful space above the planet was a war zone. The long stem like ships were able to recover quickly relying on each other in a defensive ring around the planet. The arrows placed the part of the aggressor pouring on the power and trying to break the line. In between the ships dog fighters and ships of different sizes and makes fought for supremacy. Mini explosions began to light up against the stars a mixture of missed shops detonating or fighters losing their lives.

From the command ship of the arrow ship a pair of bright green eyes tracked the battle. The eyes belong to a young man long and lean and to serious for his age. The hooded outfit he wore was brown and nondescript or would have been at least if not for the long bandolier and shiny tubes adorned to it. The young man held one in his hands a curved tube with a pointed hilt and slight gold finish.

“General Caliban!”

The young man stiffened and turned to the man in red and gold universe coming up behind him. A scowl crossed his troubles features clearly annoyed at the title and what it conveyed.

“I have told you Commander Eastwick,” The Jedi known as Caliban said with thinly veiled frustration “I am a Jedi Knight I would prefer you simply call me Jedi.”

The commander winced his hands clasping behind his back as he took the minor condescension. To his credit he didn’t argue instead nodding his head and coming to stand next to him.

“Forgive me Jedi!” Eastwick said watching the battle unfold from the viewscreen “Old habits and all that….” He trailed off.

“This war hasn’t been going on long enough for that to be old Commander.” Caliban snapped before sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Peace Caliban.” His masters voice said chiding him from memory “You must learn to reign in your feelings you cannot lash out at those who are not responsible!”

Commander Eastwick was one of those people. He was simply doing his job and yelling at him wasn’t warranted or needed. What he needed to do instead was focus his frustration out on the Sith the ones currently putting the entire state of the galaxy in jeopardy. Of course Caliban knew if his master was here she would say something else. That he needed to meditate on the anger and turn it into peace. The tenants of the Jedi code cited anger as one of the many many roads that led to the dark side after all.

“I’m sorry.” Caliban said shaking away the internal debate on the Jedi code. There was no sense pondering on it, not when the answer was still illusive to him.

“I let my anger at the situation get the better of my manners,” Caliban said sweeping his hand towards the battle “How goes the attack?”

“As well as can be expected Jedi.” Eastwick replied letting the matter rest “the Sith have a strong hold on the planets orbit but we should be able to break them. It’s only a matter of time.”

“Good,” Caliban said turning back to the battle “Now we just hope that the jammer we placed continues to-“

“Contact!” A ensign shouted from her terminal on the bridge “Destroyers dropping in from hyperspace!”

“By the force!” Caliban murmured moving forward and watching as the space rippled out near the Sith fleet. From the depths of hyperspace two destroyers appeared and began adding their own firepower to the Sith fleets. The massive destroyers were long and lean with raised command decks and massive guns in the center of their bodies. Caliban watched as the lead destroyers canon fired filling the black expanse of space with a vibrant seething red that slammed into the ship to the right of Caliban’s own. Caliban felt the blast shockwave through the force and seconds later the ripple was followed by a wave of death as the ship imploded in on itself and sent every one save Caliban down to the ground.

“Commander!” Caliban shouted turning towards the door “Order our fighters to keep the destroyer occupied as best they can. Set the ship on a collision course with the fleet and sound out the general evacuation.”

“By your command Jedi!” Eastwick replied bringing himself up off of the deck “You heard the Jedi! We’re abandoning ship!”

Caliban felt the relief of the crew through his connection to the force. Part of his abilities included a natural affinity as an empath. He found it ironic that he could sense people’s emotions so easily when his own troubled him so. His master once said that he had great potential as a healer if he could master his own emotions.

Caliban didn’t think that was true.

He left the bridge just as a series of explosions rocked his ship the Excelsior. He reached out with his hand manipulating the force as easily as one might manipulate a spoon. He grabbed a hold of his own body and pressed down on his form to keep himself steady. He waited eyes closed and ready to become one with the force at any moment.

That moment didn’t come.

Instead he opened his eyes and found the corridor bathed in red. A warning klaxon sounded overhead along with a general alert to evacuate.

Caliban rushed down to the hanger helping as much as he can as the damage to the ship gradually appeared. It was nothing to severe so far but the next volley would surely punch through the shield and break the ship.

He had no plans to be on the ship at that point.

He burst into the hanger deck and ran to his interceptor class fighter. He ran his hand over the painted red bow and folded in wings.

“I’m sorry” He murmured patting the fighter and climbing into the cock pit. He didn’t sit down instead typing in a few keys and activating the built in holo A.I. The ship flared to life navigational lights and displays turning green across the board as the silhouette of a Astromech appeared. The machine cocked its head letting out a series of beeps and clicks.

“Hello my friend.” Caliban said smiling in pleasure “I need you to do something for more… and it's going to hurt.”

The astromechs reply was one of resignation and anger.


All across the underside of the Excelsior a series of panels opened up. Within seconds a barrage of small escape pods shot out and careened towards the planet. The rest of the fighters on the ship followed them engaging any Sith freighter crafts that tried to pick the defenseless escape pods off. Leading the defense was the Jedi craft which ducked, dodged, and weaved through the onslaught. Most if not all of the pods seemed to make it glowing red hot as they entered the planet’s atmosphere and disappeared. The Excelsior meanwhile continued its path towards the two destroyers. The ships automatic canons continued to open fire providing a distraction that allowed the fighters to pull out and speed towards the planet.

The Jedi craft stayed behind continuing to engage fighters and cover everyone. The ships pilot and his skills allowed it to last even as it faced increasing overwhelming odds. It wasn’t until the Excelsior was within striking range that the Jedi fighter was finally hit and sent careening down towards the planet. The small victory the twin destroyers gained was short lived as they faced the full power of a rampaging Excelsior. The pointed ship slammed into the one on the left cracking its shield in a matter of milliseconds and causing pushing the ship into the planets gravity well. They both began to sink towards the surface exploding and burning as countless Sith forces burned. The other destroyer remained in orbit unharmed and continuing to hold the line as the rest of the fleet converged around her.


The door to the escape pod shot out its explosive bolts blowing in case of misalignment. Out of the shadows and smoke Caliban appeared his hood over his face and his curved lightsabers in his hand. His eyes took in his surroundings warily as he jumped down from the pod and onto the lush jungle floor below. He continued to hold his lightsaber in a defensive position ready to activate the blade at a moment’s notice if needed. His free hand touched the bandolier of lightsabers on his chest and his eyes warily swept the length of the forest.

“BBD are you there?” Caliban said moving into the forest “Please tell me our distraction worked?”

There was a long period of silence before a series of beeps and clicks finally sounded out over the transmitter. Caliban sighed in relief and moments later a NAV point appeared in his eye HUD.

“I see you friend.” Caliban said breaking into a run as his brown cloak ruffled in the wind “I’m coming to get you then we can see about getting everyone back together and finding a way off this rock!”

There was a series of beeps that came from the droid in agreement.

“I want you to set up a burst message in code giving the republic your current position.” He said to the droid further.  “I’ll see you soon.” 

He shut off the COM instead letting the force flow through him to act as a beacon. If the Sith drew to him it would give his people time to escape and get away.

So there it is! If you're interested please send me a PM and we can go from there!