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Author Topic: Show me what you got - F looking for M char  (Read 2549 times)

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Show me what you got - F looking for M char
« on: April 15, 2019, 04:13:46 PM »
Hello there, I'm Rae.

I enjoy interesting character development and world building, the story is more important as a whole than just an outlet for the sexual. That doesn't mean I prefer a certain ratio, just that the sex makes sense for the story and setting. Some may have a lot, some may have almost none, etc.

I try to give a good sense for what my character is feeling and doing as well as the setting, so I try to keep my posts detailed. I will adapt a great deal to what someone gives me to work with, and if the story and chemistry of the characters are there, then it's more a "quality over quantity" thing. Pretty sure a lot of us have this rule, nothing new here. Just keep in mind, you get what you give! I love to find long detailed posts that I can sink my teeth into, but sometimes that becomes difficult in dialogue heavy parts, I do understand!

I do want to note that I am very interested in having partners that challenge my writing skills. And this I don't mean as "must post 1,000 words or more per post" I mean someone who piques my curiosity and creativity, pushes me to explore my characters as well as descriptive writing. Most of my ideas are kept relatively low on details here, because I enjoy making a story that both myself and my partner can enjoy and be invested in.

Also just to clarify, I generally prefer to play female characters opposite male characters, but writer gender isn't important. I can be convinced to play a male character on occasion, but I feel it isn't my strong point so it's very rare. (The exception is side characters, which I am fine playing to help build the story or move things along.)

I have recently found I really enjoy writing in Discord as well. It makes it easier for me to know when someone has posted, to brainstorm ideas, etc. Just PM me and ask for my username if you're interested in that as either a way to connect OOC to discuss things, or possibly setting up a channel to play in. I'm open to both.

Writing sample

The rustle of silk proceeds her, soft slippers making almost no sound as she seems to float into the room. She was all limbs and hair, an exceedingly long black braid draped over one slender shoulder. Pearl-white hands fluttered, touched a defined  collar bone, the hem of a flared sleeve, a pouch at her hip, constant movement. But all so quiet. She was nearly six feet tall, slender and willowy would be kind words. Thin and gaunt could potentially be thrown as insults. Her shoulders and hips narrow, her chest small. Only the tiny waist gave her a womanly cast.

Around her hips were heavy leather belts, hung with pouches and bags laden with unknown substances. Layers of moss and sage green shot through with slate gray made up her silk robes, an attached hood often pulled up over her thick hair. Sharp features, a long aquiline nose and high cheekbones, made her striking but not beautiful. Left eye of deep honey gold and right of violet blue were one of her best features. Various silver jewelry, chains and pendants and rings, graced her form. Some had small, brightly colored semi precious stones, their richness a sharp contrast against white skin. Her lips were a faint peach hue, neither thick nor thin, the upper lip a smooth line and lacking any distinctive philtrum. Often they would part just barely as she mumbled soundless words to herself, lost in her own thoughts.

Some would say the elf was not quite all there, but likely they just didn't listen properly. Her words weren't those of insanity, but of constant, relentless thought. There was no stillness to her mind, just as her hands never seemed to fully still. Perhaps that was why her attention seemed to flit from one thing to another so quickly. Not out of dim-witted nature, but of curiosity. In fact, a great need to know. Anything and everything she could.


Something wasn't quite right. The woman heaved a sigh and ran a hand through dark hair, mussing it with a lack of care that came from her single mindedness. Her entire focus was on the diagram and spellbook laid out in front of her. "I'm so close. I can feel it." Whispered words, but the cat perched on the shelf behind her opened an eye, gleaming green, to survey her as she disturbed him. Soon enough the eye closed, content she wasn't actually going to make further noise.

Her fingers spread over the spell, hand written in a spidery script in the old leather bound book. It had been passed down to someone other than her, but she had found it, hidden under a loose floorboard in her previous home. It had sparked questions and curiosity that she hadn't really given in to, previously. Now she was practically obsessed. The past few months she'd locked herself away in her small basement apartment any time she wasn't working, her job as a waitress boring at best and terrible on other days.

Twisting a hand in her hair, she re-read the words aloud, changing inflection here, emphasis there. There had to be some small thing she was doing incorrectly. The carefully drawn chalk diagram on the plain table in front of her was just that, made of chalk and unresponsive. Heaving a sigh, she leaned back violently in the chair, which creaked with protest despite her small frame. "Why won't it work? I've tried everything!"

Or had she? Pausing, she opened pale eyes and looked down at the book. It mentioned blood. She thought it was completely symbolic, speaking of effort and will. But what if it was completely literal? Slowly, she gathered the small knife she had used to trip herbs, and looked from it to her hand. "I might be worth a try..." Worst case, she'd feel silly. Only the cat would be there to witness he failure, anyway.

With a deep breath, she started the spell again, this time bringing the knife to her thumb and pressing it against the pad, wincing as it bit into soft flesh and drew a drop of crimson. As she continued to speak the words, she set the knife aside and squeezed either side of her thumb, coaxing a bit more blood flow, and held it above the center of the chalked symbols. The moment the drop fell and splattered against the lines was the moment her life altered irrevocably.

The Contract
The Contract

The weather was relentless this time of year, rain pelting down atop her hood and puddling around her boots as she waited. It had soaked through her cloak already and the chill of the coming winter was starting to turn her fingers numb. With an internal grumbling, she pulled the hood more fully over her face, though it barely helped. Every time the wind gusted, it still managed to spray rain at her face. Gloved hands tucked back under the cloak and in turn, under either arm, to try and warm them as she looked out at the dark street. The lamps were struggling with the gloom, and the uneven cobbles caused massive puddles that reflected back the meager light.

It had been almost an hour, and the contact hadn't shown up. It was about the time that she had decided a new contract wasn't worth the cold that would come after standing out in the rain like an idiot, when the carriage came to a stop in front of her. It forced her to jump back a step, to avoid the surge of water, and with a muttered curse, she looked up at the door of the dark wood with pale, annoyed eyes. They were almost the color of silver, though not quite so exotic a label could be attached. Still, they were interesting, and curious as the door opened and a man's gloved hand beckoned her inside.

Most women, upon having an unknown carriage stopped before them at half past midnight, would turn the other way and very quickly retreat. But she had been expecting something of this nature, and she hauled herself up into it. Despite how  heavy her cloak felt, as if it intended to drag her back down. Dropping with a faint squish into the seat opposite the figure, the door swung closed again and they were left in almost complete darkness.

She couldn't see his features, and likely he couldn't see hers with her hood, but his voice was rich and elegant, the sort of thing she'd expect of someone with money. Good, she didn't work cheaply. "Good evening, miss. I believe you may be able to help me solve a...problem."

At first she nodded, and then due to the dark confines of the carriage she replied "Yes, I might be. Most problems can be solved. Especially with a bit of time and money."

The Fix
The Fix

“Aw hell, Clank!” The woman was leaned back in her chair, one hand cradling the phone, her heavy boots up on the desk. The crackling on the line momentarily grew quieter before the man started to defend himself.

“How was I supposed t'know that he was important? He didn't look like it!” The woman's disgust with the situation could be read in her voice as easily as it was in her face. A series of jagged scars tore across the left side of her forehead and high cheek bone, and one across the bridge of her nose. They were old, white now instead of pink and new.

“Well I dunno Clank, maybe you just shouldn't beat up random people? Maybe that's generally frowned upon even if they aren't involved with the gangs?” Finally she dropped her feet to the floor, her chair snapping upright as she leaned an elbow on the desk, as if leaning toward the man who wasn't there physically. “Maybe you deserve to get a few new holes and then if you make it, you won't be so reckless!”

There was an offended sound from the man on the phone, who had a hint of southern drawl, though it's edges had been smoothed over with time in the city. “Aw, come on, don't be like that! Y'know I didn't mean to cause so much trouble, Fix.”

Fix rolled her eyes, a pale grey almost silver in hue, and took a calming breath. “Fine. Alright. I will help, but you owe me for it. The Raiders are not exactly the nicest of groups to try and talk sense with.”  Not that she would be doing a lot of talking, but still. They were unreasonable.

“Oh yeah, I'll owe ya big time, Fix. Promise!” There was a sound of relief, even though he was offering a favor that was yet to be specified. She'd hang onto it awhile for sure. Make it a big one to get her money's worth, so to speak.

“Right. Stay inside, doors locked. I know it's hard...but Clank...don't do anything stupid.” She disconnected the call even as she could hear the sounds of his trying to protest his intelligence. Time to work, but yet again it wasn't for cash.

Below are a few ideas, mostly snippets of the starts of plots instead of something fully fleshed out. I enjoy the back and forth brainstorming with people to create a story that will interest both parties, so feel free to PM if you have an interest in any of these or have other ideas to offer. (My writing samples could also be expanded on, though they were done without much of a story in mind)

I also have some general settings that I am pretty much always up for, in one form or another. The only type I can say is a pass 100% of the time is slice of life.

- Victorian/steampunk
- Victorian supernatural, think penny dreadful's
- General high fantasy
- Ancient cultures and mythology,  Norse or Celtic in particular. Also Egyptian, First Peoples, etc.
- D&D settings
- Modern supernatural
- Futuristic/fantasy mixes
- Post-Apocalyptic

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Re: Come write with me! F looking for M
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2019, 12:17:18 PM »
Fantasy Settings

Left For Dead
Romance, adventure, control

Left as a sacrifice by a misguided cult, your character comes across a woman chained up. Whether you play the "monster" she was being offered up to or a random stranger who chanced across her would effect how the story plays out. Whether it is more romantic or more non-con, I still see her being difficult to warm up to whoever releases her, suspicious of his intentions.

The Castle
Suspense, entrapment

What happens when a spirit trapped in a castle finally finds someone that might be able to break their curse? It seemed they had been locked away in the castle for centuries with no one even finding the place. Now a traveler had stumbled upon the place, the great stone monstrosity seemingly perfectly kept despite it being utterly deserted. There was still food in the pantry, even, not rotten but appearing fresh. The curtains were not moldering, the wood of the doors was not rotten. Yet no living soul could be found upon searching the place, nor any sign that one had recently been there. Unfortunately for the weary traveler, once they had laden their bag with whatever they might want to walk off with, they could not leave.

Looking for someone to play a spirit cursed to live forever in an empty castle, who jumps at the chance when a young woman stumbles into it one night to try and escape the elements to keep her there and try to convince her to stay and/or help him escape. Thinking he is able to manifest physically, but it's a vague idea!

The Gift
Control, ownership,intrigue

Kings and emperor's were often given lavish gifts by visiting dignitaries, gold, textiles, scrolls. Sometimes those gifts were to curry favor, sometimes a courtesy for being welcomed and housed as a guest. When the diplomats from the kingdom of Esara arrived, they gifted you with a living being, instead. A dancer to entertain, they said she was wonderful, enchanting to watch, and that she could dance with fire. They gushed about her capabilities, and said it was the highest gift they could offer.

Amara, for her part, was not pleased at being given away as if an object. She had danced for nobility before, as a paid performer, but to be taken away from her home land, all she knew, and dropped into another country with no guarantee of her safety? The official that had taken her said she was to be a spy in the court, and that she would be assured freedom later. How much later, they didn't say. When she refused their initial offer to pay her, they took her by force, and when she was presented, she was...less than pleased.

Depending on the character played, Amara may choose to be allied with this new kingdom she ends up in, or she could act as a spy. Your character could be the ruler or just someone in court, depending on your tastes. I don't see it as a straight NC story, but there could definitely be elements given her position. Open to ideas!

Spring in the Underworld
Stockholm Syndrome, obsession, twisted romance

Persephone, goddess of spring is stolen away from the careful, watchful eye of her mother Demeter. This story already has it's characters, as I'm looking for someone interested in playing Hades. The tone of the story, like most of my ideas, could range from romantic to quite dark. I'm open to most possibilities for it. But in the end, Persephone will come to care for Hades and not hate being in the underworld, no matter how she feels at first. I am up for this being in a classical setting, or bringing it into current day and having everything happen in modern times.

Rival For His Attention
Chase, clash of wills

Like many men of power, he's supposed to marry in a way that benefits his clan, kingdom, etc. A cliche notion. But he has difficulty focusing on the vapid, meek ladies he is supposed to chose from. For the next two weeks, however, he and a few of his most trusted men - the closest he could count as friends - were traveling on a hunting trip. Away from the pressure of his kingdom and the politics that consistently gave him headaches. His father was old and his health was ailing. The pressure was on for him to marry sooner rather than later, to be well established and potentially even have an heir on the way before he took full control.

The first week was spent riding, drinking, and occasionally finding game. But mostly it was simply getting as far into the forest as possible, away from his responsibility. By the 8th day, they were hunting in earnest, the deep untamed forest allowing for excellent opportunity for deer and more. They had spread out some, a few of his men stayed at the camp they had set up in a low clearing. A few were with him but out of sight, within earshot should anything go wrong. However they all knew to be as quiet as possible as the crept through the trees. When the massive stag stepped into his sight, the man held his breath in awe. It was the biggest he'd ever seen, it's horns branching again and again. He lifted his bow, starting to pull the string taught toward his ear as he sighted.

Before he could fully line up his shot, an arrow fell at his feet, just in front of his toes, with a rustle of air and a thunk as it sunk into the earth. The fletching was silver, not the blue and gold of his men. And it came from the direction of the stag, not to either side of him. The stag lifted it's head, as if listening, and then dashed off into the brush. The man cursed and sought the source of the arrow. What he saw was unexpected, a small female figure cloaked and hooded, bow stretched taught as she held an arrow ready. She was perched on a branch as easily as if she was a bird. His first reaction was to lift his own bow, to fire, an instinctive desire to protect himself.

The woman loosed her arrow and it landed directly in front of his other foot, as if warning him to stay where he was, or turn back. Another was drawn swiftly and knocked. "You will not harm him." Her voice was sweet even if the words held a threat. When he paused, confused, she glanced briefly to where the stag had vanished, and then back at him. The moment he looked down at the arrows in the ground, she was off the tree and fleeing. While he chased briefly, she clearly knew these woods well, and he lost her quickly in the brush. All his crashing brought his men toward him, as well, worried about his safety less he had met a wild boar.

Does he become angry or intrigued? Does he attempt to hunt her down or coax her from hiding? Could go a variety of ways, but main concept is the chase and effort to both find her and keep her still long enough to speak with. I picture her as not being human, but as far as what exactly she is it's up in the air.

The Sidhe
Temptation, ownership, twisted romance

The realm of the fae is not like what most people imagine, true it is beautiful beyond compare in some areas. Others are places of darkness and dangerous, hungry beasts that haunt a human's nightmares. Shadowy and perilous, there are still some rules that the courts follow. A favor is always returned, a fae's word is always kept. If broken, it would mean to diminish their power. And that is something none of them can afford to have happen when it takes so much wit and skill to survive the machinations of court.

But outside of the winter and summer courts, there are outliers, those that while allied to one of them in name, keep themselves apart from the endless parties and political maneuvering. This story is about one of these, who encounters a human quite helpless in their new surroundings.

I am open to playing either the fae or the human in this story, as both would be interesting. If playing the fae, she'd be surprised by the cleverness of the human and slip up at some point, ending up owing him a debt which she had to fulfill. If playing the human, she would be open to the possibly manipulation of the male fae, and probably end up in his debt for him saving her life as she found herself stuck in the faewilds.

Fallen Warrior
Corruption, dark themes

Una was one of many of the warriors from the north that had risen up to try and defend her lands from the invasion of the Imperial elven nation. Their numbers were simply not sufficient, nor did they have a proper fortress to defend their village. Instead they were slowly but surely beaten back, to the river and then most of them slaughtered, as they refused to surrender even in the face of certain defeat. No, better to die fighting than be under the Imperial rule. Una was not killed, but the injuries she sustained caused her to fall unconscious due to blood loss. Laying on the field for hours, until the Imperial troops searched for and found any living, she was mostly dead from blood loss by the time their healers started to work on her.

She had no idea how long she had been unconscious for, but she was in a strange room with strange people when she finally awoke. Later on she'd find she was in the Imperial capital, but in that instant, she was confused and afraid enough to lash out. Despite her weakness, she still grabbed a healer woman and held her hostage, until she could be subdued. Unfortunately no one in the room at the time spoke the "barbarian" tongue, and while she spoke a bit of the elven tongue, in her confused state she hadn't even tried. The next time she awoke she'd have been tied down to the bed to keep her from potentially harming someone.

Una will have been taken as a prisoner, but the exact nature of that imprisonment is up for discussion. She will find the culture completely different, and she will be a challenge for whoever is assigned to keep an eye on her. I am open to some non-con, or dub-con, with her being essentially at the mercy of your character. Perhaps she was taken to be turned into a sort of gladiator? A body guard? Maybe a noble simply wanted one of the barbarians for a trophy to sit at his dinner parties?

The Wildling
Dark, adventure, violent

The Wilds were untamed, various jungles and mountains, ranging across a large swathe of land that no one had yet managed to tame. The terrain was too difficult, the jungle too dangerous, filled with dangerous animals, poisonous plants and vipers, interspersed with swamps that would eat a man alive given the chance.

Yet there were reasons to enter it, rare herbs that could only be found there, potential ore in the rugged mountains. If only someone would take the time and spend the energy to make the place more hospitable. But there are those that don't want civilization to make any attempts to tame the Wilds. A few creatures that are more dangerous than others due to their intelligence.

Your character finds themselves in the Wilds for some reason, and encounters someone that doesn't want him there. Where it goes from there is up for discussion, do they fight? Is she captured? Does she see some quality in him worth helping him through the jungle? She is clearly not fully human, but what race she is exactly is open for discussion.

Welcome To The Circus
Twisted, dark, comedy, romance

Disa worked as a performer, she would always say. People responded better to that, with less disdain, than if she tried to explain it was in a circus. Old prejudices died hard, it seemed. She was an acrobat, a gymnast, a dancer. She was skilled at what she did and enjoyed the thrill of it, but more importantly, the circus she worked in was a haven for...people that didn't quite fit in elsewhere. The strong man was a bit too strong. The mermaid was not wearing a suit, in that tank of hers. The bear and lion had a close relationship with their trainer. The fortune teller was a seer.

None of these things were easily believable to most people, the general populace brushed off their acts as skill and tricks. A few knew better, but kept their mouths shut as the performers weren't the type to cause trouble. Once in awhile, a Hunter would show up, as if to warn them not to. But they made an okay living, and kept away from political issues or rowdy bar fights.

At least, until people started dying, both in and around the circus. And whoever was killing people, was following them from place to place.

I imagine a darker story here, but could easily go lighthearted. Your character could be the new performer, of whatever supernatural or fantasy creature you decide. A mage, a were, whatever could bring in people to the tent. Or perhaps you play a hunter who is there to try and figure out who is doing the killing? Plenty of suspects for a monster hunter when almost everyone associated with the circus could be dangerous.

Abandon All Hope
Epic quest turned weird

The great stories always talk of heros who have vanquished massive dragons, evil wizards, or the undead. Your quest brought you to an old abandoned castle, rumors said there was a terrible creature who lived there, making it impossible for anyone to loot whatever treasures might be inside. Each night there could be seen a light in one of the still standing towers, sometimes a fleeting silhouette seen in the window. Each person who claimed to get close had a similar story, something chased them away before they could get three steps inside.

Whether you are there by contract or simply out of curiosity, you find yourself standing at the old broken gates of the palace, unsure of what exactly you'd be facing.

This concept has room for flexibility. My first ideas have some sort of non-human guarding her home. But what she is is up for discussion. She could be a were wolf, or some cursed royalty, a flip of a beauty and the beast sort of thing? Maybe she is neither, but the last of her kind? Either way, she has no intention of harming people if she can scare them away instead. But she will fight to defend her solitude.

The Ambassador
Adventure, romance, suspense

Eleri Pavaris was chosen as the ambassador of good will to the most feared nation, it's name whispered by average human citizens. Eleri was taught the language, but little was known of the traditions that she would be exposed to. So instead of being wholly unprepared, she was prepared for all the possibilities her teachers could think of.

It wasn't really that effective, she still had no clue what she'd have to deal with. But she was eventually able to handle most stressful situations in stride and grace. As much as she possibly could, at least. Given a food you dislike? Grin and bear it! Human sacrifice? Just stay calm! But she wasn't at all expecting the man who would be her main liaison.

A human diplomat, with a little magic training and a decent education, finds herself a stranger in a strange land. Is this an elven city? Rival human nation? Something even more exotic? I would like to put her into difficult situations, where she would have to charm and fumble her way through traditions completely different than her own. This could open opportunities for comedy, or for her to question her morality, etc.
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Re: Come write with me! F looking for M
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2019, 02:27:48 PM »
Supernatural settings

A Job Gone Wrong Right
Dark, possibly violent, creatures, beauty and beast

Moirne O'hara was skilled at tracking people down, years of learning from her detective father had helped her gain a solid base to work with in getting her PI license. Now she hunted down people for money, often just locating them and telling their spouse what they were up to. Maybe providing evidence of such. It wasn't usually all that dangerous, in fact it often involved long hours sitting in a car listening to music and just...watching. But this particular case was odd, the man wasn't someone's spouse but a colleague. And nothing at all made sense about how he vanished.

It would come as a surprise to them both when she tracked him down, not in another city or small town, but in a cabin in the middle of no where deep in the woods.

Looking for someone to play some sort of creature, were or some such (open to suggestions but the basis would be he can change between whatever monster and human form he has), that she manages to track down despite his best efforts at hiding. I imagine the guy not wanting to hurt anyone but also not wanting to risk her leaving to tell everyone there's a monster in the woods. Queue awkward bargaining and potential romance. Maybe this is a hereditary curse, or he was researching books he didn't fully understand?

Dinner For One
Dark, suspense, obsession

The premise is that in whatever setting, it could be high fantasy or supernatural, or even horror, a clan of vampires keeps a larder beneath their mansion. Every so often humans are collected, those who shouldn't be missed, and kept alive as sources of food. It's all very clinical normally, the human is kept in a small cell, and they have only so much blood drained every so many days to keep them alive for awhile. Blood is then delivered upstairs as dinner. 

But this particular meal has a special something, her blood tastes different, something your character can't put his finger on. He heads downstairs to find out what she is, though she isn't very forthcoming as he questions her. He has a choice, if she tastes so sweet to him, she will to others. How does he go about keeping her? He quickly finds he can't enthrall her as he can most humans. I imagine a story of near obsession, and her eventual surrender to him as she sees it as her only way to stay away from other vampires. Almost a Stockholm syndrome story.

Note: I do not want a typical romanticized vampire character. He wants her because he is selfish and doesn't want others to have her, not because he has feelings for her per say. Likewise, she isn't smitten with him, but submits to what he wants because he's the lesser of two evils. Eventually they'd maybe start to have a sort of twisted symbiotic relationship, where they each help the other, but I still don't see them necessarily being in love.

Death's Assistant
Comedy, romance

 When she died, she hadn't had any time to consider what might happen afterward. Young life was stolen away long before one started to question their mortality. When the reaper came for her, the lack of concern about her predicament was disconcerting. Something about her oddly colored eyes, or the cant of them, caught him off guard. When he said she had to leave her body behind, her questions were common, but one was glaring in the fact it was missing. Not once did she ask to stay, to see family or friends one last time. It wasn't that she had wanted to die, but she seemed...unimpressed by it. By him, even. And then she asked to stay with him instead, and against his better judgement it gave him pause.

Looking for someone to play death, or a reaper of death, some sort of personification of it, in any case. Bonus points for anything non-standard. He doesn't have to carry a scythe or look skeletal. I'm open to various reasons why he might decide to keep her around. Boredom, curiosity, something else? He could be as dark or lighthearted as you like!

The Secret
Dark, suspense, mystery

The nine paintings that Victor Ashforth created before his brutal murder became collector pieces quickly. While none of them aeem to have any discernable features that one can point to, they all have an unearthly, disturbing quality. Each time a buyer purchased or received one of the perfectly square canvases, misfortune was only a matter of time.

Some had ruined businesses or careers. Some became suddenly and mysteriously ill. Some went insane and killed their family in bloody scenes straight out of a horror film. A few, more in touch with the unusual side of the world, realized the painting did them no favors and got rid of them.

But those who knew a bit more of Ashforth, knew him personally or through old journals, knew he had painted the nine canvases all at the same time. The rumors became garbled over time, and now it was unclear if it was a terrible piece of powerful knowledge he'd hidden in them, or something even more dangerous. Like a way to summon something dangerous and possibly evil.

I imagine my character as trying to stop the nine paintings from all falling into the same person's hands. Your character could be the collector, or could be an entity summoned when the paintings are all in the same place, or any other idea that comes to mind. Concept is somewhere between Lovecraftian mythos and Clive Barker. It would be interesting to hear ideas on where to run with it! Does it have a happy ending, or does my character end up in over her head?

Dark, supernatural creatures, possession, corruption

The series of events that led him to her didn't particularly matter. Whether she had mistakenly read the wrong book or messed up a spell or ritual - he didn't care the reason how he found her, simply that somehow she came into his sharp focus at the same time she opened the way for him to reach her.

An unfortunate accident ends up putting a young woman in the sights of a demon, someone who yearns to corrupt and possess her. Demon here is used simply as a word to describe the non-human entity, it could be spun that they are simply from another plane and often the worst ones come visiting. Meaning that many religions have dubbed them demons. This one does want to win this woman over to his side, but he also has an odd sense of morals as he clearly isn't human. Manipulation or holding her captive doesn't even strike him as something wrong.

A Witches Problem
Magic, supernatural, modern day

Ailish Murphy had a problem. An obsessive stalker that had chased her literally across the country to try and keep tabs on her. Police that wouldn't do anything as he had a knack for getting out of trouble. And her own inability to take his life. She was a medium, the last thing she needed was to have his ghost haunting her for the rest of her life. So she went to the nearest coven, hoping to find a witch or warlock that would be able to help. The coven put out a notice for the work, requesting anyone who was willing to help for a favor in return to contact Ailish. A favor from a medium who could speak to the dead could come in very handy for anyone in the supernatural community, after all.

Your character could be a practitioner, or perhaps some other supernatural being that is in tune with the local coven. Were, vampire, whatever strikes your fancy. Think of any of the supernatural modern settings that include all these things, they all could be drawn on for the setting. (Dresden Files, Supernatural, True Blood, etc)
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Re: A variety of interests - F looking for M char
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2019, 08:44:56 PM »
Medieval/Historical (light to no fantasy elements)

The Northman
Adventure, culture shock, dark

Formed in the year 988, the Varangian Guard was an elite band of foreign soldiers that protected the Byzantine emperor. Mostly made up of the tall, fair haired Norsemen, the were renowned for their fearlessness on the battlefield, and their immunity to local political loyalties. Used not only as this elite squad of bodyguards, they also played major roles in many battles, striking fear in the hearts of the emperor's enemies with the brutality of their fighting. They did not hesitate to cut down retreating soldiers, wielding axes, bows, and swords.

There was wealth and glory for any Northman that would travel to join the guard, or at the very least, a worthy death in battle. And when it was time to leave, one would have stories and wealth, comrades to count on during travel. Do you return to the land of ice and snow? Or do you push further east, along the Silk Road?

This story does require your character to be a part of the famed Varangian guard, but that is the only thing set in stone. I can see a woman from many different cultures ending up meeting him. A viking in her own right, when he returns home. A slave in a market from Eastern Asia or Egypt. The daughter of a silk merchant from the Song dynasty. The dynamic between the two characters also has a broad range, and I'd love to hear someone's ideas on this one. This could be low-fantasy with a touch of magic, or it could be simply alternate history.

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Re: A variety of interests - F looking for M char
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Cyberpunk or Scifi

The Specimen
Possible romance, non-con, dark, or violent

Notes of Dr. Abrams

Monday, 14:00
Specimen arrived today, given a room which was promptly destroyed. Restraints are necessary until communication is established.

Tuesday, 08:00
Specimen broke arm of orderly when restraints were removed. Sedatives had to be administered in order to restrain properly again. Looking for alternatives to keeping it restrained permanently. Prison door so meals can be passed through?

Wednesday, 17:30
No attempts at communication have been successful, yet subject seems to be highly intelligent. Just prone to rages.

This could feature a male or female subject, depending on what side of the coin you look at. Alien, genetic experiment, cryptid? Many options for what the "specimen" could be. Also the doctor or scientist that is played opposite could either fall for the creature romantically after figuring out how to communicate, or could be kidnapped and held hostage for it's escape, depending on if a lighter or darker story is desired.

Romance, slow burn, corruption, possible blackmail, non-con

That's what she went by online, anyway, Edit. No one knew her age or gender when she used the persona. Instead they knew that she was one of the best hackers that you could hire. Did you have a police record that needed to vanish? Did you need your name changed? An entirely new identity?

Edit was the one to go to, and for a price, Edit would make it happen. But then she encountered someone who managed to slip past her usually perfect walls of logic and pique her curiosity. He found out that she was a young woman, and things...spiraled.

Not sure if this should be started as someone finding her info and using it to gain some sort of hold on her, or if this is someone she meets in person and who stumbles across who she is. Open to either one. She might corrupt a government agent who was trying to stop her, or maybe someone corrupts her further from her usually non-violent acts to something more?

Out of Gas
Adventure, suspense

“This is a distress call. Engines are down. Life support will run out in....83 hours. Anyone within distance of the following coordinates, please assist.” The voice was female, and in the common tongue that was used for trading. But that was all that could be told from the spotty transmission, before a repeated string of numbers indicating the craft's location came in.

The call was just at the edge of where you'd be able to reach them by the time that 83 hours expired. When approached, it was clear it was a small individual transport, and there was likely only one person aboard. Potentially someone with money, from the newness of the craft. The problem with it was obvious. Some sort of space debris had impacted with the side of the ship, tearing a hole through the engine as well as the life support equipment. Whoever was inside was likely working off whatever oxygen was in their suit, and once that was out, they'd have mere moments of life left.

Looking for a sort of anti-hero here, someone who couldn't let her suffocate but also isn't the nicest person. Whether she is human or a humanoid alien is open to discussion, same as for him. Kind of thinking a Farscape inspired sort of story, but likely darker.

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Re: A variety of interests - F looking for M char
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A few characters who currently have some meat to their backgrounds, but no story line concepts, with more detail to come as I have some time:

Toril is unique, looking perhaps to be part demon, or dragon? It's hard to say, as she looks quite humanoid in figure. Minus the white horns that sprout and curl from her head, the same hue as her vaguely claw-like nails. Pearl-white skin has scattered traces of iridescent scales, the edges smooth like snake skin. They appear almost at random, on her shoulders, down her sternum, on her hips. The white of her skin is contrasted sharply with the deep indigo of her hair, almost black, falling past her waist in gentle waves. But it was her eyes that were the most striking of all, a solid white with flecks of the same opal hues that touched her scales. It made it difficult to hold her gaze, as she seemed to always be looking off in the distance instead of focusing on the person before her.

Setting: Fantasy
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'2
Hair: Indigo
Eyes: opal
Physical: Graceful, curvy.
Magic/talents: Healing, illusion.
Education/skills: No formal education
Occupation: Healer

Toril is a character who is still a pretty tenuous concept, but I'd love to have ideas of where to go with her. All I know for sure is she is a healer.


Setting: Fantasy
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'7
Hair: White
Eyes: Bright sapphire
Physical: She looks deceptively delicate in human form, graceful and lithe like a dancer.
Magic/talents: Besides the obvious benefit of being able to shape shift between a dragon and a human, she has a great store of illusion magic at her disposal.
Education/skills: No formal education, she is clearly strong in the form of a dragon, but dislikes fighting or hunting.
Occupation: None

Inys is not what she appears at first. A dragon who has for decades kept to herself, even as humans started to make their presence known in her region. She thought they would be able to live nearby without any issues, as she had no desire to harm them or their crops, unlike some of her kind. Instead she chose to try and isolate herself, high up in lodge in the mountains, a place where humans rarely came close to. There was no gold or silver ore to be mined, and there were much easier paths around the jagged peaks, keeping her on her own for many years. Unfortunately, the city that sprang up near the base of her mountain range is growing, and they have seen the shadow of her flying at night. Now they want her gone.


Setting: Fantasy (Any time period)
Age: 32
Height: 5'4
Hair: Platinum blonde
Eyes: Copper
Physical: Lithe, graceful
Magic/talents: None
Education/skills: Decent with a dagger, but primarily a thief. Lock picking, disguises, etc.
Occupation: Thief, specializes in rare artifacts.

Shard doesn't give her real name out often, she thinks the elven flow of it sounds too soft for a thief. And it isn't just her skills that gets her work, it's the way people view her, if they think she is capable or not upon first and second glance. Sarcastic and playful in nature, even when working, she is still good at her job. She's stolen gems, amulets, artwork, valuable weapons. Walking into a party of nobility and charming other guests, only to sweep out of the place with something valuable tucked away. She is a chameleon, and very few people can dig down to the core of her and find out who she really is.

I'd be curious to see what sort of character someone would pit against her. And how they might break her stubborn streak.


Setting: Fantasy, medieval/historical
Age: 27
Height: 5’10
Hair: Red, curly
Eyes: Green
Physical: Tall, leanly muscled over a somewhat curvy frame
Magic/talents: None
Education/skills: Trained in multiple weapons but favors long swords. Horseback riding, basic education for a low-ranking noble and palace guard.
Occupation: Captain of the princess’ guard.

Captain of the royal guard, she is serious about her training and the epitome of "all work and no play". Coming from the home of a minor lord, she was in the right place at the right time to save the crown princess. Earning her accolades and more responsibility, which was what she wanted though she didn't expect to achieve it without more years of experience. She has striking if not pretty features, bright red hair and startling green eyes, and a smattering of freckles across her nose that her subordinates still tease her for occasionally. She would need an equally powerful character to play opposite from as she is remarkably stubborn and headstrong, but she values skill and dedication in others as she does in herself.


Setting: Fantasy - Either historical or modern
Age: 19
Height: 5’4
Hair: Pale blonde
Eyes: white
Physical: Slim, delicate, fair skinned
Magic/talents: Oracle and seer
Education/skills: Some history and other basic education, but not a great deal.
Occupation: Temple oracle.

True fortune tellers and oracles, those that can peer into the future or into someone's past, are few and far between. Sheltered in a temple dedicated to the goddess' of fate, Amarill has quietly practiced her arts since she was a mere child. Blind, she was brought to the head priestess when she was just four years old, her family frightened of her powers but also worried about them being misused. She has foretold the outcomes of important battles, protecting the temple for years by knowing exactly who in power they had to swear fealty to in order to survive. The head priestess has kept her a secret even from other priestess', to protect her as she grew to adulthood as well as for more selfish reasons. The sect grew rich from her predictions, and became a powerful ally to whatever king was in power at the time. Now someone has leaked this secret to someone outside the temple walls.

She has been sheltered most her life but has a great desire to experience more, she yearns to not be just a caged tool. It wouldn't be that difficult for someone to promise her a life and win over her talents to their cause. But that isn't to say she is stupid, lacking in real life experience, naivety has been tempered by the visions she sees. She is a mixture of vulnerable and powerful, but her skills can't be forced to work for someone either. She could be in almost any time or culture setting, high fantasy or more modern. For instance she could draw her power from the Norns or the Moirai.

I would very much like this character to be in some sort of dub-con story, she is blind and innocent, but has a great deal of power, so there are many characters that might go opposite her.

Alexandra DuPont

Alexandra Lily DuPont

Setting: Victorian/steampunk
Age: 22
Height: 5’4”
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Physical: Pale skin, delicate features and a slender figure.
Heritage: British, with French ancestors
Magic/talents: Medium, can see and communicate with spirits and demons.
Education/skills: Finished boarding school, horseback riding, Latin, Greek, self taught on occult history.
Occupation: Currently none, family money is such that she has no need to work. Holds seance’s and assists people who request it with ghosts, etc.

A Victorian lady who dabbles in the occult, Alexandra has seen and heard things all her life that she can't fully explain. But she is absolutely certain there is more out there than what most people believe. When her parents died on safari, leaving her a small fortune in a trust fund to protect her assets, she was left alone as an only child. Now she uses her free time to research the darker aspects of reality. Her lawyer urges her to find a husband, but the only men calling on her are beneath her. Strong willed and not scared by the shadows that whisper to her, she looks for someone that wouldn't simply be overrun by her strong personality. Even if that someone might not be fully human.



Setting: Post-Apocalyptic/supernatural
Age: 24
Height: 5’0”
Hair: Pale blonde
Eyes: Blue
Physical: Short, stronger than she looks, curvy somewhere under the layers.
Heritage: American, not sure past this.
Magic/talents: None.
Education/skills: Self taught sharp shooter, speaks a little sign language.
Occupation: She’s a sniper, protecting settlements or groups of scavengers while they are outside the safety of walls.

Mouse has gone by said nickname for so long she doesn't really answer to her given name anymore. A sharpshooter by trade, she works not as an assassin as much as a guardian. Her job is to cover those who go beyond the safety of the encampment for supplies. And to keep watch for those that might try to enter in less than forthright manners. Snarky when she does speak up, she is used to spending long stretches of time in look out posts alone. As such her general diplomacy is not what it could be. When she finds herself assigned to an old forest warden's tower several miles from the encampment, things could get odd fast. Set to watch over a broad swath of wilderness at the outer edge of what remains of civilization, she would be on her own for any problems that happened to crop up.

Mouse is sort of inspired by the various ghost and horror stories you hear about national parks, etc. Someone with a bit of humor, dry or not, would be really fun to pit against her. And I am curious to throw in something of Native American legend, such as a skinwalker or wendigo.

Eira Kvethe

Setting: Any
Age: 75 - Looks 25
Height: 5’6
Hair: White
Eyes: Gold
Physical: Nicely curved, not overly lean or muscled but not weak.
Heritage: Norwegian
Magic/talents: Witch, specializes in poisons, antidotes, death. Also general alchemy, wards, and curses.
Education/skills: General medicine/first aid knowledge. Able to bind or suture wounds, treat infections, etc.
Occupation: Sells her services, potions, and poisons.
Family: None
Pets: One crow who is a familiar, however the murder he stays with is generally found in the trees around her home.

Eira is a powerful witch, and has spent many years specializing in poisons and their antidotes, specifically. More broadly speaking, she is skilled in potion making, wards, and curses. Generally she uses a charm to glamour herself into looking her actual age, instead of the young body she has. It is for simplicity, as many clients believe that as a witch, she must either be old, ugly, or both. A loner, she stays far away from people in the wilderness. She's long ago made enough money to keep her comfortable, and now generally only accepts work that she finds interesting, or from someone who can trade skilled labor or knowledge for the work. At first meeting she is haughty, perhaps even too prideful, and prickly. But she is not an evil or even necessarily mean person. Simply blunt and unapologetic about who and what she is, with no patience for stupidity.

Eira would need someone equally strong willed and stubborn to handle her.

Irithiel Nim

Setting: Fantasy, medieval.
Age: 35
Height: 5’3
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Physical: Slender, fair skin. She is a mage so is of normal physical strength and endurance.
Heritage: Elven
Magic/talents: Quite skilled as a mage, including elemental magic, shielding, illusions, and more.
Education/skills: Studied at a prestigious school of magic from the age of fifteen to twenty-five. Also speaks and writes in several languages.
Occupation: Mage for hire.
Family: Comes from a minor noble elven house, as such has quite a bit of extended family as well as a living father.
Faith: None in particular.

Irithiel is a skilled mage, but her pride has often been her downfall. In general, she dislikes humans, thinking of them often as barbaric. This mildly xenophobic nature has at times cost her work, but she never seems to blame it on herself.

She is talented as well as dedicated, and is useful to have both in a fight as well as for more scholarly pursuits. Her services are not the cheapest, but having gained some small reputation in certain circles as being quite good at what she does, she generally gets the wages she asks for. Often she is hired to help protect merchant caravans, or provide simple illusions for people. The constant travel she does has meant she has no set home, but generally chooses a large city to stay in whenever she is between jobs.

She is prideful, for good reason. But it would be fun to have someone challenge that pride.

Nora Bianchi

Setting: Modern, modern supernatural/fantasy
Age: 23
Height: 5’4
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue-grey
Physical: Clearly works out some and is fit, otherwise fairly average in build.
Heritage: Italian-American
Magic/talents: None
Education/skills: Just graduated, art, photography.
Occupation: Student
Family: Father, estranged.

Basics: Nora is an only child to a hit man for the mob. While she doesn’t know his exact profession she found out recently he works for them, and this combined with an already difficult relationship made her pull away from him completely. The past two years or so she’s had no communication from him. Having just finished school, now she’s searching for work as a photographer. In the meantime she stays in a small studio apartment just off campus, and has a part time job as a waitress. While her father did pay for her school, he didn’t take care of every single bill, so she still has to work. Impulsive, she has a tendency to get into trouble if she isn’t careful. Being drawn to trouble itself is an issue as well, her past relationships generally being passionate and short lived, burning up before they really get off the ground.


Setting: Medieval fantasy
Age: 24
Height: 5'1
Hair: Pale blonde
Eyes: Jade
Physical: Petite
Magic/talents: While she doesn't specifically have magic of her own, skilled in alchemy.
Education/skills: Jewelry, goldsmithing, alchemy, engraving, lock picking, pick pocketing.
Occupation: Jeweler and alchemist.

Raised in the thieves guild, her initial skill set was strictly illegal. Her small size and quick feet allowed her to start with pick-pocketing. Soon she was taught lock picking, and moved onward to working as a fence for the guild leader. The time spent in the guild-backed jewelry store allowed her to learn from the old jeweler that worked there as well, Anton. He became, if not a role model, a bit of a guide in the development of her unique talents. The transmutation of metals, the mixing of reagents, came almost naturally to her, boosted by the books that Anton provided. Soon her experiments were including the beautiful jewelry she was learning to create.

And soon that started to cause rumors to spread among the upper class, the rich and the royalty. There was a jeweler that could imbue gems with various properties. Did you want to appear younger? She could help. Did you want to be charming to the opposite sex? For a price, she could do this, too. But this wasn't the kind of attention a shop run by the thieves guild wanted.

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Re: A variety of interests - F looking for M char
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~ Pictures I'd love a partner to use as inspiration. ~

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Re: Show me what you got - F looking for M char
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If you see anything that catches your eye, let's brainstorm.

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Re: Show me what you got - F looking for M char
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Re: Show me what you got - F looking for M char
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Added some new futuristic story prompts.

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Re: Show me what you got - F looking for M char
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Small bump, updated some things. My posting schedule is quite erratic at the moment, but always open to brain storming anyway.