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May 16, 2022, 12:53:34 pm

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Author Topic: Light Hearted and 'Wholesome' For the most part. Any for Any.  (Read 631 times)

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Hey there, I am Dyphus, and I like to role play.
A little about me as a roleplayer. I am decent roleplayer at best. Not perfect, but we can have an enjoyable time. When it comes to characters, innocent and kind are the general ways to describe them! Light hearted is the best way to describe my interests.
This here is a thread dedicated to help guide the process to getting from no role play, to role play. Simple right?
Cool! Well then keep reading, and let's see where things go.

Current Cravings:
The Convention Center: Any x Any.
An anime convention is in full swing. Cosplayers, events, singers, workshops, a massive dealers market, and a ridiculous number of people. It is both an Anime 'enthusists' wet dream, and nightmare. So much to do, but never enough time, and inability to be in two places at once! What happens when a flyer whips around, promising to be the 'best cosplay contest of the year.' What could it mean? Why wasn't in the main convention program? Why can't the curiousity go away! Clearly, there is only one thing to do, attend.
-> Obviously something is up. The primary idea for this is that the contest it more for showcasing the risque cosplays that someone might be able to do.
-> It is showcased as a Rave like setting, which would mean it will enclude lots of dancing, warm environment, alcohol, bright lights, and even drugs if you desire.
-> This is meant to be really inclusive, there are competitions for Males, Females, Trans, and even Herms if that is what you are up for.
-> Other things can be discussed as well.

These are some guidelines to make this more enjoyable for all those involved in the RP. I generally try and follow these.
-> Posts are detailed enough to describe the scene appropriately. They will not be bogged down with unncessary detail that just serve to make a post seem larger.
-> Posts will supply enough action or hooks to allow for a fairly easy transition from post to post to post. As in, keeping a good flow.
-> While not necessary, a basic Character Sheet would be greatly beneficial for us to post first wherever we RP.
-> Roleplay can be done through PM's, or in Thread.

Character Sheets
Speaking of Character Sheets, here is a basic Skeleton that I feel is enough to get the basics down for a character, without ruining the whole 'get to know a character' portion of an RP.
Notable Features:

-> Special note here: I am an anime fan. Therefore, here is your fair warning that I will likely use some form of an anime picture will be used for an appearance, should pictures be requested.

How to contact
Pm me first please and thank you. That way we can discuss the RP, how things are going to proceed, characters, etc...

Fandoms that I like
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Dungeons and Dragons
Magic the Gathering

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Sexual Pairings:

**Transgendered, femboys, tomboys are all okay by me as well. I tend to play more femmey males, than normal males.

Pairings that are enjoyable:
The roles I prefer playing are bolded

Species and notes:
There are a number of races that I am comfortable playing, but a note that if I am not playing human, there will be something more interesting about them. See the list for more information. All are going to be compared to a human.

Elf: Physically a bit weaker, faster, more flexible.
Dark Elf: See Elf
Angel: Magical properties, physically flawless.
Demon: Magical properties, interesting feature. Feature could be, transformable tail, double dicked, horns, etc...
Furries: Depending on what I play, will be more anatomical.
-> Equines: Physically strong, fast, well endowed.
-> Canines: Faster, Knotted cocks, good senses
-> Dragons: Physically strong and durable, interesting male parts.

Primary Turn ons
Large cocks
Exotic Cocks
Unusual Semen
Small breasts
Excessive semen
Excessive cum
Condom filling
Genital Piercings (Pre-Existing)
Skimpy Clothes
Beach/Shower scenes

Primary Turn offs
Heavy Bondage
Excessive Pain
Other things I can't think of right now.

Super Special Important Note: Me as a Dom.
On the front of it, complete trashfire. At least from my experience. I can do the initiator thing, that is fine. However, do not expect me to be abusive, violent, super rough, or particularly mean about things. Expect me to be super cuddly, kind, and use rewards as opposed to punishments. That is just me, and expect it to be reflected in my characters. I know this is likely going to turn some people off, but I don't get enjoyment playing those kinds of characters.

Plot ideas:
Nothing that isn't already posted! More to come.

Same thing as plot ideas. Haven't really made a character yet, but expect this to fill