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May 06, 2021, 07:35:53 pm

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Author Topic: DeepNet VR (EX F for Any)  (Read 491 times)

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DeepNet VR (EX F for Any)
« on: March 26, 2019, 08:10:41 pm »
Good evening everyone,

I've had this setting idea for a while and done some personal writing with it, but I'd like to see if more people can help be build it out and roleplay in it.  The goal of the setting is to create an environment for extreme kinks that doesn't have the heavy non-con evil baggage that usually comes along with them.  I like roleplaying extremes but also enjoy more of a con to dub-con dynamic and this is my answer.  If you're interested then feel free to send me a PM.  The is open to anyone interested.  I'm a bi switch so there's a wide variety of roles I can take on in this setting.  Bring me your most twisted ideas to a fun setting!

Kinks possibly included- Bad End, BDSM, Torture, Monsters, Vore, Slavery, Objectification, Gynophagia, Free Use

By the early twenty second century mankind had developed virtual worlds that were able to rival reality in terms of fidelity and sensation.  What started out as clunky headsets and body suits had evolved into a simple wired patch worn on the back of the neck.  The implications for medicine, training, education, and entertainment ensured a steady stream of funding.  The revolution really came when the technology became able to exist along side the body's sleep cycle, freeing up a whole third of people's days to interact with the virtual world.  Early years of strife and addiction lead the governments and tech companies of the world to engineer in limits to people's time in the system.  However with the system able to analyze the user's body and adapt most people who self regulated barely felt those restrictions and could do even long marathon sessions without worry.  The various governments attempts at regulating the software proved less popular, but software had always been easier to get around.

Deep in the un-indexed corners of the internet a VR world was created to disregard those moral restrictions.  Accessible only by invitation it took the form of a massive fantasy world like many others.  Relying heavily on user created content the world lacked the polish and structure of many triple A VR games, but made up for it in scope and freedom.  A mind bogglingly large amount of skills and professions were available and unprecedented freedom of action was open to the players.  In fact, most of the strongest demon lords and monsters were players (or special donors and GMs) themselves.  Content patches were frequent but irregular, often created by the request of large donors who enjoy significant power in the VR world.  The economy is stabilized by a limited amount of currency, only occasionally increased with new patches, and relies heavily on player trade of raw materials for finished goods from professionals.

The game world is designed to be highly sexualized and to allow virtually anything.  The monsters are programmed to rape, eat, and kill players with sometimes hideous creativity and the players themselves are unbound in their dealings with each other save for a few 'safe zones' in the main city.  High level magics can call for sacrifices and the breaking of in game 'laws' can lead to creative punishments.  Sexuality is fairly common between players, and they can barter their services or even sign themselves over completely for set time periods using contracts.  That cute young healer might come along with the party for more than just her "Cure" spell.  Special events are put on by the creators and donors on certain schedules, and the creative player base often make their own.

A player joining this game has a wide variety of choices open to them including the adventuring, profession, and sexual skills that flesh out their characters in the world.  There is however one major play style choice unique to this VR world that somewhat splits the player base.  Survivors and Sacrificers.  These mutually exclusive skill trees mark the player as well as how they grow and interact with the world.  Survivors get skills and abilities based on overcoming monsters and quite literally not dying.  Death slows their character progression and can cause damage to their expensive equipment.  Sacrificers, meanwhile, actually grow when their character dies depending on how it happens.  Both paths can unlock new areas and complimentary skills, but represent very different reasons for being in the game world.

Some Details;

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There is no formal class or level system, instead skills are increased by use and certain higher skills have pre-requisites.  While it wouldn't be impossible in principle to learn everything, the sheer amount of time required means that most players focus their attentions on 1-3 areas of the tree.  Creating a pure mage or warrior would be easy, but there's nothing preventing a player from creating a spell-sword style character who would qualify for later skills the first two would never see.

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Most good equipment and items are created by the players.  High level crafters can even create their own designs with specific stats and abilities using the right materials.  Equipment often has a variety of skill requirements.  High defense equipment may require high level Survivor skills, while more sexualized gear might require certain sexual skill levels and have lower protection but additional effects.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The standard monster fare for fantasy games is included, but as mentioned most will happily rape and/or eat the adventurers as well as just killing them.  Higher level monsters are stronger and more devious and many hierarchical monster structures exist.  By killing or being killed by certain families of monsters (undead, beast, slime, goblinoid etc) a player can eventually learn some of their traits and start down a monster path.  Many a strong monster might be a player indulging in their darker side.  Additionally many Dragons, Djinn, Elementals and other powerful creatures are programers and GMs who are happy to play their part.  Wielding vast powers they are often a catalyst for special events.

What about the SEX?
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The game is highly sexualized and with rules out the window the players have come up with any number of creative ways to have fun.  That player run tavern may just let you have your way with the tavern wench at your table, or perhaps even serve her as your meal!  Formal game driven contracts mean private negotiations or slave auctions of players happen with some regularity.  Seeing a strong looking warrior if full plate dragging a chained naked slave through the street wouldn't cause a fuss, except perhaps to appreciate the show.  The only limits are player creativity.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The new VR technology is highly realistic and this server doesn't limit sensations.  Full sexual pleasure is open as well as the sensation of cool grass beneath bare feet.  The hardware has an upper limit on pain in order to prevent psychological damage, but where a normal game might limit it to 3/10 this server starts at 6 and allows the player to control that slider personally.  The setting is visible to others in their character details.

I may add a ton more detail to this as I continue to develop it.  Perhaps you'll help?

Example Character-  This is off the top of my head and not a set in stone character I really want to play.  Just thought it might help flesh out my thoughts on how the game works.

Elda- Daring Explorer
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Elda spends most of her time out in the wilds of the VR world exploring every nook and cranny she can get into.  Running solo she often runs afoul of monsters of varying strengths and even seeks out unique or strong ones making her a high skill Sacrificer as well as an explorer.  When she swings back to town she often sells maps and information to groups heading out that way and occasionally joins a party as a specialized and highly valuable scout.  She's largely interested in new things but open to consider any proposal brought to her and has accepted a number of unusual contracts in the past.

Notable Skills;
Adventure- Stealth, Daggers, Night Vision
Sacrificer- Monster Food, Tough Chase, Prey of the Strong
Sexual- Auctionee, Exhibitionist

Special Abilities;
Decoy (Req Stealth, Tough Chase, Exhibitionist)- Your true body becomes invisible while a naked version of you appears at a place of your choosing within 1km.  You control this version and sense everything it does for 30 minutes, this effect cannot end prematurely.  All monsters within a 3km radius are attracted to the copy and know it's position at all times.  After the effect ends your true body remains invisible for 1 additional hour.
Passing Peons (Req Stealth, Challenger of the Strong or Prey of the Strong)- When a strong enemy is in the vicinity weaker enemies are less likely to notice you.  If you initiate an attack against a strong enemy before being noticed weaker enemies will not join the fight.

Feather of the Hunted- Allows a swift message to be sent on the wind to a party member when health drops below 20% or captured by monsters.
Horn of Return- Sets a secondary re-spawn point of your choosing within 2km, allowing you to re-spawn in the wild rather than return to town.  All monsters and players in a 5km radius hear the horn and know your position for two hours.