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September 22, 2023, 10:34:13 pm

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Author Topic: You're my girlfriend the Intergalactic assassin. (New prompt addedd!)(MxF)  (Read 890 times)

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Looking for a partner!

For now I'm still open and looking for partners so please if you like what I have to offer or if you liked one of the stories do feel free to approach me via PM's/Ask for my discord/Threads etc!
Let me start off with the basic information regarding my writing preferences, availability and my preferences regarding yours, On's/Off's and then leave you with a wide range of possible prompts that can serve as an inspiration for you to create something new with me or encourage you to play that exact scenario with me as well!

Writing preferences.

This is quite a simple list really. But one that can easily tell you if We match in terms of writing preferences. Well enough said!

  • Normally the more to write the better, but I found that not everyone exactly enjoys it thus I found that the length of 4-6 paragraphs is that sweet spot for me allowing me to enjoy the RP even if I'm not writing whole pages.
  • I don't have any problem with playing in Third Or the first person, either way works for me.
  • Usually I find myself putting a strong emphasis on the character's emotions and tend to describe certain feelings coursing through them during the scene. Such writing is not required from you I'm just stating that if perhaps you find this type of writing boring or simply hate it.
  • I'd prefer to push the story or scene with every response, rather than have a partner or myself only responding/reacting to what has happened in the scene without really pushing it. It's not fun, and forces only one of us to do all the work.

Availability&My preferences regarding your Avaliability.

  • I usually try to respond as soon as I get the message and have time to write out a proper response. Given part-time job and an outside life I don't always have that luxury from Monday to Friday, although weekends allow me to have much more time both to write and talk.
  • I won't disappear without a word. I tend to leave a heads up if I won't be able to respond to you. Often specifying how long I would be inactive for. If possible I ask for the same thing. But it's not required.
  • I don't really like to wait for responses. So if you won't message me and won't send any heads up I'll abandon the RP after span of two weeks. I hope that's fair. I know everyone has an outside life, but I do too and I won't be waiting forever.

On's and Off's

Still in the process of making those, for now when messaging me do let me know about your own On's and Off's!

My writing!

Here We are. Feel free to look around, read and once you're sure We match as writing partners feel free to PM me either with a desire to create something completely new. Or create something similar to the pairing suggested in the prompt. Or just play out one of the prompts of mine! I'll be including few new ones soon!

You're my girlfriend, the Intergalactic Assassin. Yup. MxF/Futa Human EngineerXSupersoldier/Superhuman Assassin

Side note: Also interested in similar pairing but in fantasy/Modern setting.

I'm just an engine-nerd. One that never could get enough of it, the moving parts and the smell of grease. Spending all day long troubleshooting problems and up to my elbows in sparking components and vulcanized rubber. When the opportunity arose to work on a serious piece of technological know-how, of course, I jumped at the chance. An opportunity to see the galaxy, indulge my fascination with things that chunk and whirr and explode - - - Almost get myself killed. But, I did manage to do something that my siblings and peers always teased me about! I managed to find myself a girlfriend…sort of. It’s complicated. She’s tall and brave and strong, though!

That’s her, on the hazy view screen of my terminal. The operation has been underway for nearly thirty hours at this point, and I still find myself drawn to watching her when the opportunity arises. There’s little else to do, in geostationary orbit. She’s in a matte-black bodyglove that accentuates every curve of her frame, especially the swell of her bust. Despite myself, I feel my heart beat a little faster and the first stirrings of arousal. She’s tall, with long black hair and eyes like chips of glacial ice. She hasn’t so much as twitched in over a day, prone behind the immensity of the Terminus rifle she’s set up in her hide.

She fires as I watch. I've never actually seen her do that, before! I'm always away at the critical moment, dealing with some minor technical issue or just taking a moment to wash up. The recoil from the rifle is immense, and before it’s even finished the motion generated by firing she’s moving. There isn't any tripod, just the rubble she carefully arranged to negate a visual profile. She sweeps the rifle into the air, taller than she is. I know just how deceptively strong that wolfishly lean, female form is. The strap hangs from her shoulder, braced by her right hand. The left is gripping a pistol that’s just as overlarge. Compensating for something? Probably just the immense, body-shattering ammunition a beast like that is loaded with. Everything about my ‘girlfriend’ screams lethality and hard, messy death.

I titter for an hour or two, after she picks up the little terminal I insisted she take with her. This is the third such indulgence she’s granted me, and she quirks the barest hint of what might be a grin before she shuts it. The deck rumbles beneath my feet, and I'm underway again. No inter-ship communications, not until I'm well out of range of whatever world this is. They don’t ever tell me, though sometimes she does. Speaking of her, she’s out of that bodyglove and dressed in a pair of fatigues and a loosely fitting under-shirt. Her tits wobble as she walks, bare feet making no sound. She pulls me in for a kiss that makes my head spin, tilting my head up to make it easier. I can’t deny there’s something amusing in attraction to me, given that she stands a head taller. Her right hand is already inside of my coveralls, but I'm not surprised. She always comes back insatiably horny.

“Missed you,” She breathes. Her lips trail from my own to my collarbone. She bites me, and she breaks the skin. She’s rough like that, but it comes with a surprising amount of affection. I’ve seen how she can be with others. I’ve seen what it is that she does for a living. She’s a human spear, built and trained for a single purpose until there’s nothing sharper. Each time she’s metaphorically hurled at some poor individual, that individual literally dies. My quarters adjoin to the Engine Room, and the door to them shuts on its own after its proximity sensors don’t detect any additional personnel. “Going to make you forget your own name,” She growls lustily, hands engaged in groping liberally at me.

I swallow hard.

That's the idea for a pairing. It would be the easiest to just roll with what I provided here. But if you'd like to create something similar to this do hit me up via PM's/threads/Discord etc! As always I don't like dictating an exact scenario so I'd still prefer if you consider this only as writing sample.

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Offline CarelessWandererTopic starter

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  • This is some personal text. There are many like it, but this one is mine!
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Better "Sister" Worse Brother.

Status: Open.

I'm 100% fine with Tiff not being a futa of course!

"Ahhhh! So nice to finally take a break."

The 20-year-old pushed back his chair and stood, lifting his arms over his head to stretch his quaint 5'4" frame. A sudden yawn surprised him, and realizing now how tired he was, he made for his bed. He threw himself onto the sheets, flopping down like a damp rag and rolling onto his back to stare up at the ceiling fan. Daniel watched it spin for a moment, mesmerized. He had no idea what he should do with his life, and no idea how to make the choices he needed to make. Perhaps he could just lay on his bed forever.

If it weren't for his overachieving sister, he wouldn't have any of these problems. Tiff was simply a better version of him, with a higher intelligence, more interesting personality, and ostensibly a better body. Daniel had started mimicking her in the way she was talking or approaching the situation and the way she talked with people, trying to compete, but even then, his sister drew all the stares from guys and girls alike. Something about Tiff was just... more radiant. Even Daniel had more than once found himself tracing his sister's body with dreamy eyes as they sat together for dinner.

Daniel pictured the last time he had spoken with Tiff, back during winter break. His sister had been wearing one of her customary long, flowing skirts, with a baggy maroon sweater. Even though she always bought loose-fitting clothing, it still found a way to perfectly accentuate her most attractive parts. The skirt had hugged tightly to hips that were just wider than those of any girl's Daniel has met, and Tiff's braless tits, a size larger of every girl and woman alike, bounced temptingly against the thin sweater.

He remembered the kindness in his sister's jade green eyes as they had discussed what it was that Daniel should do with his life. But at the same time, it seemed like Tiff was judging him. She'd suggested that Daniel take a year off from school, and spend some time traveling with friends to think about his purpose. But it was easy for someone like Tiff, someone so gifted, to give advice like that. Picturing his sister's cute smile, Daniel fumed, his face turning red. Sometimes he wished that he could somehow just ruin his sister's career.

It hurt him she was perfect or better or even "bigger" in everything. Even the secret the two shared she had an upper hand as the result of a freak-y genetic anomaly, she kept the genitals of both genders hidden under her casually fitting garments. Tiff had a normal vagina right where it should be, but it was usually covered by her... sizable... male parts. The last time Daniel had seen Tiff naked, he'd accidentally walked in on his sister as she was "relieving some stress." Fortunately, Tiff hadn't heard him, and Daniel had a good long look at a 7-inch cock, its foreskin rippling, and a pair of smooth, perfectly round bloated testicles to match. But that was a long time ago the two were still growing.

Daniel sighed irritated on how pathetic and useless he was compared to his sister. With that troubling his mind he just closed his eyes, considering to "relieve some stress" on his own. Quietly and carefully slipping out of the comfy clothes he lived in complete reassurence no one was at home at the moment. Hoe ironic it was to think that Tiff chose to visit sometime "soon". Unaware of that possibility he just rolled with it, with a sigh of utter defeat he just looked down at his body getting the unpleasant bitter taste getting to his lips. Nestled under a blanket he began.

And that's when he heard the door to his room open...

Thanks for getting through this wall of text! As for the roleplay I'm open for any approach. But first.

I think it's obvious who walks in buuut, if you're in the mood to play as someone else then his older sister. (Dunno Mother/Best friend etc) shoot if I'll like the idea I'll agree.

As for the approach, long-term would sond good for me, maybe not related to non-con as recently I'm leaning towards Romance moreeee. We'd have to work everything out of course so...

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