Stargate Atlantis mostly NA Story - M seeking Any

Started by Napanee, March 24, 2019, 04:33:52 PM

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Hi there,

I'm putting this out there as an odd kind of request. I've recently been getting back into Stargate Atlantis now its dropped on Amazon Prime. I'd forgotten how much I completely and utterly loved that show. Each of the characters were well rounded and flawed in their own ways - enough to make things endlessly 'doable' in the SGA Universe.

I'm looking for someone to write with who also knows the universe and who's willing to write a mostly non-adult story in that universe. However much I would like to see Shepherd and Tayla (or Tayla and Ronan) get it on, it would mess up the balance in the series and lead it to being something it wasn't. I'm not saying we can't have the characters having relationships outside of the team - they can - just inside the team lets keep things professional. Also the 'sexytime' is not the main point of the RP, the 'story' (however we define it) would be the main point with any sexytime an add-on to reward us for being generally good people.

I'm also something of a picky partner. I'm looking for someone who can mostly give as good as they get in terms of post length, detail-level and plot development. Check out some of my recent posts to see what I mean.

As for speed, I'm mostly fairly slow at the moment. Expect weekly detailed posts at least and occasionally a bit more often than that - but certainly not daily postings!

If that works, drop me a PM and lets see if we can work something out. Not bothered about the gender of my writing partner. I can play either an M or an F character and, given the size of the series we'd likely be doubling or tripling up in any case.