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May 16, 2022, 02:32:30 pm

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Author Topic: Demons, anthros, fantasy (M for F)  (Read 587 times)

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Demons, anthros, fantasy (M for F)
« on: March 21, 2019, 04:28:58 am »
Demonic Invasion:

Kinks to be included: corruption, magic, fantasy, demons/demonesses/succubi, humans, elves, possible anthros, the occasional filthy and rough sex, romance/dark romance, enslavement, breeding/pregnancy, giving birth, multiple character play for both, possibility for incest and futa, can also be non-consensual in the beginning if desired instead of seduction.

I would be playing a demon lord who is planning to expand his area of influence to the mortal world. But first he will need a trustworthy servant in that world. My character would come to your character, who can be a priestess of a temple for example where the corruption will start to spread. The demon seduces your character to surrender to the pleasures of flesh and promises more and more with each visit, gradually corrupting your character. This can include transformation of your character's appearance if you so wish. The demon can also grant your character powers to aid in your mission to secure the foothold on the mortal world for his arrival. This would be the beginning. Once in the mortal world, the demon would choose some of his female breeders to come with him who would give birth to new demons. You could play the females under his power as well as the main character (the priestess). Incest can also be added here, for example your character could have a daughter who is also taken in to the circle of corruption after the mother has been corrupted enough to do such a thing. Or the demon can require her daughter after he saves the daughter from an illness for example. Another different start for this RP could be, that the demon lord starts his search for the breeder females and trains and corrupts them until they know and accept their position. This would take quite a bit if we do it one by one with the females and it could also get dull, unless we do a general description of the events after one or two females for example.

My character:

Character choices for you:

Anthro choices:

After possible transformation:

If you wish me to play a futa demon instead:

Some of my favorite kinks is interspecies (as you probably guessed from the anthro etc. pictures) and it gives a nice change of pace to things. Another kink is age and size difference (nothing too ridiculous however). The above pictures, all of them, are just examples and nothing is set in stone. You decide your characters, be it elf, human, or more demonic. Some of the kinks can be adjusted if you do not like something.

Kinks I do not wish to include in any of my RPs: M/M, Futa/Futa, vore, tentacles, toilet stuff and anything similar weird stuff. If you have an idea and you're not sure if I like it, just ask.

I can RP via private messages and e-mail. I can reply usually daily but do not expect it from you. I will inform you if I am unable to reply within 5 days or so. If you are unable to reply to me within 7 days, please let me know. I don't like to send messages to you and asking about it, especially if it becomes a habit.