From 2019 to 1941, a final countdown

Started by playfullchick76, March 12, 2019, 08:04:26 PM

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This is one that ive tried to play out before, it didnt last, but it was good while it lasted, and I'd like to try it out again. In this one, I would be the XO of a guided missile cruiser that is transported from 2019 to the early morning of December 7, 1941, on our way back to the States after a war games exercise off the Korean coast.  With the Captain airlifted off before the event due to a medical emergency, my character is in charge, and finds herself in a position to use her ship to make a difference on a Day of infamy.

Id like to play this out. What difference could she make on that day, how would the military of the day take to a woman in charge, the technology on board, what would change.

I know the details, enough to play my part, and hope that someone sees this, and can play things out from the side of the 1941 US military well enough. I hope I can get to play this out with someone, but if not, its okay. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. As to why this, it was a pivotal moment in history, caught unprepared, an important event in history. But what if a ship from the future was there.

If you want to play this out with me, send me a PM, or reply via the post, and lets work some magic.