Anata o yūwaku sa sete kudasai (M for F)

Started by Starchaser, March 11, 2019, 10:33:38 AM

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I'm looking for a female writing partner to play a female Japanese or Chinese character, for my male British character to get romantically involved with.

I am open to any setting, genre or system but:

1. There must be a plot. It can't be purely a game about romance.

2. Erotic prose is fine but there must be some romance involved, not just sex.

3. I would prefer to play a heterosexual male but will play a homosexual female if need be.

4. Im most comfortable playing British characters.

5. If the game is set in Japan or China then great but please note I have never been to either country so may need some hand holding.

I will state my preferred generes in order but will consider ANY idea:

Supernatural horror

Space opera


General SciFi



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Arigatou gozaimasu.