Just a Few Ideas... (All Taken Now, Thanks)

Started by Sultrynets, February 12, 2009, 04:13:22 AM

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Don't Go- Your best friend is leaving tomorrow for a new job.  She is moving to the West Coast, leaving you here on the East Coast.  What would you do to keep her from moving away?
I was thinking this could work as Male or Female playing the person being left behind that wants to do anything to keep their best friend close... but I would prefer a Male (or a Female playing a Male even?) Needs to be discussed a bit ahead of time as it is a somewhat rough idea.

Secret Admirer- We both work in a newspaper office, you have been noticing me from afar, but you are not sure if I would be into another woman or not, so you begin to send me little notes and flowers from a "secret admirer".  After sending a few notes and flowers, my "secret admirer" asks to meet me somewhere.  Once I get there I find out it is you...
Could also be male or female.

Torn- Two men in love with the same woman (me).  One man is her loving husband and the other is her high school sweetheart who she never stopped loving after he broke up with her.
Could be two different guys, or one guy who is willing to play two men.  Somehow the idea of two men fighting over me is just so appealing.


Don't go seems like a fun one. I can play either a guy or a girl.


I'm interested in "Don't go" too. I'd like to play this as the classic secret crush on best friend; forced to act on account of the haste.