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Author Topic: Peachy's Page of Playful Pursuits (All writers welcome. F/M, F/F, M/M)  (Read 1503 times)

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Mommy's Boy (You play the dominant female; I'll play the submissive male) --  Ageplay (all
characters 18+) setting between a dominant woman and her submissive boy. They live the
D/s lifestyle 24/7with her as the Mommy Domme and him as the  'Little Boy' (not interested
in diaper play or anythinglike that, since that sometimes accompanies this kink). Spanking
and traditional discipline will play a major role. Happy to discuss!

Best Friend's Sister -- Your character is my character's older sister's best friend. She's a tall,
handsome butch girl. My character is a sweet, feminine sweetheart. My girl has had a crush on
yours since she was 16. Yours thinks mine is cute, but she's never seen her as a viable partner,
because you don't date your best friend's siblings. However, one night your girl runs into mine at
a party. My girl is drunk; yours just wants to get her home safely. My girl resists; yours gets firm
with her. They have a real heart-to-heart discussion, during which my character drunkenly reveals
her crush. Drama ensues, forbidden romance, secrecy, and lots and lots of love. (D/s and spanking
would also be appreciated)

Romantic D/s

Femme/Butch Lesbian Relationships (You'll play the dominant butch; I'll play the submissive

Stud Butch/Subby Butch Relationships (I'll play the subby butch)

F/M Femdom (I'll play the male)

Adding More

Posting Schedule: At the moment, I'm free to post at least a few times per day.

Post Length: Dynamic. That means I will never try to maintain some arbitrary word count.
Instead, my post-length will vary from post to post, depending upon where we are in the story
and what our characters are doing. I will, however, strive to keep my writing detailed,
substantive, and engaging. I expect you to do the same.

Smut vs. Plot: I enjoy the steamy goodness, so I expect there to be smut in our stories. The
amount depends on the story itself and the characters involved. However much smut is
involved, though, there needs to be a plausible reason that our characters are getting it on.
I enjoy emotion -- passion, lust, and love -- and I also enjoy relationships. Basically, I'm
saying we can have all the smut we want but no porn-o plots, please.

Grammar: Even the most prolific and talented writers make mistakes. Since I am neither the
most prolific nor the most talented, you can also expect me to make mistakes from time to time.
That said, I do think I have an above-average grasp of English grammar, and I will do my best to
keep all of my posts as grammatically correct as possible. Likewise, I do not expect you to be
perfect. My only requirement is that you show me you're making a consistent effort to keep your
writing coherent and grammatically sound. Misplaced or forgotten commas don't bother me.
Failure to capitalize and use even the most basic punctuation does bother me.

Posting Delays: These happen from time to time, and you will never hear (or read, I suppose)
me complaining about how long it's taking you to post. I expect the same courtesy from you. If
you're ever wondering if I've lost interest, send me a DM. I'll let you know what's going on. And
you'll find that any delays in my responding generally have nothing to do with lack of interest. The
most common culprit is when I'm writing a new character for the first time and need a few days to
figure out how he or she will respond to your character's actions. As I get to know my characters
better, I'll be able to post faster because of it.

                                                                       Romance: Affairs of the heart. Tales of tender love and all-consuming passion. Romantic stories are
                                                                       easily my favourite. These will always pique my interest.
                                                                       Character-driven over plot-driven: The thing I enjoy most about writing with another person is that my
                                                                       characters get to interact with characters whose actions I do not control. This creates spontaneity, mystery,
                                                                       and excitement. And I'd prefer that we authors not interfere with that spontaneity,  mystery, and excitement
                                                                       by pushing our characters along a predetermined path toward the climax and eventual conclusion of their
                                                                       story. Instead, I want create for them a living environment in which they live, breathe, and love. We will
                                                                       decide their past and write their present,  but they should decide their future. Though I will do it from time
                                                                       to time to time if  the story compels me, I am not here to write linear plots. I want something dynamic and
                                                                       as subject to change as our own futures. What I am trying to convey here is that I want to create a setting
                                                                       for our characters, give them a reason to be together and a world in which they can interact. But I do not
                                                                       want to write some predetermined story in which they are players; rather, I want to write their lives together.
                                                                       I want character-driven roleplay, not plot-driven stories.
                                                                       Plot-Driven: Despite the above blurb, I am happy to collaborate from time to time with another author on a
                                                                       linear, plot-driven story. But the plot will need to entice me. If this is something you would like to pursue, I
                                                                       enjoy high fantasy stories, SciFi, spy thrillers, and mysteries.

                                                                       Power Exchange: I absolutely love stories that centre around power exchange relationships, preferably where
                                                                       one character is the full-time dominant and the other is her full-time submissive. Generally, I enjoy writing
                                                                       the submissive role, but I can and will write the dominant character on occasion. Additionally, 24/7 power 
                                                                       exchange is preferred over strictly in-the-bedroom D/s. However, both ways are loved. As for the types of
                                                                       power exchange relationship that I find most appealing, there are a few: Daddy (female Daddy) or Mommy
                                                                       Domme and Little Girl has quickly become my favourite. I also enjoy Domestic Discipline, where the dominant
                                                                       submissive with spankings and various other traditional disciplinary methods. Puppy-play is also adored. Keep
                                                                       in mind, these are my favourites, but I am by no means limited to them. Any sort of power exchange relationship
                                                                       will pique my interest.

                                                                       Multiple Characters: I'll never ask anyone else to play multiple characters in the same game (although, NPCs
                                                                       are appreciated to help create a more vibrant world). That said, I'm more than happy to do so myself. Generally,
                                                                       I prefer writing only one main character per game, but I'm not opposed to writing two or even three. I'll need a
                                                                       good reason to do it, but you're welcome to ask.

                                                                       Butch/Femme Lesbian Relationships: With myself writing the Femme character, I really enjoy this dynamic.
                                                                       For starters, I've always been more attracted to masculinity than femininity; butch women are just yum.
                                                                       Perhaps more important than that, though, I love the contrast between a masculine tomboy with short hair 
                                                                       and masculine features paired opposite an overtly feminine woman with long, luxurious hair, supple curves,
                                                                       and smooth skin. Generally, I prefer the butch woman be dominant. However, I've grown to love the idea of
                                                                       one of my Femme women dominating her masculine lover. Submissive tomboys are cute.

                                                                       Group Games: I've come to love these if all writers involved are fun, friendly, and interested in the same sort 
                                                                       of things. Please feel free to ask me to join a group game of yours that you think might fit my style and interests.

                                                                       Communication and Chemistry: Not liking something? Tell me. Loving something? Please, tell me! I certainly
                                                                       don't require this, but I appreciate open dialogue, friendly OOC banter, and other things of that ilk. I find that it
                                                                       promotes chemistry and makes writing together easier. That said, this is not an open invitation into my
                                                                       personal life.

                                                                       Characters I Enjoy: My favourite gender to write opposite is female (character gender. Writer gender is irrelevant).
                                                                       This includes cisgender women and transwomen equally. Likewise, I prefer my characters to be women, cis or trans,
                                                                       as well. However, I'm also open to M/M pairings and M/F pairings. In M/M pairings, I like writing the bottom and
                                                                       submissive partner. In M/F pairings, I generally dislike male-over-female dominance and will rarely if ever write a 
                                                                       submissive female opposite a dominant male. I may try writing a dominant male character for a female character at
                                                                       some point. All other characters who do not fit neatly into either binary, male or female, are equally welcome

Authority Figures: Teachers, cops, the wealthy and the powerful. Pair my character opposite someone
like this, and I'll be a very happy girl.

A Beauty and her Beast: Not an actual beast, but I enjoy brutish characters paired with sweet and lovely
ladies. In M/F pairings, I'll generally want to play the male. In F/F pairings, I'll
want you to play the brutish woman. Keep in mind that brutish and beastly do not imply a lack of intelligence.
It only means that they should be a little rough around the edges. Being tall, strong, and muscular definitely
helps, too.

Age Gaps: I love when there is a significant age difference between the two main characters in the story.
By significant, I mean 15+ years. Also note that I have no interest playing with or as characters who are
under the age of 18. Generally speaking (though not always), I like playing the younger partner, and I much
prefer the older partner to be the dominant one in the relationship.

Athletes: Physical strength makes me swoon. Athletes are especially loved. Big muscles and a strong,
powerful body go a long, long way with me. Why? Because I like when my characters can be tossed
around and physically overwhelmed by their partners. Also, muscles are hot.


                                                                       Spanking: This is my favourite kink, and I love to include it wherever possible. However, I am not nearly as interested
                                                                       in erotic and playful spankings as I am the disciplinary sort. Punishment is what I really like, the power dynamic between
                                                                       spanker and spankee. The spanker is in control, dominant and stern. The spankee is controlled, vulnerable and sweet.
                                                                       The dominant should spank to correct a wrong, to instill discipline, and to remind her submissive who's in charge. The
                                                                       spanking should be given from a place of love, affectionate but still painful and corrective.  The submissive should dread
                                                                       the spanking, should do what she can to avoid it. But when the time comes to take her medicine, so to speak, she should
                                                                       take it. Because in the end, she's the submissive, and her dominant is in charge.

                                                                       Bondage: Another of my favourite things, though it's slightly below spanking. I like all sorts of bondage, from the very
                                                                       light and playful to the heavy and extreme. Predicament bondage is my favourite, and I always like when there's a little
                                                                       pain or threat of pain involved.

                                                                       Leash and Collar: Similar to spanking, I enjoy this because of the clear separation it creates between the leash-holder
                                                                       and the one who's collared. When paired with Puppy Play, this is particularly adored. But that last isn't always necessary.
                                                                       Any sort of leash and collar play is appreciated.

                                                                       Anal: It's so taboo and kinky. And I love taboo and kinky. I particularly like anal dominance -- especially when both
                                                                       characters are female. What I mean by this is the dominant partner gives anal to her submissive as a display of power.
                                                                       That doesn't mean the submissive character won't enjoy it (though, I do love when she can at least pretend like she doesn't),
                                                                       but I do very much like it when,in their relationship, only the submissive partner receives anal. And she takes it whenever
                                                                       her dominant partner wants to give it to her. Some playful teasing is very much appreciated for this, too.


What follows are a bunch of prompts that I think might be fun with the right partner. Do not feel compelled to read
through all or any of them. If you do read through some or all of them, absolutely feel free to suggest changes.
These are only very bare bones ideas, and what I would really like to do is tailor a story with each of my partner's
that we will both love. So, you're welcome to read through my ideas. There are FxF, MxF, and MxM (coming soon).
All the FxF pairings are available to cis and transgender women. Likewise, the MxM are available to cis and
transgender men. For the MxF pairings, I'd prefer to write the male, which means you are free to create a cis or
transgender woman for these.

You're also free to stop here and suggest a story to me that has nothing to do with any of the prompts that follow. If
you think you have something that I might like, please suggest it. In return, I'll let you know what I think and offer
my own suggestions!

Daddy's Boi and Daddy's Girl (FxFxF(TG) -- I'll be playing two characters for this)
  • Seeking: Dominant Female -- preferably butch but not required.
  • Genre: DD/lg.
  • Setting: Modern setting. Multiple submissive characters.
  • Required Kinks: DD/lg. Spanking. Traditional discipline. Snuggles!
  • Premise: Three polyamorous women living together are involved in a 24/7 D/s relationship. Two of the three are submissive. One is a very femme girl. The other is more butch (She'll be the boi in this. I think that's such a cute word). This one might also be trans. We'll discuss it! I'll play both the submissive characters. You'll play the dominant woman. If you're not comfortable with her being called Daddy, she can be Mommy instead. But one of those two titles are required, unless you can think of something else that's sweet and affectionate we can use. The story will follow the three women in their daily lives together, which will involve a lot of spankings and other sorts of traditional discipline. There will be romance, sweetness, affection, and lots and lots of love.

  • Seeking: Gay female character.
  • Genre: Romantic drama.
  • Setting: Modern setting. Some city.
  • Required Kinks: Strap-on play. Tender sex. Spanking (not required but always encouraged).
  • Premise: My character is a young trans woman. She's fully transitioned, except she hasn't had bottom surgery yet (she may never have). She grew up in a small community where everyone knew everyone, and while most people were completely supportive of her transition, she couldn't handle being around such a small, close-knit community where everyone knew her long before she began to transition. She moves to some big city for University once she graduates high school. She has no trouble making friends, but she longs for a romance she fears will never come. She's had sexual partners before. However, they've all been men and women who fetishize trans people but who do not want to get romantically involved with one. She meets your character a few years after moving. They quickly become friends, and your character starts pushing for something romantic. She asks my girl out onto a date, and that's when mine comes out to her. She's a woman, she tells yours, but she's a trans woman who hasn't undergone bottom surgery yet. (This next part doesn't have to go this way. We can discuss!) Your character doesn't react that well initially. She's not rude, but she's not sure she can date a trans woman. Maybe she doesn't say that. Maybe she just panics and leaves. A few days go by without them speaking. My character thinks it's over. And then, one day, your character sends mine a text. Or maybe she calls, maybe she shows up outside my character's class and waits for her to come out so they can talk. She still wants to go out, if my girl will still have her.

    I want to play the story well-past this little incident. I want their relationship to develop, to have them really fall in love. We can discuss the details, but I'd like for the overall premise to remain intact.

    The Stowaway
  • Seeking: Female, preferably butch.
  • Genre: Space Adventure/Post-Apocalyptic Survival
  • Setting: Space or Post-apocalypse
  • Required Kinks: NC or Dubious consent (these actually aren't required)
  • Premise: This can be done in one of two settings, but the basic premise is the same. In the Space Adventure version, MC is a stowaway on YC's ship. YC is a smuggler or some other such criminal. Possibly a pirate. She's the captain of her small crew (I think no more than 5 other members, who we can include as often or as seldom as like). The crew can be vicious, especially with pretty young women and men who stowaway onto their ship. Luckily, YC (the captain) offers to protect my character. We can either do complete NC or dubious consent, or we can go a different route altogether. Just let me know what you prefer.

    In the Post-Apocalyptic setting, we'll do a similar thing, except instead of a ship's captain, your character can be either a gang leader or a lone ranger who wanders the wasteland.

    Lady and the Brute
  • Seeking: Butch female. Tall. Strong. Warrior type.
  • Genre: Fantasy or Historical Fiction
  • Setting: Barbarian kingdom
  • Required Kinks: Light-heavy bondage. Spanking. Possible NC or dubious con. 
  • Premise: MC is the youngest daughter of a powerful noble family. Next to the king and queen, her parents are the two most powerful people in the land. Their estate resides near the border of their kingdom and the neighbouring barbarians. For centuries, these barbarians have fought border skirmishes trying to break through the lines and into MC's kingdom. And for centuries, MC's family has kept the barbarians at bay. One night, MC is returning from a nearby noble estate back to her own when her convoy is ambushed by barbarian raiders. They capture her along with a few others and take her back through the mountain pass to their own lands, where they plan to sell their spoils as slaves. A few days into the journey, my character, along with a few others, manages to escape. They flee in every direction. Some are recaptured. Others managed to escape amidst the chaos. MC is manages to get away, but she's on her own in a rough, foreign land. She flees through a forest and quickly gets lost. A few days pass like that as she tries to find her way home when she stumbles across YC, a tall, brutish (but not stupid) lone barbarian. YC captures mines and enslaves her. While it's up to you how your character behaves, I don't necessarily want her to be particularly cruel. Rather, she reasons that, since she captured my character, my character then belongs to her. That's how things work in her culture. MC is also foreign, which means she has even less rights in YC's eyes. That doesn't mean she's sub-human, but it does mean that she's YC's slave.

    For this, I envision lots of punishments that scandalize MC. She's a noble lady, accustomed to fine meals and manners. People do her bidding when asks, no matter what she asks. But now everything's upside down. Spankings should definitely be used, but the punishments can definitely be harsher and more creative. NC sex is also possible. So is dubious consent. But neither of those two are required.

    Thieves at Heart:
  • Seeking: Dominant female. Femme or butch (preferably butch).
  • Genre: Romance. Crime. Poverty.
  • Setting: Somewhere in the U.S., probably.
  • Required Kinks: Light-heavy bondage. Romance. Spanking
  • Premise: My character grew up on the street begging for food and hopping from one shelter to the next. One day, she tries to pick the pocket of the wrong woman. She's much older, stronger, and well-connected. She seizes my girl by the wrist and roughs her up a little bit. When MC fights back, this woman shoves her down and promises to call the police. That's when YC steps in! She frees my character, and together they flee back to YC's apartment, which is where they continue to live together when we begin our story. YC is a much better thief. She's much more accomplished. She's older. She's stronger. She's more experienced. She provides for them, nurtures my girl, takes care of her. And definitely gives her lots of hard spankings when she's bad. Their relationship is a mix of romance and sisterly affection and care. My girl is meek, quiet, shy, and completely submissive. Your character is outspoken, assertive, sociable, and completely dominant. Sometimes she treats mine like she's much younger than her 18 years. Other times she treats her like an equal and a lover. It depends on the situation. I want to explore their relationship, watch them grow, maybe have them steal a few things together, maybe have my character steal a few things without your character's permission and see what happens when she does.

    Curiosity and Friendship:
  • Seeking: Femme Female, preferably dominant.
  • Genre: Friendship, sexual experimentation, possibly romance.
  • Setting: Somewhere in the U.S., probably.
  • Required Kinks: Light bondage. Spanking.
  • Premise: Our two characters are childhood best friends. They grew up on the same street, went to the same school, and were otherwise inseparable for the first decade plus a few years of their lives. When they were 16 years old, my character came out as gay, and afterwards our two girls' relationship was never the same. Though your character certainly didn't have any issue with mine being gay, there was always a little awkwardness between them (this part isn't totally necessary, but I think it adds a little extra depth to the plot). Maybe your girl was slightly offended that mine could have kept a secret like this from her? We can figure out the reason if we go that route! Anyway, it's a few years later. Our characters are both in their early-20s. It's college. Our two characters haven't talked in over a year when yours suddenly shows up at my girl's apartment. It's a shock, certainly, but they've missed each other terribly. The night is a little awkward at first. My girl is upset with yours; she never understood the distance that developed between them after she came out. Your character feels guilty, but she also still harbours some ill-will of her own towards mine. Mostly, though, she feels bad. What makes her feel even worse is that she's come to my character's apartment after all this time, because she's begun to wonder if she, too, might be gay. She seeks my character out for support, maybe a little advice; my girl is the only lesbian she really knows and trusts. After they've been talking for a while, your character manages to reveal her true reason for coming, and she wonders, hopes, though she dare not ask, if my girl would be willing to experiment with yours. Eventually, my girl realizes that's what yours is looking for, and, though she's terribly unsure about it at first, she finally agrees.

    This can either be a one-shot scene, or it could develop into something more. The sex could be one night of experimentation, or it could be weeks, months, even years. Your character could eventually decide that she's straight, or maybe she realizes that she's gay, too, and what began as a childhood friendship so many years ago blossoms into a lasting, loving romantic fairytale!

    Mommy's Girl Taken.
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    • Seeking: Dominant older (20+ years older than my character) woman.
    • Genre: Kidnapping. Stockholm Syndrome.
    • Setting: Secluded country estate somewhere.
    • Required Kinks: Disciplinary spankings (heavy, heavy focus on this). Other "traditional" punishments. Bondage. MD/lg.
    • Limits: Absolutely no nonconsensual sex. The relationship is certainly nonconsensual (at first). The spankings and other various punishments definitely are. But if/when they do have sex, it needs to be consensual.
    • Premise: My character is a 20-something girl who spent her life bouncing around the foster care system. Her parents abandoned her when she was barely 3 years old and adoption never worked out. She has friends but no one that she's intimately close to: no significant other. For her senior year of college, she chooses to study abroad. And it's for all these reasons that your character chooses mine for her little plot. That, and she really, really has a thing for cute blondes. Claiming to be the head of a scholarship foundation for which my character has been selected, your character invites mine over to dinner one night at her estate. School hasn't begun yet for my girl, so she hasn't made any friends who will miss her when she never comes back. Your character drugs mine, who later wakes up in an unfamiliar bedroom. The door is open; she's free to venture about but only so far. Your character has secured off a portion of her mansion where my girl is imprisoned (at least until she learns to behave and can be trusted not to run away). Your character isn't cruel with her. Instead, she treats her like a daughter. She's sweet but firm. When my character misbehaves, she gets spanked. Or she gets put in the corner. Or both. Sometimes she's sent to bed early. Sometimes she's sent to bed early with a sore butt. Sometimes she loses her t.v. (or other privileges). Slowly, my character learns what she can and cannot do; she learns that she can't escape. And, over time, she begins to realize that she doesn't want to.
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Re: DM/lg
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DM/lg page
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Re: Modern/Slice-of-Life
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Modern day slice-of-life stories
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Re: SciFi & Apocalyptic
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SciFi & Apocalyptic Stories

F x M Goodness
- Please note, for these I'm mostly interested in playing the male role.

  • Seeking: Switch Female.
  • Genre: Romance. Spy drama.
  • Setting: Modern setting. Somewhere on Earth!
  • Required Kinks: None. Prefer to involve some spanking, some light-heavy bondage, switching, pegging.
  • Premise: William Blackburn is a British spy (I know. He's basically James Bond) who's been tracking a high-profile weapons dealer currently operating in Southern Italy. It's here where William first makes contact with his gang, posing as an international drug-trafficker looking to secure a more deadly arsenal of weapons for his many foot-soldiers around the globe. Your character is a freedom fighter who, like William, is looking to take down our story's arms dealer. She, however, doesn't associate with any government, and in order to infiltrate his ranks, she seduced and eventually wed him. The two have been married a little less than 6 months. He doesn't see your character as a threat (she's his wife and a sweet, beautiful, helpless woman in his eyes), which gives her access to much information that William could never get on his own. Our characters meet at a party he throws one night. Yours catches mine looking around where he shouldn't. Then we'll see where things go! I want romance and intrigue, sex and adventure. I'd love it if our two characters got super kinky together, switching and experimenting, doing things together that your character's husband wouldn't dare try. And eventually they fall in love, take down the arms dealer, and run off together to live happily ever after! Or something like that.

    Just a Love Story
  • Seeking: Switch Female.
  • Genre: Romance
  • Setting: Somewhere in the U.S., probably.
  • Required Kinks: Switching. Femdom. Spanking (M/F and F/M). BDSM.
  • Premise: My character is a small-time musician who plays all the local bars in his poor, run down neighbourhood. Your character is (your decision!) who meets mine after one of his shows. They talk, they drink, they joke, they laugh. There's a near instant spark that they both feel, and when my character suggests they maybe go back to his apartment, yours agrees. They share that first glorious night together, and in the morning when they wake up in each other's arms, both he and she know they want don't want this to end. They share the next night together. And the next. And the next. A heated love affair sparks between them. They move together into his tiny little apartment. It's all they can afford just then. But they don't need anymore. They love each other, and nothing else matters.

    It's a pretty basic love story, but I really want to do something like this! I want them to get really kinky together. Sometimes, I want her to take the lead. Other times I want him to dominate her. Other times it's all tenderness and love. This is my first foray into M/F stories, so I'm excited. And please feel free to suggest your own ideas.

    Would You?
  • Seeking: Dominant Female.
  • Genre: Romance. Kink exploration.
  • Setting: Somewhere in the U.S., probably.
  • Required Kinks: Femdom. Romance. Pegging. Cuckolding. MxM Sex(with mine as the bottom).
  • Premise: Our two characters have a fairly vanilla relationship at the start. They love each other and are attracted to one another, but so far neither has expressed much interest in kink. One day, they're at home together snuggling in bed when your character mentions that she has something she wants to try. She's nervous to ask. She worries what my character will think. My character encourages her, and after some prodding, some kissing, some reassuring, your character tells mine that she wants to peg his ass. Mine responds positively. He's never thought about it before, but he's open to it. And he loves your character. Above all, he likes pleasing her. So, they try pegging. It goes well. And from there things get more and more kinky. Mine suggests that your character spank him. Your character asks if she can tie mine up. Things escalate, and finally your character tells mine she wants to see him be fucked by another man. My character hesitates. He's not gay or bi, but he's far from homophobic and happily admits that some men are attractive. He agrees to this, too. He likes pleasing his girlfriend.

    I don't want this to be extremely degrading or anything. I like the idea that he gets into it, because she really, really thinks it's hot watching him take it from another man. I'd also like to explore cuckolding with him watching another man please her. They always go home together, though. They're just a very, very kinky couple.

    I realize this story is geared towards group play, but I decided to post it here rather than in the Group board, because not every scene will involve a third character. Near the beginning, as they're exploring new things together, every scene will be one on one. So, I'm hoping to find a writing partner who will write the main female character in this story with me, and then when we need a third for our group scenes we can either post a request thread or ask one of our existing partners.

    I'm also willing to play the female in this role, but I'd rather not.

    She's the Man
  • Seeking: Dominant Female.
  • Genre: Romance
  • Setting: Somewhere in the U.S., probably. (I know. It's the same for all of them.)
  • Required Kinks: Disciplinary Spanking. Pegging. And open to many other kinds of Femdom.
  • Premise: This is a romance between two 20-something lovers. They've been dating for a while, maybe they've had sex; maybe not. We can decide together. Anyway, they're head over heels in love with one another. Your character (the woman), however, has some very specific and very odd fantasies. First, she enjoys being dominant. She wants a man who will submit to her, obey her, and take spankings (and other discipline) from her when he misbehaves. Second, she likes sexual role-reversal. That is, while she occasionally enjoys vanilla sex with her being penetrated, she very much prefers giving the dick to the boy! She likes pegging. And she's never really done it before, except maybe once or twice experimenting with old boyfriends who'd only ever try it once. My character is naturally submissive. He's never really been into kink, but he's also never been the type of guy who enjoys taking the lead in his relationships. He can still be a gentleman (holding the door open, etc), but he prefers--though, it's probably a subconscious preference at first--women who will take the lead in the relationship; he like assertive women, strong women, confident women.

    I should also point out, I'm not interested in humiliation or degradation. I don't want this to be about her making him feel like less of a man. I like to think that they act like a normal couple almost all the time. She's quite feminine, sweet, soft, lovely. He's not brutish or macho, but I'm imagining a swimmer's body, wonderfully handsome, tender, affectionate. He's a little shy and quiet. She's confident and outgoing. They make an adorable couple. And they're super kinky at home.
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Re: Fantasy & Modern/Historical Fantasy
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Fantasy stories go here.
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