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Author Topic: Darker Things (Fandoms, FxAny)  (Read 772 times)

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Darker Things (Fandoms, FxAny)
« on: March 09, 2019, 06:42:40 am »

Hey there, just another search thread looking for partners of both genders that are interested in writing an emotionally compelling story featuring morally corrupt and ambiguous characters.

I have been rping for about 5 or so years, started with instant messengers and smaller roleplay or anime forums and my general love for books. I particularly enjoy tragic storytelling elements like betrayal, conflict, greed, dark romance and intense situations that challenge both writers and characters.

I generally prefer less defined plots, with a mostly unscripted story to give the characters the freedom to shape the story themselves through prose so that their decisions actually matter. Hence the plot itself should be more of a collection of way markers showing the general direction, but without everything planned out so we're just following a script.

As long as we have a good starting point and a general overview of where to go and what we'd want to see, I don't need much else.

With the sexual content sprinkled as the salt in the soup. I don't really have any limits in that regard, tend to prefer dark themes and can go all the way there.

I have a preference towards playing the submissive character though. I can still dom as well upon request, but in that case I still need my partner to have a strong personality as well, and don't enjoy pushover doormat characters.

Not that I'm too set about dom/sub roles anyways, allowing the characters to find their dynamic through prose is a lot of fun as well. Or even a role reversal midway through with some plot twist.

Concerning genders, I can play either, but being a girl generally lean towards playing females, usually in the teen to young adult range as that's the range I can most relate to and immersive myself into.

The easiest way to reach me is a PM, which is also my preferred rping medium (hence my sparse posting history), though Discord might be on the table too. I have a f-list too upon request and if I feel we might match.

Fandoms, have plots and pairings for any of these. Aged up where necessary of course:


- Game of Thrones*
- Sweeney Todd
- Ghibli Movies like Nausicaa or Princess Mononoke etc
- Astrid Lindgren works
- Phantom of the Opera
- Leon The Professional
- Les Misérables
- Oliver Twist
- Romance of the Three Kingdoms


- Attack on Titan
- Sailor Moon
- Cowboy Bebop
- Kino no Tabi
- Inuyasha
- HunterxHunter
- Last Airbender

Video Games:

- Last of Us
- Mirror's Edge
- Life is Strange
- Skyrim
- Dark Souls

Three-Way Prompts:

This isn't mandatory, but something I've been curious about exploring. What I'm looking for here is a story featuring two additional writers for either a FFM or MMF story. I have a number of ideas for different prompts and dynamics like jealousy and competitivness among the subs both vying for the Master's undivided attention, or more of a DomxSwitchxSub thing or various others. For this I'd be fine moving away from fandoms too and stick with something original instead.

So if my thread interests anybody, who also happens to have a partner or another of their own that might enjoy similar themes and be up for a Three-Way, I'd be more than interested that. I also have one or two partners of my own who might be interested if we found a third writer.

And a little posting sample:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

It was almost time, the camp already buzzing with excited anticipation. Another raid, finally another raid.

A good month has passed since the last one, bandits and horses and weapons alike were all thirsting for the taste of flesh and blood and glory. This time they had decided to take one of the more faraway towns they hadn't visited yet. It was a couple dozen leagues away from their usual hunting grounds, forcing them to travel through the wilderness and make camp in the woods for close to a week before finally reaching their target town.

But, that also meant that this particular town was still unspoiled, not previously raided, still full of treasure. And Ronja liked treasure very much, the sorts of shiny jewelry that could make her look fancy and pretty for her Birk.

Even if she still was quite new to this whole robbing and raiding business, only having accompanied her gang on a couple of occasions, usually just watching on from the safety of the trees while her gang did the fighting in the valley villages and she only joined up once it was safe.

Only once before had she actually participated in the fighting too, today would be the second time.

Even though her mother Lovis had wanted her to go on raids years ago, her father Mattis has always adamantly refused until very recently. Ronja knew he was just being protective, but it still was quite annoying. She had a proper bust already, was practically a woman grown, and as capable as anybody. She very much knew what was best for herself. Plus she was the bandit chief's daughter, and if she was to successfully take over as next chief once her father Mattis retired, she needed all the experience she could get.

On top of that, and most importantly, she was falling behind Birk in terms of skill. For as long as she could remember the two of them had competed at everything. Usually it had always been her on top while Birk was prone to clumsiness and always a step behind.

And yet right now Birk was overtaking her. And it annoyed her.

Birk's own father Borka had never had the same qualms as Mattis when it came to letting their heir come along on raids, and Birk has been allowed to accompany them for months already. Just unfair. Raiding was the best thing in the world after all. That rush of power and control, to pay back those entitled villagers who had always looked down on robbers like them. Taste their fear, and get away with it to boost. And for some stupid reason that made no sense Birk was allowed to join in on that fun consistently, while she wasn't.

Though no matter how fun raiding was, it still only was second to humping beneath the sheets with Birk. Even last night the two of them had gotten hot and busy underneath the sheets as they had camped out beneath the open sky. Just thinking back on that still made her cleft throb warmly. At least that was something her father could never take away from her.

Yes, raiding and humping with Birk, those were the two big things she had discovered most recently, her current obsessions. Alongside her usual interests of going out alone into the magical forests early in the morning and spending all day outside with wild horses or swimming in the rivers or hunting or climbing.

A low whistle suddenly reached her ears, shattering her thoughts. The horn for the attack was about to blow. No more time to get distracted and ponder what she was going to do to Birk tonight, the fighting was about to start, time to focus now.

Ronja readied up, clutching her weaponry like the other robbers who stood hidden among the tree-line that lead down the valley towards that village by the river. All of them were in combat gear, Ronja having donned her dark green, supple leather vest Mattis had gifted her, along with her loosely fitting black fur breeches and shirt, and sturdy boots.

Her wild black mane openly hung past her shoulders, her fair-skinned face painted red and black with their usual war paint, a dirk and sword hanging by her hip while her favored bow hung over her shoulder.

The cool morning fog gently wafted through the air, Ronja awaiting the go signal as she sat on her horse, Birk directly next to her.This town was so helpless and vulnerable as it sat there ready for the taking. This would be a great success.

During her first raid she had been quite clumsy, inexperienced and timid, but this time she was going to make a better job, challenging Birk for who would gather more loot, the loser having to be the one using their mouths to satisfy the other in kinky ways tonight. And Ronja Robbersdaughter had every intention to win, always having been a sore loser.

Then finally, she could hear the horn, the signal to attack.

It was as though the forest suddenly grew alive around her. Startled birds flew high, the midday peace interrupted as the loud screaming of the charging bandits filled the alley, Ronja in the middle roaring as loud as anybody, sword raised high over her head and other hand holding the reins of her horse as the good two dozen robbers galloped straight down toward the town.

Okey, if any of this caught your attention, would love to hear back from you guys. Sorry about not really being good with making my threads particularly pretty.